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Report in fil lit

  1. 1. zitaBy: Arturo B. Rotor By: Cristine Billaro
  2. 2. About the authorArturo Belleza Rotor•Born in June 7, 1907- April 9, 1988•Filipino medical doctor, civil servant, musicianand writer•Rotor died in 1988, survived by his wife EmmaUnson, who taught college mathematics andphysics. They had no children.•Born in the Philippines and attended theUniversity of the Philippines
  3. 3. •He graduated simultaneously from the conservatory of music and the college ofmedicine. He trained further at Johns Hopkins Universitys medical school, publishing apaper on a rare form of hyperbilirubinaemia(jaundice) now known as "Rotor syndrome".•During World War II, Rotor served as executive secretary of the PhilippineCommonwealth government-in-exile under Manuel L. Quezon, the Philippine president inexile. In the immediate post-WWII period, he was appointed secretary of the Departmentof Health and Welfare. Later, Rotor was director of the University of the PhilippinesPostgraduate School of Medicine and was a practicing physician until the early 1980s.•Rotor was an internationally respected writer of fiction and non-fiction in English. He iswidely considered among the best Filipino short story writers of the twentieth century. Hewas a charter member of the Philippine Book Guild; the guilds initial publication (1937)was Rotors The Wound and the Scar, despite Rotors protests that someone elses workshould have been selected. In 1966, the Philippine government recognized his literaryaccomplishments by awarding him the Republic Cultural Heritage Award. Rotors best-known literary works are The Wound and theScar (1937), Confidentially, Doctor (1965), Selected Stories from the Wound and theScar (1973), The Men Who Play God (1983), and the short stories "Dahong Palay" (1928)and "Zita" (1930).
  4. 4. charactersZita- is the girl who fell in love with her tutor which is Mr.Retecheshe is the daughter of Don Eleodoro, she has the same characteristics and thesame name of the girl that Mr.Reteche want to forgetMr.Francisco b. Reteche- a mysterious guy with a mysterious past that becamethe teacher of Zita.Hesecretly fell in love with Zita too.Don Eleodoro- father of zita who ask for Mr.Reteche to be his daughters tutorTurong- the guy who let Mr.Reteche to stay
  5. 5. SettingIsland
  6. 6. summaryZita is about a broken hearted teacher who comes to theland of Anayat. From the minute mr. Retche, he came toZita, the province girl who coincidentally has the samename as her past lover. Zitas father asks Mr. Reteche toteach his daughter how to be a lady. He agrees andteaches her how to dress, act and dance like a city lady.One day he told Zita to dress accordingly as he will teachher a Spanish dance. She does so and manages to show uplike a true lady. She dances dreamily with her teacher, butMr. Reteche doesnt show any affection towards her.
  7. 7. While they are dancing Turong came in, who hands a blueenvelope. But Turong tore a letter into pieces and Zita wasshock and he ask Turong he do that and Turong said thatsoon he will understand. after a while Zita realize that soon her teacher will gosoon. Before Mr. Retche depart Zita dressed beautifullyand she wait Mr. Retche to come in thier house to have afarewell but Mr. Retche did not come.
  8. 8. ThemeA girl who fell in love with his tutor
  9. 9. Approach
  10. 10. Analysis