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Urban design drawings, Joe Holyoak


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UDSS11, day 2

Published in: Design, Technology, Real Estate
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Urban design drawings, Joe Holyoak

  1. 1. Urban design drawings Joe Holyoak
  2. 2. Observation and analysis, roughly traced over base map
  3. 3. Contextual appraisal drawing; mixture of plan drawing and diagrammatic symbols
  4. 4. Comparative figure/ ground plans
  5. 5. Simple coded proposals drawing
  6. 6. Diagrammatic proposals drawing
  7. 7. Masterplan drawing; blocks, streets, open space, planting
  8. 8. Existing and proposed are differentiated by tone; extraneous detail is removed from background
  9. 9. Axonometric; producing 3-dimensional form from the plan
  10. 10. Masterplan drawn in axonometric from the plan; heights of buildings are drawn to scale
  11. 11. Street section and plan; section shows degree of spatial enclosure
  12. 12. Single-point perspective combined with section. Establish the eye level
  13. 13. Two-point perspective; drawn from standing eye level, again all eyes are on the eye level
  14. 14. Simply drawn perspectives, traced from photographs, show recognisable places