Timing the Next Pregnancy: A Decision-Making Model for Adolescent Parents


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A look at the Conception Decision-Making model and the lack of teen involvement when designing family planning services.

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  • Timing the Next Pregnancy: A Decision-Making Model for Adolescent Parents

    1. 1. APHA Annual Meeting San Diego - 2008 Timing the next Pregnancy: A Title Page Decision-Making Model for Adolescent Parents Hayfa Elamin Ugo Edu Abel Tadesse Sudha Mallesan Elvira Beracochea info@midego.comCopyright ©2008 MIDEGO
    2. 2. Poster Objectives 1. Discuss lack of involvement of teens in the design of various family planning services and the need for “Conception Decision-Making” (CDM) services for parents 2. Describe a practical CDM model 3. Discuss ways to deliver and promote CDM services www.midego.comCopyright ©2008 MIDEGO
    3. 3. Why The Teen Decision Making Model? Because there is Need of a Model Developed by Teens for Teens www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    4. 4. Decision Making Pathway The model includes: How to Decide and What to ask and decide At three Stages in Life: a.Before there is a Couple b.When there is a Couple c.When there is a baby www.midego.comCopyright ©2008 MIDEGO
    5. 5. Conception Decision Model WHAT TO ASK AND DECIDE Who is involved Before a couple Couples (Male + Female) Pregnancy  baby Find answers to these questions: Find answers to these questions: Unmarried: Find answers to these questions: -What is a family? -How do I create open communication with my -What is important for the health of the baby and -How do families grow? partner and where can I gain knowledge about myself? -How come is there a risk of diseases due to unprotected family planning? -Why are breastfeeding, childcare, safety, sexual intercourse? -What is safe sex, contraceptives, unplanned nutrition and immunization important? -What is an unplanned pregnancy? pregnancy and STDs? -How do we/I get prepared for my next -What is healthy sexuality? -What is the next step from being a couple? pregnancy? -What is a contraceptive? -What do I need develop at this stage of my life -What is a health relationship and where can I -How do I approach peers, parents, guardians and friends to before moving to next step  marriage? obtain information? discuss about sex? Individual -What is sexual violence and how do I avoid becoming a -What is marriage? -Is my partner healthy and how can I make sure? victim? Married: What are the responsibilities of -How do I control my temper and avoid hurting my partner or marriage? family? -What are family planning, unplanned pregnancy and safe sex? -Is my partner healthy and have we completed physical checkups/testing? - Have you visited one of the local health care - Do you have a plan for your family? - Do you need someone to accompany facilities for physical checkups and - Are you part of any community or you to the health facility? examinations? religious groups? - Do you need help to take care of your - Should I be have HIV/AIDS testing? baby? Family - Have you visited the youth center located in? - Does your couple need any help? - Are you healthy? - Are you safe? A. Question from Individual to Community A. Question from Couples to A. Question from Couples to member: Community members Community members - How can I learn about family and my - How can I learn more about couples, - Where can I obtain information that responsibility as an individual in my religion? family, and creating a strong will help me connect with other - Where can I obtain information about healthy relationship? parents? sexuality? A. Question from Community - Where can I get educational A. Question from Community member to members to Individual information as well as in person Individual - Have you participated in our religion guidance in regards to safe - Have you participated in our religion study study groups? motherhood, reproductive health, Community groups? - Have you approached the health care neonatal/child care, safe sex and - Have you approached the health care facility facility youth center or asked questions family planning? youth center or asked questions to your to your physician, nurse or social A. Question from Community physician, nurse or social worker to learn more worker to learn more about family members to Individuals about healthy sexuality, STDs, HIV/AIDS? planning, marriage, and parenthood, - Have you joined a religion group? STDs, HIV/AIDS? - Have you received service through health care facility/clinic?Copyright ©2008 MIDEGO
    6. 6. Next Step “Think Big and Reach 1% Every Day” Reach one teen every day! Speak up about Teen Pregnancy and Birth Spacing! www.midego.comCopyright ©2008 MIDEGO
    7. 7. Visit us at www.midego.com Remember to Download the “Global Health Starter Program” to start making a bigger impact right away! Thank you!Copyright ©2012 MIDEGO