Lessons fron the Olympic Park- Peter Neal, Green Infrastructure Seminar


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9th October 2012

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Lessons fron the Olympic Park- Peter Neal, Green Infrastructure Seminar

  1. 1. Lessons fromthe Olympic Parkgreen infrastructure at the heartof economic regenerationPeter NealLandscape ConsultantGreen Infrastructure Partnership SeminarMADE, Birmingham, 9 October 2012
  2. 2. Strategic Planning Framework for the Olympic Park • Lower Lea Valley, Opportunity Area Planning Framework, 2007
  3. 3. Connecting with the All London Green Grid All London Green Grid, GLA / Design for London, November 2011
  4. 4. The Masterplans for Games and Transformation2012 2014
  5. 5. The Demolition and Remediation of the SiteImage: Olympic Delivery Authority/Warren Little & Anthony Charlton
  6. 6. Sustainable Drainage and Flood Risk Management SystemsPlan: Olympic Delivery Authority / LDA Design.Hargreaves Associates
  7. 7. Constructing the North Park in February 2011Image: Olympic Delivery Authority / Anthony Charlton
  8. 8. Image: Olympic Delivery Authority/Anthony Charlton
  9. 9. Sustainable Development Targets and AchievementsLondon 2012 / Olympic Delivery Authority / WWF BioRegional
  10. 10. London 2012 Pre Games Sustainability Report, April 2012 Sustainable Water The ODA set a target to achieve a 40% reduction in the demand for potable water, compared to current industry practice, for all permanent venues The Parklands team, in particular, performed exceptionally well with highly efficient irrigation water demands through: • planting, particularly drought resistant species; • irrigation infrastructure, eg: drip irrigation; and • control instrumentation, to enable effective irrigation decision making in practice. Although the venues achieved between 30 to 50% water efficiency, the Parklands team achieved more than 60% efficiency.
  11. 11. London 2012 Pre Games Sustainability Report, April 2012 Zero Waste The ODA aimed to achieve 90% re-use and recycling of waste through the demolition phase. To maximise opportunities for re-use, an inventory of available materials was made available to the design teams on the Olympic Park. For example: • processed concrete for gabion baskets • reclaimed cobbles and granite kerbstones • yellow stock bricks and sandstone paving • broken roof tiles to create invertebrate habitats The ODA has exceeded its target in this area by achieving 98.5% re-use and recycling of demolition material. • 400,000 tonnes of concrete, brick and masonry processed into recycled aggregates for use on site. • 20,000 lorry movements saved due to processing and use of recycled materials on site.
  12. 12. London 2012 Pre Games Sustainability Report, April 2012 Land Use and Wildlife The ODA aspired to protect and enhance the biodiversity and ecology of the Lower Lea Valley. It has transformed former industrial land into 100 hectares of parklands to create the largest new urban park for more than a century. 45 hectares are being installed for legacy, with 25 hectares already installed for Games-time. Overall this will include: • 1.8ha of reedbeds suitable for roosting and breeding birds, otters and voles; • 20ha of species-rich grassland suitable for invertebrates, flower • beetles, ground bugs and bees; • five hectares of brownfield habitats including log walls, stone- filled baskets and native tall herbs suitable for lizards, birds, moths and linnets; • 11ha of broadleaved woodland and hedgerows; • 0.9ha of wet woodland – a rare habitat type for amphibians, snakes and birds; • four new ponds, at least 50m2 in size and four wetland and grassland habitats.
  13. 13. An Economic Legacy for Green InfrastructureImage: London Legacy Development Corporation / Allies and Morrison / AECOM
  14. 14. An Environmental Legacy for Green InfrastructurePlan: Olympic Delivery Authority / LDA Design.Hargreaves Associates
  15. 15. A Social Legacy for Green InfrastructurePlan: Olympic Delivery Authority / ETM Associates / LDA Design.Hargreaves Associates
  16. 16. The integrated delivery team for the Olympic Park ODA Client Team • John Hopkins / Phil Askew / Peter Neal Delivery Partner • Matt Heal / David Stephenson, CLM Lead Landscape Architects • LDA Design / Hargreaves Associates Landscape Engineers • Atkins / Arups Masterplanning • Aecom Specialist Consultants • Nigel Dunnett / James Hitchmough • Sarah Price, 2012 Gardens • Tim O’Hare, Soil Specialist • Tim Marshall, Management Plan • James Urban, Tree Planting
  17. 17. The Olympic Parklands Learning Legacy Papers http://learninglegacy.london2012.com/ • Olympic Park Green Infrastructure • The Design Brief for the Park • The Planting Strategy for the Park • The Water Strategy for the Park • The Lighting Strategy for the Park • The Soil Strategy for the Park • Restoring the Waterways in the Park • Eradicating Invasive Weeds • The Park’s Biodiversity Action Plan • Training and Apprenticeships • The Management and Maintenance Plan for the Park
  18. 18. The Making of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Published in November 2012
  19. 19. Thank you Peter Neal, Landscape Consultantpeter@peternealconsulting.co.uk / 07717 695290