2 tg4 - shopping


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2 tg4 - shopping

  1. 1. SHOPPING Shops & Places in Local AreaBakery (baker) Church Hospital Police stationBank (Bank clerk) Cinema Jewelry shop Post officeBar (barman) Clothing store Kiosk Restaurant (waiter,Barbershop (shop assistant) Laundromat waitress)(barber) College Library SchoolBeauty salon Computer shop Mall Shoe storeBook shop Department store Market (many Shopping centre(bookseller) (salesperson) stalls) SupermarketBookstore Electronics shop Movie theater Swimming poolButcher’s Factory (Cinema) Town hall(Butcher) Fishmonger s Music shop Travel agency…Bakery (shop Flower shop News standassistant) Gas station Newsagent’sCar park – Parking Gift shop Optician’slot Greengrocer’s ParkChemist’s Hairdresser s Pet shop(Chemist) Hardware store Pet store
  2. 2. SHOPPINGMore people who work in a shop cashier customer Salesperson (salesman, saleswoman) security guard shop assistant
  3. 3. SHOPPING Verbsto ask for to go shoppingto bring back to helpto buy to sellto change to try on (clothes)to cost to wrapto findto get
  4. 4. SHOPPINGThings you might need bag cash coin credit card ID card list money Note/bill wallet / purse
  5. 5. What kind of shops do you have in your neighbourhood? There is a: department store, supermarket,grocer, grocery store, greengrocer, butcher sbaker s, fishmonger s, chemist s or pharmacy, newsagent, stationary shop, optician s, DIY store, hardware store, ironmonger s, corner shop, bookshop, market, petshop…
  6. 6. Where do you buy clothes? Why?I buy my clothes at……….because I like the kind of clothing I find there.
  7. 7. How often do you go shopping?I go shopping once or twice a week. …every week, every month …every other week
  8. 8. Which is your favourite shop?My favourite shop is………because I can find/buy lots of … there
  9. 9. Where do you go shopping? Who with? I go shopping at……… and I go with my parents
  10. 10. When do you go shopping?Why? I go shopping on the weekends orsometimes after school because in the morning I m at school
  11. 11. What do you like buying?I like buying………/clothes/toys/food.
  12. 12. When did you last go shopping? What did you buy? Where? Could you describe the shop? I went shopping last weekend,and Ibought some clothes.the shop is big and It has lots of different clothes
  13. 13. Where do I have to go if I want to buy: some fruit, some lamb chops or steaks, a loaf ofbread, some salmon, some drugs or painkillers, the paper or a magazine, a pencil, a new pair of glasses, a special screw, a book, a kitten or a puppy? You have to go to a …
  14. 14. Do you like shopping for new clothes? Yes I do. I love buying …
  15. 15. What is your favorite brand? My favourite brand is…Nike, Adidas, Levi s, Puma
  16. 16. What shopping center do you like the most?Perhaps my favorite shopping centre is…
  17. 17. Do you like to go shopping during sales?I love it because I can get real bargainsand very good deals. The problem is the shops are packed with people.No I don t because I don t like crowded places.
  18. 18. Are you a fashionable person?Yes, I am. I love dressing up and wearing fashionable clothes. No, I am not. I prefer a casual style.
  19. 19. Do your parents pay by credit card or cash when they do their shopping? It depends on how much they buy. Ifthey have bought a lot, they always payby credit card. If not, they pay in cash.
  20. 20. Have you ever bought something you didn t neeed? Why? Yes, I have. Sometimes, I ask mymother for a new pair of trainers justbecause I like them but I know that Idon t need them beacuse I have many pairs.
  21. 21. How much money do your parents give you for allowance?Do your parents give you any pocket money? No, they don t give me any money. If I want something, I just ask them. Yes, they normally give me 3€ a week.
  22. 22. How much do your trainners cost?How much does your watch cost? They cost… It costs…
  23. 23. What is something that you want to buy but dont have enough money to buy?I would like to buy a new console, video- game,
  24. 24. Have you ever saved money to buy something?Yes, I have. I saved money for a year to buy a new bicycle, video-game console.
  25. 25. What kinds of things are you saving your money for?I m saving money to buy a new video- game, a comic…
  26. 26. What was the last thing you spent money on?The last thing I spent money on was my favorite sweet. I bought it in the Chinese shop.
  27. 27. For more:http://iteslj.org/questions/money.html