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Microtech Systems, security system integrator.

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Microtech Systems

  1. 1. ABOUT US Microtech Systems, LLC is a turnkey provider of integrated electronic security systems for commercial and government clients. Since our creation in 2002, we have raised the bar on service throughout the Washington Metro Area as it applies to security systems integration. By offering better value and more responsive service, large well-known firms and government agencies are our customers. We have more than 25 years of experience as a security systems integrator within our senior management. Our business philosophy is driven by a commitment of taking care of our clients, which has been the reason for our current and continued success.
  2. 2. Mission Microtech Systems is a security systems integrator committed to enhancing our client’s security profile by providing reliable and cost effective electronic security systems that may save a life, protect property and enhance our national security Vision To continuously improve levels of service to become an industry leader in client partnering, customer satisfaction and security system performance. To establish new and improved industry standards while providing a productive working environment that encourages our employees to excel and be innovative .
  3. 3. SERVICES Micro Tech Systems provides customized solutions using commercially available off-the-shelf products to meet your specific needs. • Installation – Advance systems certified technicians – HSPD12, UL2050 compliant – Project management • Service and Maintenance Contracts – Reliable (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) – Quick response time – Software support and diagnostics • Engineering – Drafting – Design
  4. 4. PRODUCTS Some of the technologies that we integrate into security systems include: Closed Circuit Television Access Control Intrusion Detection Command and Control Intercoms Consoles
  5. 5. CLOSED CIRCUITTELEVISION CCTV is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities. CCTV systems typically involve a fixed (or quot;dedicatedquot;) communications link between cameras and monitors. CCTV systems allow management to view and record high-risk areas to deter theft, control inventory, increase productivity and deter fraudulent insurance claims. CCTV allows remote monitoring of parking lots and building exteriors to improve employee safety.
  6. 6. ACCESS CONTROL Access control systems allow building access to authorized users, without the hassle of lost keys and lock replacement. Reports may be generated to track employee attendance and movements within a facility. • • Alarm IP reader • • Access badge Magnetic stripe card • • Alarm management Proximity card • • Biometrics access card Photo Id • • Credential Smart card • • Door security Swipe card • • Id card Key cards
  7. 7. INTRUSION DETECTION An intrusion detection system can detect unauthorized access that can compromise security. • Residential/Commercial Alarm Monitoring • Fire 24/7 Monitoring
  8. 8. INTERCOMS • Building Entry Systems Commercial/Residential • Parking Garages • Emergency Call Box
  9. 9. PERIMETER PROTECTION Electro-Fence • Visual & physical intruder deterrent • Shock, voltage & short circuit monitoring Solar beam Tower • Cut & climb monitoring • Wireless Transmission • Controller continuous monitoring • CCTV • Interfaces with standard security equipment • Photo Beams • Out door PIR
  10. 10. GPS • Satellite tracking on line of transported goods. • Control of the hired fleet. • Delivery times optimization. • Provide constant information about the events of their orders to the final customer. • Reduction on time and mistakes in the transportation reports. • Tracking of employees and orders in delivery tasks. • Cost decrease. • Geo fence. • Web Access/ Admin.
  11. 11. COMMAND & CONTROL CONSOLES • Guard Monitoring Centers • Mall Security Centers • Emergency Response Centers
  12. 12. CLIENTS Some of our customers include: • Government – Federal • HSPD12, UL2050 compliant – State • Industrial • Commercial • Retail – Point of Sales