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Chronic Non-communicable Diseases in Latin America: The Role of Primary Health Care (PHC)


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Discusses the role of primary health care to prevent NCDs and lessons from CARMEN initiatives and North Karelia Project

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Chronic Non-communicable Diseases in Latin America: The Role of Primary Health Care (PHC)

  1. 1. 140th APHA Annual Meeting Monday, October 31, 2012 Chronic Title PageDiseases inNon-communicableLatin America:The Role of PHC Dr. Elvira Beracochea MIDEGO, Inc. President
  2. 2. Disclosure• Dr. Elvira Beracochea has nothing to disclose.
  3. 3. Up to 80% of the NCD mortality, mainlydue to cancer, diabetes, chronic lungdisease and cardiovascular disease,can be prevented by improvedindividual care and public healthprograms.
  4. 4. Objectives1. Discuss the role of primary health care to prevent NCDs2. Discuss lessons from the CARMEN initiative and North Karelia Project
  5. 5. CNCD arePreventableReversible Curable
  6. 6. North Karelia, Finland•1972• After the first 25 years, the projectdemonstrated to have achievedchanges in smoking, BP and diet–CVD mortality reduced by 68%–CHD mortality reduced by 73%–All causes mortality reduced by 49%
  7. 7. North Karelia: Interventions•PHC providers involved in all aspects of the program•Involvement of community organizations and residents•Training and Media Communication•Environmental changes•Partnerships with food industry
  8. 8. CARMENConjunto de Acciones para laReducción Multifactorial deEnfermedades No transmisiblesConcerted actions to reducemultifactorial non- transmissibleor non-communicable diseases
  9. 9. PAHO: Country-Wide Actions1. National Plan of Action2. Policies3. Community-based actions4. Health service reorganization5. Integrated promotion and prevention actions6. Health equity focus7. Baseline and surveillance adapted to measure progress: Observatory
  10. 10. Observatory• Goal: support policy advocacy, development, monitoring and impact measurement• Canada, Brazil, and Costa Rica• Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala and Cuba and other Caribbean Countries (25+)• Benchmarks• Improve Surveillance
  11. 11. Effective Interventions• Tobacco taxes, smoking free areas and smoking cessation treatments• Transfat free America (Rio 2008)• Healthy meals in schools• Reduction of salt in diet• Increase physical activity• Community-based promotion• Improvement of PHC and referral services
  12. 12. Advocacy• “Program Dose” matters• Sustained efforts also matter• Integrated community based programs do work: – Health education – PHC services – Community involvement and participation• Not Surprised!
  13. 13. Visit us at Remember to Download the “Global Health Starter Program” to start making a bigger impact right away! Thank you!Copyright ©2010 MIDEGO