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Personal Branding in a Digital Age


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Have you ever “googled” yourself and wondered what you (and others) can find about yourself? Do you know what your personal brand is and what is a personal brand anyhow? This webinar will provide some insights on personal branding, exploring how you project yourself to others whether in-person or to a virtual community, and what your “reputation” means in a digital world. We will introduce some simple exercises for participants to explore their unique strengths with the intention of building a personal brand. We’ll transition into how you can project and build your personal brand into the social media/online world. Tools and techniques for personal branding will be suggested in this session.
Presented by Jenna Ringelheim, National Program Director at the Environmental Leadership Program
Mieko A. Ozeki, ELP Senior Fellow, at

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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Personal Branding in a Digital Age

  1. 1. Presented byJenna Ringelheim,ELP National Program DirectorMieko A. Ozeki,Senior ELP FellowPersonal Branding in A Digital AgeSource: GoogleHosted by
  2. 2. JennaNational Program Director at theEnvironmental Leadership Program2007 ELP Senior FellowPersonal BRanding as it relates toleadership DevelopmentMiekoSustainability Projects Coordinatorat the University of Vermont2011 ELP Senior FellowPersonal Branding as it relates tocareer & personal management andthe tools available to representourselves
  3. 3. Is personal branding a Recent Trend?"Youre branded, branded,branded, branded.... The goodnews -- and it is largely goodnews -- is that everyone has achance to stand out. Everyonehas a chance to learn,improve, and build up theirskills. Everyone has a chanceto be a brand worthy ofremark."- Tom Peters, author of "The BrandCalled You", Fast Company (August 1997)
  4. 4. Why is Personal Branding a Big Deal Now?The means of communicating our personal brand has rapidly evolved andexponentially with the internet, email, and now social media via smart technologies.
  5. 5. Personal Brand = PerceptionIts about....Its about....
  6. 6. Personal Brand is a perception or emotion maintainedby somebody other than you, that describes youroutstanding qualities and influences that personsrelationship with you.- David McNally & Karl D. Speak , Authors of Be Your Own Brand:Achieve more of what your want by being more of who you are, 2ndedition (2011)
  7. 7. Our Intent For this SessionHow do you project BrandYou to others in person?How do you project BrandYou to the digital public?Source: Thirdage Source: Social Network Manager
  8. 8. “Be Yourself, Everyone Else isAlready Taken”.- Oscar Wilde
  9. 9. Important EncountersA first impression isusually made in less than30 seconds.Studies have shown it cantake 20 new interactionsto change that firstimpression.
  10. 10. Put a Post-it on It
  11. 11. You Are the CEO of your Career
  12. 12. CareerManagementPersonal IdentityManagementBrandManagement
  13. 13. Have you yourself?d“Personal branding is about managing your name— even if you dont own a business — in a world ofmisinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Going on a date?Chances are that your “blind” date has Googledyour name. Going to a job interview? Ditto.”- Tim Ferriss, Author of the 4-Hour Work Week (2009)Quick Tip: buy your domain name (i.e. This wayyour domain name comes up on the 1st page of a google search
  14. 14. Creating and Maintaining a SocialMedia Profile● Pick a Profile picture that isappropriate for the socialnetworking service or websiteyou create or maintain a profileon.● Develop content on your profilebased on the social networkservice you are using.Ex. LinkedIN -->include yourresume and professionalportfolio● Manage your security settingsand who has access to yourprofile
  15. 15. Inventory Your Social MediaProfiles1. Start a list of all your socialmedia profiles includingusernames, passwords, and/orwhen you started the account.2. Note what kind of posts youshare via these profilesEx. On linkedin, i share info onmy professional portfolio.3. Note who your audience is witheach profile.Ex. on Facebook, friends,family, and colleagues see myposts.
  16. 16. What should I count in my socialmedia inventory?● Any social media service orwebsite where your name,information, and/or imagecan be publicly viewed.● Includes organizationsand/or companies youparticipate in (i.e. staffprofiles, Memberships)● Includes publications,pictures, presentations thatmay be posted on otherwebsites
  17. 17. How your personal Brand can be Viewedin the Digital World
  18. 18. Monitor & Track Your Personal BrandThere are onlineservices such asBrandYourself.comand Reputation.comthat help you keeptrack of yourpersonal brand in thedigital world.
  19. 19. Resources● Erik Deckers & Kyle Lacy,Branding Yourself (2013)● Catherine Kaputa, You are aBrand (2010)● David McNally & Karl Speaks,Be Your Own Brand (2011)● Tom peters, "The BrandCalled You," Fast Company(August 1997)● Dan Schwabel, "PersonalBranding 101: How toDiscover and Create YourBrand", Mashable (2009)● #personalbranding
  20. 20. Thank youLearn more about ELP and Check out ourwebinar Archive at: