Midego how to achieve the millennium development goals


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  • The name MIDEGO is made up of the first two letters of the words Millennium Development Goals, which tells we are in the development business and public health is our main strategy.
  • Our objectives for today are what you make of them!
  • This is one of our e-books
  • Our vision is to be part of global partnerships. Each of us can add value to each others’ organizations and do their 1% to reach the MDGs.
  • How we make it happen
  • The inspiration
  • 1% every day
  • Results
  • Learn to manage success with $100 so you can manage thousands!
  • MIDEGO’s main approach: make the best of what already exists.
  • This is how we do business: Our efforts are guided by an operating manual that defines the company’s standards for delivering quality products and services consistently and efficiently– as depicted by the three orange bands in our logo. For example, one of our products, the asset-based management tool, maximizes all available assets and resources before new resources are committed. The logo : The globe symbolizes our global focus. The three bands represent our three principles: QEC The three bands unite and expand their impact symbolizing our commitment to partnerships in development.
  • May you reach you reach all your global health goals!
  • Midego how to achieve the millennium development goals

    1. 1. Specially Prepared for: Health professionals that want to help achieving the MDGs Title Page Global Health Goals: Do we need them? What do to with them?Elvira Beracochea, MD. MPH.Presidentelvira@midego.com www.midego.com
    2. 2. Presentation Goals1. Get to know MIDEGO’s way of contributing to achieve the MDGs2. Find out about effective ways to achieve the MDGs3. Learn about MIDEGO’s programs4. Reflect on what you want to achieve in your career! www.midego.com
    3. 3. “Where to start” The White Rabbit put on his spectacles. “Where shall I begin, please your majesty?” he asked. “Begin at the beginning,” the King said gravely,” and go on till you come to the end; then stop” “Alice in Wonderland” Lewis Carroll, 1965 “Think Big and Reach 1% Every Day”
    4. 4. Health is a Human RightThis is why MIDEGO was created•UDHR, 1948• Right to Development, 1986• ICDP Cairo, 1994 and Cairo +5• Beijing Conference on Women, 1995• Millennium Declaration, 2000• Paris Declaration, 2005 www.midego.com
    5. 5. The Millennium Development Goals are the first Global Health GoalsWe must all contribute to achieve them!
    6. 6. Goals Mean ActionVision without Action is a Daydream.Action without Vision is a Nightmare. Ancient Japanese Proverb
    7. 7. Set a clear vision of the goalHere is the storythat showsthe vision of theMDGThe book showswhat will look likewhenwe all worktogetherto achieve theMDGs www.midego.com
    8. 8. Goals Guide Global Partnerships •10,000,000 children die of preventable and treatable conditions every year – A partnership of 100,000 community-based organizations that prevents 100 deaths each • Every year 500,000 women die of preventable pregnancy and delivery complications – A partnership of 500 NGOs that prevents 1,000 deaths each www.midego.com
    9. 9. What to Do with Goals?MIDEGO’s GTRS System:GoalsTargetsResultsSuccess www.midego.com
    10. 10. Why,” said the Dodo, “the best way to explain it is to do it.” Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll 1865“Think Big and Reach 1% Every Day”
    11. 11. More about MIDEGO
    12. 12. The Tao of Leadership Go to the people Live among them Learn from them Love them Start with what you know Build on what they have; But of the best leaders When the task is done The people will remark “We have done it ourselves.”
    13. 13. How We Do ItMIDEGO Learning CenterMIDEGO Consulting ServicesMIDEGO Project ManagementMIDEGO BooksMIDEGO PublishingMIDEGO Approaches and Products
    14. 14. Goals: We set 1% Daily Targets “MISS and KISS” Make it and Keep it SHORT AND SIMPLE “Think Big and Reach 1% Every Day”
    15. 15. MIDEGO Results“...I was able to call for a workshop addressing issuesof HIV/AIDS in relation to gender violence. I and myvolunteers are at least talking to two people noweach day about HIV. My management system haschanged, the ways to pass messages about a hiddenphenomenon and how to treat patients. Storing ofinformation and records has changed and field workvisits has also changed." (Sudan) www.midego.com
    16. 16. 100-Day Project Results :1. 1290 community leaders and parents sensitized on encouraging girls to access community health services2. 1,397 girls reached from September to November 20073. 676 girls reported having Felicia Sakala, Zambia received services at health facilities www.midego.com
    17. 17. The $100 Grant ProgramMIDEGO gives $100 to get started to make an impact in your community. Write to info@midego.com “Think Big and Reach 1% Every Day”
    18. 18. Asset-Based Management MIDEGO’s ABM Formula:Assets + Process = Results Remember!!! “Process Makes Perfect”
    19. 19. MIDEGO’s MissionHelp our clients succeed oneperson, 1% at a time.We work with local healthprofessionals and empowerthem to succeed. No excuses!
    20. 20. MIDEGO’s PrinciplesQuality, Efficiency, Consistency
    21. 21. Some Facts about MIDEGO• Started in 2005• Small business that understands how to start and manage a company• Woman-owned and gender sensitive• Member of the 8(a) SBA Small Business Development Program and eligible to work with Federal US Government Clients
    22. 22. ReflectionImagine 10 years from nowImagine you look backWhat will you have achieved?And 20 years from now, 30, 40?What will you celebrate on your 100th birthday?
    23. 23. Set Goals!Contribute the MDGs,And work with other goal-oriented professionals that donot make excuses, they makethings work and deliverresults. Take action now!
    24. 24. Visit us at www.midego.com Remember to Download the “Global Health Starter Program” to start making a bigger impact right away! Thank you!Copyright ©20010MIDEGO