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Overview of parent survey in District 15 Brooklyn on Middle School Choice Process

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  1. 1. Parents for Middle School Equity May 27, 2015
  2. 2. We are parents and educators who question: ❖ The competitive sorting of 10 year olds. ❖ The segregation of our middle schools. ❖ The stress and lack of transparency of the “choice” process. We seek an equitable alternative that results in good schools for ALL our kids.
  3. 3. District 15 is Diverse The diversity is both racial and socio-economic.
  4. 4. We are Segregating Students by Race
  5. 5. We are Segregating Students by Socio- Economic Status
  6. 6. “Choice” Contributes to Racial Segregation
  7. 7. “Choice” contributes to Socio-Economic Segregation “ The system is meant to perpetuate inequalities and track children early on” — Parent comment
  8. 8. Parents Top Priorities Less than 9% of parents surveyed ranked selective/screened schools as important.
  9. 9. The Process is Overly Complex Less than 3% of parents surveyed want to keep the current system. 71% said the process was stressful for their child and family
  10. 10. Transparency is Key 96% of parents want clear admissions criteria “Children aren’t really placed, they are ‘admitted,’ which seems contrary to the idea of public school, when the opportunity for high quality, easily accessible education is supposed to be available for all children.” —Parent Comment “It has become more stressful, especially for students. As a District 15 fifth grade teacher I see students with a great deal of anxiety over ‘doing well.’”
  11. 11. Parents Want Change “The stress of this process weighs on kids and dominates their learning experience in 5th grade” --Parent Comment “I was shocked to see how segregated the middle schools are and the vast difference in the quality of the education received (as I could see it after touring 13 schools).” --Parent Comment
  12. 12. Comments From Our Survey “Fosters an air of competition that seems unhealthy for 10 and 11 year olds.” “It is meant to perpetuate inequalities and track children early on. . This . . . contradicts the very principle on which public education was funded. It couldn't be less democratic. “ “Too much segregation in NYC schools racially, economically, academically; it is ridiculous; so much focus on being ‘elite’ and ‘gifted.” “Right from the start it favors people with greater flexibility who can afford to miss work or pay for additional childcare to go through the process. “ “There needs to be a change so that all the schools have an equal distribution according to income, race and elementary school attended.”
  13. 13. “Integration does not happen by itself.” ❖ Parents do not want their children sorted and segregated ❖ An equitable middle school placement process requires policy change ❖ Let’s create a model system of great, integrated schools!