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Midwest Center' Survival from Stress- Understand, Learn & Overcome


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First Understand what is stress, what causes it, and how to identify it; Learn how to manage Stress as it is unavoidable in our present life.

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Midwest Center' Survival from Stress- Understand, Learn & Overcome

  1. 1. Midwest Center’ Survival from StressSurvival from Stress - Understand, Learn and Overcome Stress is the natural way your body responds to threats or opportunities. Positive stress can help you develop focus and enhance your thought patterns. But even positive stress in the long term can have debilitating effects on your mind and body. You may eventually begin to observe constant and recurring headaches, stomach pain, higher susceptibility to diseases, mood swings, sleeplessness and depression. What is Stress and why does it happen? Stress, as we all know by now is an indispensable part of every individual’s routine. Even the most passionate of tasks are often filled with deadlines, commitment, complications and delays. Further, interdependence of tasks and people can make any activity stressful. Some days are more stressful than the others.
  2. 2. Having said that, it is also important to understand that stress can be both positive and negative. Stress that comes from doing something you have been looking forward to like planning a holiday or a party can be taxing but can also be exhilarating. But every individual should learn basic techniques of relieving stress regardless of what kind it is. How can you identify you are Stressed? Determining the effects is the first step to knowing if you are stressed. Pounding of the heart, excessive sweating, rising anger, extreme anxiousness and panic attacks are some of the clear indicators of stress. There are many tips and techniques you can use to relieve yourself of possible stressful situations. If you actively consider every individual’s life, you are likely to notice that work, home, family, friends, children and other chores are an active part of everyone’s lives. They can give you as much happiness as much they can seem stressful at times. And when you find it tough to apply appropriate stress management techniques, you are bound to experience burn out excessively and very quickly.
  3. 3. Prolonged stress can result in major physical and emotional effects. They can include body pains, depression, sleeplessness, pounding heart and erratic moods. Understanding the Signs of Stress Stress is your body’s natural response to pressure, challenges, danger, helplessness and other kinds of emotional disturbances. Stress can cause different kinds of symptoms in different people. An increase in your body’s adrenaline, rapid breathing and pulse, accelerated blood flow and muscle tightening are some of the active signs of stress. Stress can also result in increased tensions, irritability and nervousness in you. Stress need not often be, as perceived, to be negative. It can also be positive and contribute to better performance.
  4. 4. But chronic stress and even positive stress for extended periods of time can also be potentially damaging. Excessive stress can create exhaustion, increased blood pressure and severe headaches. These signs can be controlled significantly when you learn to manage stress efficiently. Symptoms of Stress Stress is an indispensable part of every individual’s life. Many times, they can seem extremely difficult to cope with. And quite alarmingly, there is a strikingly large percentage of people dealing with stress related issues every day. Stress can create immense negative impact on your physical and emotional happiness. Headaches, depression, stomach aches, breathlessness, sweating, mood swings and frustration are some of the most common symptoms of stress. Although, stress can create tremendous negative effects in your daily lives, it must be understood that this is not a lasting problem. With assistance, you can put an end to physical and emotional trauma you may be undergoing due to stress and anxiety.
  5. 5. There are certain prominent emotional and physical symptoms you can identify in highly stressed individuals. Here are some of these common symptoms. Frequent headaches High blood pressure Depression Stomach pain Frequent illness Mood swings Chest pain Difficulty sleeping Eating disorders Back pain Constant worrying If these are symptoms you have been experiencing for some time, you are likely to be vulnerable to a lot of stress in life. However, while many of these signs may seem normal, intervention becomes essential when they disrupt your daily activities and begin to leave you feeling paranoid excessively. Seeking professional assistance may become essential then. It should be some kind of solace that you are not alone in this predicament. There are millions of people experiencing the problems of stress and its side effects and a great percentage have derived maximum benefits from experienced stress relief centers. The proven solutions and mediums help individuals learn the art of managing stress over a period of time thus lifting the veil of discomfort and trauma. The right kind of assistance is never too far away from an individual in distress.
  6. 6. Where to seek Professional Help from? There are reputed and successful centers for stress and anxiety in every region. They deliver professional expertise along with peer motivation programs in a cascading approach to offer relief to stress ridden individuals. These programs help you identify and isolate causes, signs and fears to stress and anxiety. The more important objective of these programs is to help you enhance self control, self esteem and your thought patterns so as to learn to exercise control on emotions effectively. The programs may also combine diet and exercising tips depending upon the nature of situation. Hence a full range of professional solutions complete the program to increase its efficacy. Identifying a Center for Stress & Anxiety There are numerous centers for stress & anxiety in the country. However, seeking assistance from a successful one at the closest proximity is important. Rate of success, cost of program and expertise of staff are other important factors to help you choose. Also, there are a number of online stress management programs that help you seek effective solutions from the comfort of your home. The Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety has been successful in its online programs that are essentially 16 session workshops. These programs have helped thousands of people combat stress and anxiety.
  7. 7. Accessibility of a Stress Relief Center today Today, accessing a center for stress, anxiety and depression is greater than it was a few years ago. Success of the treatment approach has contributed to the growth of these centers in bigger numbers in every region.
  8. 8. Today, there are centers like the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety that offers highly successful online programs that are both convenient and quickly accessible. In- house or online; efficacy of the programs definitely lies in the methodology followed and experience of staff. Stress may be a common problem all of us confront at some point of time or the other. But some others experience extreme effects. The best candidates for seeking stress management support are those who feel that a hundred negative feelings and immense panic bombard them constantly. Professional stress relief centers can offer a tailor-made strategy to help you deal with stress related problems and prepare you for challenges ahead. Learning how to Manage stress Can you do away with stress completely? It is an impossible task even if you stop working, have no relationships, do not experience the responsibilities of a family or cut away everything that have been conventionally known to cause stress. You will begin to experience loneliness and isolation that can contribute to stress. Therefore, running away or escaping stress is not the right way to deal with it. These acts can never be perfect solutions to the problem. This natural human response must be dealt with in the most appropriate ways to help you identify the right solutions.
  9. 9. It has thus been derived that stress is indispensable and even the rosiest of pictures or people can give you stress. Life is thus. Even a roadblock is a reason for stress. However, managing stress and controlling symptoms of the problem is the right way to deal with the problem. Have you always wanted to know how to manage stress? Here are few tips and tricks to help you get started and handle them before they can loom large. Stress cannot be avoided but they can be controlled. Most times, people fail to identify stress. The moment you begin to observe the obvious signs of stress like emotional turmoil, irritability,
  10. 10. headaches and tensions, you should also realize the fact that you are likely undergoing stress. Identifying stress as early as possible is perhaps the first thing to help you deal with stress efficiently. Failure or absolute denial to acknowledge or postponement is the first and obvious mistake to avoid. Understand it is ok and normal to feel stressed. Try to stay calm even when you are feeling stressed. Engage in deep breathing exercises and other relaxation procedures to develop an internal balance. Work along with stress and its symptoms. But the first thing to do is to recognize and react to it appropriately. Identify the reason you were stressed in the first place and do what is right to keep those reasons at bay. The moment you approach the problem with a neutral mind, you will begin to observe how easily the solution has fallen into place. What can you do to Relieve stress? Life today throws open umpteen number of challenges, tough patches and less rest and sleep. You are bound to feel stressed, wound up and frustrated to make sure things get better professionally and personally. But alas, in the pursuit of growth and prosperity, some unwanted visitors wreck havoc and make your routine as debilitating as possible. This is when you need to take control and relieve yourself of negative influences.
  11. 11. Getting rid of the omnipotent stress thus becomes a huge task. as possible. This is when you need to take control and relieve yourself of negative influences. Getting rid of the omnipotent stress thus becomes a huge task. Meditation: Meditation is an age-old proven technique that has demonstrated significant positive results in helping stressed individuals achieve a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Meditation can be done using some medium. Focusing on one thing that relaxes you deeply like a picture of a beautiful memory or even listening to soothing music can do you a lot of good. Your imagination is within your control and does not influence external entities or people. It is very surprising to realize that your thought patterns have great powers to control your emotions and responses.
  12. 12. Breathing: As simple as it may sound; breathing is not just an involuntary act done to survive. Deep and conscious breathing can help you calm your nerves. Many times, you will be pleasantly surprised to notice that a lot of your anger and initial agitation reduces when you breathe deeply. You need a break: It is quite normal to feel stressed when you do something for extended periods of time. Hence, it is advised to take a break every now and then before you reach your breaking point. Any activity, pleasant or complicated warrants periodic breaks to help your mind and body avoid monotony, exhaustion and frustration. When you come back, you are bound to feel more energetic, less stressed and more pleasant. Express your emotions: Emotions, of any kind, are dangerous when they are bottled up. You have to let them out before they take control of you. Suppressed anger, tears or even laughter can lead to anxiety and depression. Express your emotions in a way that they neither harm you nor people around you.
  13. 13. Millions of people around the world battle with the problems of stress. Stress has emerged as an inevitable phenomenon that has given rise to a number of lifestyle diseases in every part of the world. Stress causes numerous negative effects in every individual’s life that include headaches, body pains, nervousness, depression, panic attacks, high blood pressure and constant emotional discomforts. However, stress is not a problem that has no solution. The Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety is a stress relief center, founded by Lucinda Bassett, functioning at Los Angeles in California, since 1983. The center has managed to make a considerable dent in educating and guiding a large cross-section of the population than any other center in the country, with over 1 million Americans relieved of stress, anxiety and depression with Midwest Center's "Attacking Anxiety & Depression" program. (866) 771-9858 12300 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 325, Los Angeles, CA 90025