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VinPass Explained


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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VinPass Explained

  1. 2. How Does It Work? 1. Use one of the partner sites or apps like hello vino , the wine and food pairing app. 2. Get notifications you ’re in the game as you save, rate or review wines. 3. Follow the game instructions you receive and keep playing the game . 4. Win a game & get a badge (called a “ pass ” ) from one of the participating brands like Middle Sister Wines! Hi Wine Sister! If you are using the Hello Vino wine and food pairing app, you ’ re in the game! If not, download it at to get started.
  2. 3. Play Middle Sister ’ s VinPass Game... Rate, Review, or Save a Middle Sister Wine Using a VinPass partner site or app, rate, review or save a Middle Sister wine to your “wine cellar” to get in the game! To keep playing, interact with 5 of the 9 Middle Sisters to win the Superstar Sister pass! Which Middle Sisters qualify? We ’ re not telling! ;)
  3. 4. Here ’s how it looks as you play… 2. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  4. 5. Be A SuperStar Sister! Pssst! If you win our Pass, you ’ ll also receive a little something special from us to you... Enjoy the Game. And may the best Sister...or Mister...Win!