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En Clickand Buy Brochure 0110 V1


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En Clickand Buy Brochure 0110 V1

  2. 2. SIMPLE ONLINE PAYMENT REALLY COUNTS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. “Secure payment is a must when “I only hand out my I’m shopping the Internet.” name and bank details Lisa S., architect (33) to brands that I trust.” Sara B., housewife (45) “I expect maximum “I want to be able to choose data security from my how I pay when I’m on the Web.” online-payment service.” Peter L., executive (53) Thomas H., law student (26)
  4. 4. WELCOME TO CLICKANDBUY. ClickandBuy is one of the world’s largest online payment services. And with over 10 years of experience, it also ranks among the most established. Having been authorised by Britain’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an e-Money institution, we have succeeded in earning the confidence of international partners of all sizes. The full-service, custom- ised packages we have created, making e-commerce simple and successful for every organisation, have been key forces in our continuous expansion and success. WELCOME TO A NETWORK WITH OVER 13 MILLION USERS WORLDWIDE. More than 16,000 companies have chosen our service for their online sales. With over 100,000 trans- actions every day and more than 250,000 new customers each month, ClickandBuy is one of the most established payment systems around. Our partners can also tap into our customer community through our high-quality, global marketing.
  6. 6. intelligent under the supervision personal account fraud server of the Financial Services advisor family account Authority (FSA) data security connection to scoring systems and credit rating agencies authorised e-Money institution WE redundancy systems marketing tools McAfee-certified TÜV seal of quality HANDLE THE more than over 13 million users ONLINE 16,000 merchants a leading online-payment service PAYMENT. dedicated ClickandBuy administrative portal reminder and collection services fraud prevention global access to 50 payment methods compatibility with local markets proven in over shop systems 30 countries
  7. 7. WE ARE THE PARTNER THAT MAKES EVERYTHING SIMPLE. At ClickandBuy simplicity means one thing: getting a full-service package that covers sor to help with any technical or commercial issues you may encounter, ensuring that all your needs. Inclusive of 50 leading local and international payment methods and you get the best possible solution for your needs. With ClickandBuy you simplify all a marketing starter set, you are fully equipped to sell merchandise and services of all the processes within your company – with no need for software or additional man- types – anywhere around the globe. Configure your own individual package from a power. What’s more, you offer your customers added flexibility for their purchases. range of services tailored to your specific needs. You will be allocated a personal advi- Joining the ClickandBuy community means significantly increasing your sales. Frank Kollack Customer Care Denis Worm Sales Controlling Aurélie Deger Sales Christian Karen Fischer von Hammel-Bonten Finance Product Management
  8. 8. BOTH YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BENEFIT. From payment systems to marketing tools, we offer you a one-stop source of top solutions. payment in every currency easy marketing integration starter set merchants streamlined processes purchasing made simple customers over 50 reminder payment and collection methods services fraud prevention
  10. 10. YOUR SECURITY.
  11. 11. CERTIFIED SECURITY, TRUSTED THE WORLD OVER. ClickandBuy is approved as an internet payment system by the European Union. As such, we are subject to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) which supervises all UK transactions. Receiving a licence from this body testifies to the supreme quality and security of our services. Organisations offering electronic financial services need to satisfy an array of particularly demanding FSA regulations, including rigorous requirements concerning their liquidity and capital. Moreover, your security has always been our number one concern. For this reason, complying with ad- ditional international standards and actively seeking the relevant – optional – certifications have always been key goals. ClickandBuy services conform to the first-ever ISO standard regulating electronic trading. They are also sanctioned by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), the country’s principal testing and standards agency. Furthermore, ClickandBuy is the only electronic payment system world- wide to be certified by McAfee. Authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to operate as e-Money institution.
  12. 12. SUPREME PROTECTION WE ALWAYS KEEP TAP THE EXPERIENCE GAINED THANKS TO OUTSTANDING A CLOSE EYE ON FROM TRANSACTIONS WORTH SECURITY. YOUR CUSTOMERS. OVER ONE BILLION EUROS. The utmost care is taken in keeping your data – and that Prevention is the best cure – that’s our philosophy at In the 10 years since ClickandBuy launched operations, we of your customers – safe and secure. To achieve this, we ClickandBuy when it comes to risk management. Based on have not only assembled an impressive portfolio of part- utilise state-of-the-art technology to give our systems the years of close cooperation with major international partners, ners; we have also continuously optimised our risk and fraud maximum protection from attacks and downtime. Our com- we have developed one of the world’s leading anti-fraud sys- management processes. Today over 16,000 partners from puter centre, for example, contains a special secured server tems. This system guarantees that all users are individually a multitude of sectors have placed their trust in us – and and several redundant systems on which all data is mirrored classified according to their risk potential. At all times – both perform transactions totalling more than one billion eu- at all times. The system is simultaneously subject to 24/7 before and during the purchasing process. However, our top ros a year. Each of them benefits from direct access to our monitoring by our network specialists to defend its integrity priority is to minimise the percentage of aborted purchases 13 million-strong customer community worldwide and our against potential hackers. All of your data is transferred using and thus keep your sales at a maximum. For higher-priced expertise in local markets, helping them to expand their busi- SSL encryption, keeping it safe from prying eyes. merchandise and services we offer a special option: We han- ness and operations rapidly. dle the risk management for your transactions and adjust the security tools to your specific needs. For example, by chang- ing restriction levels or offering individualised phone support and supervision for your customers. At all times, the anti- fraud technology remains hidden in the background, invisible to customers. We would be happy to discuss your ideal solu- tion with you personally. “We not only comply with security standards. We set them.”
  14. 14. CUSTOM CHARGING MODULES – TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS. Irrespective of what merchandise or services you are selling, at ClickandBuy you can be sure of a so- lution that meets your requirements. This will make purchasing more convenient for your customers and – in doing so – increase your sales. Simply choose the most appropriate option from our four dif- ferent modules: CLICKANDBUY TRANSACTION. CLICKANDBUY SUBSCRIPTION. Transactions are the most common form of online payment. With this model, With subscriptions, payment occurs at regular, predefined intervals. Depend- the customers are directed to ClickandBuy with their shopping basket – for ing on the product involved, this may be every week, every month or every each order they place. Once customers have registered or logged in, we offer quarter. Subscriptions are exceptionally versatile. For example, they can be them one or more payment methods. The alternatives provided will hinge on used for special promotions that are automatically extended. ClickandBuy multiple factors, including the contents of the shopping basket and your own handles the management of the subscription and triggers the corresponding and your customer’s risk profile. That way, you enjoy maximum security and payments on your behalf – it couldn’t be easier. And, needless to say, you can your customer maximum convenience. Once the purchase has been confirmed, review the status of the payments and subscriptions at all times. ClickandBuy notifies you, enabling you to monitor all outstanding payments in the administrative portal. CLICKANDBUY BILLING AGREEMENT. CLICKANDBUY PERIOD-BASED CHARGING. ClickandBuy billing agreements are ideal if individual customers purchase This module was developed specifically for digital products. You only grant merchandise from you on a regular basis. With this model, they do not customers access to a product once payment has been received, after which have to complete the entire payment process for each order; rather they you set a flexible time frame for them to download it. In this way, you can simply grant authorisation once – enabling them to buy music, videos and make digital products – graphics, videos, archives, text and audio files – other products or services as often as they want, bypassing all the for- available only to paying customers. The invoices are processed securely and malities. This user-friendly module increases the likelihood of purchases – in real time, worldwide. a particularly convenient solution for customers with cellphones.
  16. 16. LEAN SYSTEMS YOU CAN ADDRESS OVER MEAN FAST 13 MILLION CUSTOMERS INTEGRATION. PERSONALLY VIA CLICKANDBUY. ClickandBuy is the versatile payment system for companies ClickandBuy will give you access to our 13 million customers, of all sizes. Whether you are a top global player or a village enabling you to benefit from our brand’s good reputation and startup from Scotland, we can offer you the right solution and presence. You can incorporate your marketing into our cus- find ways to keep your processes as simple as possible. Part- tomer communications in numerous ways. The options range nering with ClickandBuy involves no investment in hardware, from co-branding and special discount promotions through to software or additional manpower. The technical integration online, print and PR campaigns. is almost effortless because ClickandBuy is compatible with all major shopping systems and programming languages. Ex- perts from our Commerce, Technology and Marketing units will be pleased to discuss coordination with you. EVERY ACTIVITY AT A GLANCE – EVERY ACTION AT A CLICK. It’s our goal to offer a payment system that gives you full information on outstanding orders at all times. In doing this, you run less risk of non-payment, and boost your efficiency and profitability. We offer you a convenient administrative portal with transparent, real-time monitoring and a compre- hensive range of reporting tools. The portal features a control function for incoming payments, a status check for all trans- actions, and even displays detailed statistics on the socio- demographic composition of your customer base.
  18. 18. OVER 50 DIFFERENT PAYMENT METHODS PAY IN THE WORLD’S OPEN THE DOORS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. CURRENCIES. Across the globe ClickandBuy supports a spectrum of diverse payment methods – From the American dollar to the Polish zloty, your customers can use the cur- ranging from local favourites to the universally recognised. As a result, you can rency and payment method of their choice. This builds confidence and increases always offer customers their preferred method. The methods available around the the likelihood that they will conclude purchases. The various ClickandBuy systems world include: direct debit, immediate and regular bank transfers, Giropay, Visa, are interconnected via unique network technology. This “roaming” function allows Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and eWallet. you to reach a broad target group and therefore boost your sales potential in new markets. Whether you want to sell merchandise, services or content, we can always offer the ideal payment systems – adjusted to reflect the conditions and preferences in To sell your product in a specific currency, you only need to activate the currency any given country. No additional agreements with banks or service providers are in your administrative portal. Thanks to the system’s multilingual capabilities, you needed; nor are any additional interfaces. Moreover, we ensure compliance with all can offer your product in every single country with just a few clicks of the mouse. international requirements when processing payments. This array of different options reduces inhibitions among customers, allowing you to gain the trust of people in different countries without having to worry about local legislation and practices. SIMPLE TO REGISTER, SIMPLE TO USE. Many shoppers are reluctant to disclose personal details on the Internet with many shying away from complicated registration processes. To help address these customers the ClickandBuy system offers a streamlined process for selected pay- ment methods. With these, full registration is not required for single purchases. However, if customers return to shop again, we draw their attention to the benefits of registering. To cover the preferences of all customers, we recommend offering both of these registration processes at the same time.
  20. 20. + 150 % YOU GET ACCESS SIMPLER YOU’LL TANGIBLE TO 13 MILLION PROCESSES = IMPROVE YOUR SUCCESS: CLICKANDBUY MORE COMPANY’S SIGNIFICANTLY CUSTOMERS. PURCHASES. CASH FLOW. HIGHER TURNOVER. As our partner, you are given access Current studies show that the propor- Above all in the retail sector payment According to a study by the University to a professional online marketing tion of customers aborting purchases deadlines of 30 days are commonplace. of Cologne, using ClickandBuy boosts package that will help you tap into our drops significantly if an online service With ClickandBuy, you see your money sales by up to 150 % – no competitor continuously expanding community of like ClickandBuy simplifies payment. in no time. can beat this! over 13 million customers.
  21. 21. 16,000 ORGANISATIONS OF ALL TYPES AND SIZES GAIN FROM OUR SERVICES. From BonPrix to iTunes and Germany’s top consumer magazine “Stiftung Warentest” – ment system, its simple interface, and its fast-growing international customer com- ClickandBuy provides services to well-known, international brands, medium-sized munity. Choosing ClickandBuy has proved a particular boon for companies specialising companies and (as yet) little-known online shops. Each of these appreciates our pay- in retail, gaming, content and services.
  22. 22. OUR HISTORY AT A GLANCE. ClickandBuy is one of the leading payment systems on the Internet. Originally es- tablished in 1999 in Cologne, Germany, we are now a British-based company with our head offices in London. As an international full-service provider for electronic payments and billing, we can look back on a unique success story. Every year has seen us register renewed growth. Today we work with global brands such as iTunes, McAfee, Orange, AOL and Parship, and major German names like T-Online,, SPIEGEL ONLINE, Autoscout 24, Redcoon and Stiftung Warentest. In 2009 ClickandBuy is posting a major landmark, as its total annual transactions exceed one billion euros for the first time. Current consumer trends give cause for further optimism. The rising volume of purchases made by smartphone indicates an additional source of growth in the years ahead. Since December 2008 Charles Fränkl has been CEO of the company which is regu- lated by the British Financial Services Authority (FSA). As an Internet payment service we offer 50 local and international payment methods in over 120 currencies to our customers around the world. 2000 2010
  23. 23. A BRIEF GLANCE AT OUR R&D UNIT. The success posted by ClickandBuy is powered by products that meet the needs of vendors and shoppers alike. So we’ll be continuously expanding and refining our services – keeping your customers’ lives simple and enabling you to tap more and more market potential. PERSON-TO-PERSON PAYMENT. SHOPPING AIRBAG. Direct money transfers between customers will be possible in ClickandBuy users can stipulate a spending limit for a the future – without the use of their own bank accounts. monthly period. FAMILY ACCOUNT. CREDIT CARD. Customers with a family can specify a spending limit and Customers will be able to use their ClickandBuy balance to block access to content not suitable for minors. pay by credit card when they are on the road.
  24. 24. MAY WE INTRODUCE OURSELVES? DR CHRISTOPH CHARLES FRäNKL KURPINSKI Appointed on 1 December 2008, Charles Since 1 May 2009, Dr Christoph Fränkl is CEO of the ClickandBuy Group. Kurpinksi has been CTO of the Clickand- Buy Group and CEO of CBS GmbH. Prior to this Fränkl had been CEO of AOL Deutschland and of Vodafone Informa- Thanks to his experience in a range of tion Systems, and Director of the Corpo- management positions in the communi- rate Customer Division at the cellphone cation and information technology sec- provider E-Plus. Previously, he had tor, Dr Kurpinski has exactly the profes- established and headed the Data and sional background that the ClickandBuy Multimedia Products Divisions at the Group needs for this period of increased communications company Swisscom. expansion.
  25. 25. MICHAEL GRODD FRANK BRINKER As CMO Michael Grodd has been Frank Brinker is CFO at ClickandBuy. responsible for our Marketing/Sales He is responsible for the Finance, unit since the end of 2008. Controlling and Legal portfolios. In 2006 he was appointed to the Man- Brinker joined the company in 2004 from aging Board of the communications the Nassauische Sparkasse, Germany’s specialist Arcor where he was assigned fourth-largest savings bank. From 1994 responsibility for Sales and Marketing. onwards he assumed positions in the Grodd can also call on his experience as B2B and B2C units, holding the post of the Director of Sales and Marketing at Director of Private Customers in his last Mobilcom. four years there.
  26. 26. CONTACT INFORMATION. SALES@CLICKANDBUY.COM ClickandBuy International Limited Lincoln House 137–143 Hammersmith Road London W14 0QL England Phone UK: +44 203 3180734 Phone GER: +49 221 17738-700
  27. 27. ClickandBuy International Limited