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Messages for Laura


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this is the slideshow with messages from her friends around the world...

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Messages for Laura

  1. 1. Messages for Laura from all over the world…
  2. 2. Firstly, congratulations to… KAORI & TRAVIS
  3. 6. Messages for Laura from all over the world…
  4. 7. I am so sorry that I cannot attend your surprise party, as I went to the Tour de Suisse, and just returned to Thailand. Please give my regards to everyone and enjoy a great get-together! Warmest regards from Pattaya, Walter Baechli
  5. 9. We wish we could be there with you to celebrate your Surprise Birthday Party.  Your friends have planned a wonderful tribute to you.  We will have to meet up in Australia, Hawaii or California in the next few months.  Sending our love and Aloha, "K" & Jim (Gym)
  6. 11. Happy Birthday Laura, so sorry we cannot be there! Tomoe Kaneko
  7. 13. Laura, I am happy knowing that you might have been surprised for once and that your friends were able to do something for you (instead of you doing something for them!)
  8. 14. Celebrate your birthday in style as I know you will, (though no dancing on sofas,chairs or tables), make a toast to old and new friends and remember 50 is the new 40.
  9. 15. PS. You must know how jealous I am that you are there and I am here! IT'S KILLING ME (but perhaps it's killing Bruce W. more!) Ha-ha!" DEBBIE OPPENHEIM
  10. 17. Laura, we are so sorry not to be seeing you and Gary in Tokyo but we just had 27 head of stock delivered and need to make sure the fences and water troughs are working!
  11. 18. When can we have a rural reunion here in Martinborough...?   Make sure you eat some yakitori & shabushabu with the gang and say hello to the TAC rec desk girls for me!   XOXO CJ & Jared
  12. 27. Happy 50 th Birthday Laura!!