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Teen suicide


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Published in: Education
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Teen suicide

  1. 1. Teen Suicide PreventionActions from parents Actions from friendsside. side Talk about teen suicide. 1. Take your friend’s Avoid criticism. actions seriously Show love to your 2. Encourage your teenager. friend to seek Listen to your teenager. professional Keep lethal weapons out help, accompany if of your home. necessary Getting professional 3. Talk to an adult you help in teen suicide trust. Don’t be alone prevention such as in helping your counseling. friend.
  2. 2. Suggestions Media should avoid repeated or sensationalistic coverage. Programmes and workshops for parenting The schools should have plans to deal with stress among children National suicide intervention programme. Providing support to those bereaved by suicide and decriminalizing attempted suicide. Complementary therapies to combat stress Chill-out zones in school to relax
  3. 3. Conclusion Exams are important as their results influence future professional career, social status and self–esteem. Every person has own optimal level of worry and anxiety, which helps him/ her to achieve the best results. We must learn how to control stress and extra anxiety for preparing for the test. If exams cause great worry, and there are some symptoms of exam stress (insomnia, rapid pulse, hands trembling and so on) we ought to do something about it. We must prepare students to handle stress in a better way.
  4. 4. So finally…