Reclaiming the ring road, intro contexts, Graham Paul Smith


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UDSS11 'hot tips and tricks' session day 2

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  • Here is a 1929 automobile. It was heavy and its engine could propel it to 50-60mph. Its braking system was less efficient, drum brakes on the rear axle and no front brakes. There was a ‘transmission brake’ but more as a standby than augmentation. Here lies one of the reasons for Radburn’s segregated road layout, the cars couldn’t easily stop. Could it be that this segregation was necessary in 1963, when the Traffic in Towns report called for the adoption of the Radburn principle for UK housing development?
  • Reclaiming the ring road, intro contexts, Graham Paul Smith

    1. 1. Contexts: national guidance, local issues Graham Paul Smith: Urban Design [email_address]
    2. 3. Oxford, Green Rd Roundabout A40, A420 London Road and the Eastern By-Pass Road
    3. 4. Connection as a bad cars are – - driving is fun the joy of the open road driving cars … causes danger and connections across the road delay me best to separate cars from pedestrians
    4. 5. 1908 Mr. Toad is very rich and thus able to indulge his impulsive desires , such as   punting ,  house boating  and  hot air balloons , and his penchant for  Harris tweed  suits. He is, however, conceited, self-centred and lacking in basic common sense. His reckless interest in  motor cars  led to an episode in which he stole a motor car and subsequently crashed it.
    5. 6. Powered by a 2.9-litre, four-cylinder engine with a two-speed transmission, the Model T was simple and reliable, but surprisingly fast for its day. Top speed was around 45mph, with fuel economy of around 40mpg depending on how the car was driven. Even today, a Model T is a very comfortable drive and will cover long distances with ease, although its foot-operated transmission and braking on the rear wheels means it takes some getting used to. The Model T did not have a modern service brake. The right foot pedal applied a band around a drum in the transmission, thus stopping the rear wheels from turning. The previously mentioned parking brake lever operated band brakes on the outside of the rear brake drums. Ford Motor Company from 1908 through 1927
    6. 8. And of course, if traffic is like water, it builds up a pressure, it spills over, it becomes uncontrollable, we have to make it easy …to avoid this pressure
    7. 9. And of course journeys are continuous, they can’t be broken up, we have to make it easy … consistent and connected.
    8. 10. … but where people live they should
    9. 14. … and of course, bikes didn’t exist in the 80s …
    10. 16. Connection as a good … users of the environment have choices when they move it is not like water their journeys may have different stages, they can stop and start, they may employ many modes
    11. 22. Connections to the city as a whole To achieve high permeability to and through the site from the city as a whole, we must connect it via the largest possible number of direct links to the system of main streets: those carrying through traffic linking the various parts of the city. So begin by finding the nearest main streets beyond the boundaries of your site, marking them on a detailed plan to a scale of not less than 1:10,000.
    12. 23. A proposal for the Land at Barton This ‘tissue mapping exercise’ is to give form to the development area, using a place which is familiar, to enable a debate about design ideas. This exercise is not a design, it is relatively ‘artless’ but it does have the ‘look’ of a place. The tissues use a simple Ordnance Survey base. It is a ‘cut & paste’ exploration and not a developed design.
    13. 26. Northway, Sunderland Avenue, Oxford © graham paul smith: urban design 2011
    14. 30. © graham paul smith: urban design 2011
    15. 31. To establish ‘connection’ between new and existing areas of housing How many connections are enough ? - No less than the number of existing (severed) roads … ?
    16. 32. traffic on a road which can seem such a continuous phalanx, is made up of many individual journeys, each one of which is amenable to change
    17. 33. Contexts: national guidance, local issues Graham Paul Smith: Urban Design [email_address]
    18. 35. So about 3,000 to 5,000 vpd leave the Ring Road, 17100; 16500; 16100;  15600 16100;  16400; 16500 at Marsh Lane?   Oxfordshire Traffic Flows 2009