User Centered Design - MIConnect 30/05/2013


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User Centered Design by U-Sentric

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User Centered Design - MIConnect 30/05/2013

  1. 1. happycustomers.We all want
  2. 2. • User Experience experts• Young, dynamic company since 2007Born out of ‘Centrum voor User Experience onderzoek (CUO)’ -K.U.Leuven’@usentric
  3. 3. Our mission:“To create experiences that exceedexpectations”
  4. 4. We believe there is a relationship between:user experience&happinessHappy customers&Happy companies
  5. 5. Interaction has a language...
  6. 6. Involve your end users inthe design process!
  7. 7. Implement the needs, wishes, expectations and limitations of end userswithin an iterative design process.User Centred Design
  8. 8. SpaObserve.
  9. 9. Create.
  10. 10. Evaluate.
  11. 11. Case Ascolia
  12. 12. Business situation• Company, manufacturer of mobile furniture• Based in Brussels & Lyon• Bought by current owner in 2005• Financial evolution• Increased Revenues• Decreased Margins• Changing competitive environment• International consolidation• Growing price pressure• Full offer of products
  13. 13. « How to stand out of the crowd with a limited offer? »
  14. 14. Redefining the strategic framework• What do we provide?• What business are we in?• Whom do we serve?• Competitive analysis• Market segmentation and prioritization• How do we realize this?• Company structure• What is our value proposition?• Product, Price, Accessibility, Service, Experience
  15. 15. Co-creation with internal stakeholders
  16. 16. From mobile furniture supplier for hotels and hospitals to experts in compact mobile organization solutions that assure rapidservicesUser centered approach = outside –inside = starting from his needs instead ofproduct offerNew business possibilitiesNew way of brandingNew business definition & new approach
  17. 17. • Branding and communication strategy Definition of values• Logo• Brochures• Website• Exhibition material• Commercial strategy Segmentation(priorities)• New product development en quality control• Toolkit• Transport optimalisation• New materialsNew ambitions
  18. 18. • Defining goals & strategy• Defining clear positioning• Commercial strategy Target groups /DMU Defining all stakeholders involved Recognizing buy reasons Discovering internal strenghtsPreparing the field
  19. 19. • First inspiration round(Paris – Hotel *****)• Extreme user• Different stakeholders• House keeping direction• Room maids• Hotel direction.• Guests• Learnings...Exploring the field - OBSERVATION
  20. 20. Internalrules
  21. 21. Workspace
  22. 22. the reality
  23. 23. Damages..
  24. 24. Fragile & unusedelements
  25. 25. A lot ofadditionalattributes…
  26. 26. • More Functionalities & ergonomics• Use of different drawers instead of one compartiment on top• Extra level for clean linen• 5th wheel : makes it possible to turn on the same place ( small corridors)• Materials & accessoires• New material : VOLKERN• strong, light ,durable material• wooden look• Large protections (bumpers) to avoid damages on walls ,doors,paintings..• New organisational elements• Optional elements : Space for Swiffer..• Raw with trays for small elements products, products..• On top of trolley : opening for Paper,files..Creation of a basic trolley with options
  27. 27. • Funnel is full of ideas..• New opportunities are discovered.• Growing demand of clients..• Bigger deals• Different marketposition..• Different, more adapted offer• Better margins..• Higher motivated people• Improved company culture…Results after release
  28. 28. • New inspiring tours are planned in existing and new sectors• Further development and testing of new prototypes• Focus on internal organization and production• …The way forward…
  29. 29. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMER…HE’S YOUR ONLY PROFITCENTER!Hope you enjoyed this caseas much as we did!
  30. 30. u-sentric | Annita Beysen & Hanne Sidarow| Karel Van Lotharingenstraat 4 bus 3.2 BelgiumContact: & hanne@u-sentric.comwww.u-sentric.comThanks!Questions or remarks? Don’t hesitate to contact us!