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Copenhagen business school


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Copenhagen Business School presentation to the Skills for Climate Change study tour to Copenhagen November 2011

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Copenhagen business school

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. A little bit about me•  Responsible for Communication at CBS Goes Green•  Campaign Manager for the current Minister for Culture•  Working on a new project on sustainable living in public housing
  3. 3. Agenda for today•  CBS Goes Green•  The Value of the Green Economy – a Danish perspective•  The Climate Game
  4. 4. CBS Goes Green
  5. 5. Where Sustainability Means Business
  6. 6. Why?•  We need a new way to talk about growth•  Climate Change•  Population growth
  7. 7. Goals?•  Reducing CO2 emissions by 40% in 2020•  Becoming CO2 neutral in 2030•  Benchmarking CBS as a one of the worlds most sustainable Business Schools
  8. 8. How?
  9. 9. Online Community
  10. 10. Facebook competition
  11. 11. Engaging the new students
  12. 12. Sustainable Intro Trip
  13. 13. Engaging CBS Management
  14. 14. Where Sustainability Means Business