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Office 365 vs Google Apps


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Office 365 vs Google Apps

  1. 1. A day in the life of an IT Professional:Microsoft Office 365 versus Google Apps
  2. 2. An IT professional balances researching solutions, building & supporting them, &helping users.Learn what his experience is like working with Office 365 versus Google Apps.
  3. 3. Assess services, security and compliance Microsoft Office 365 Google AppsChooses cloud, hybrid, or onsite solution Limited to cloud-only solutionView site View reportFinds Microsoft to be 1st, major cloud provider with Service carries neither ISO 27001 nor EUISO 27001, EU Model Clauses, and HIPPA-BAA Model Clauses distinction. No HIPPA-BAAView report compliance for the Healthcare industryRecognises service’s privacy, transparency & LA city officials said Google “does not havesecurity practices the technical ability to comply with the city’sView site security requirements” View reportSees service uses best practices for 1st factor Limited password complexity & noauthentication, with guidance for 2nd factor expiration controls for 1st factor. HasView report 2-factor authentication, yet end users can opt outSupports data discovery via e-mail archiving, 3rd party solution required for Google DocseDiscovery search, retention policies & archiving & eDiscoveryoptional legal hold Hear from customerWatch video
  4. 4. Perform operational activities Microsoft Office 365 Google AppsWorks with his customised dashboard Has generic dashboard for both consumersView report & enterprises View dashboardUses granular, administrative access Rights beyond Admin or User require 3rdView report party software which may have no SLAPlans for new features easily with the Frequently removes or adds features,service’s clear road map with little warning View report
  5. 5. Develop business solutions Microsoft Office 365 Google AppsUses no-code workflows in creating Includes no workflows. -- Purchases throughstrategic, business solutions 3rd party, or develop code in-houseView report View reportHear from customerLinks to corporate data through Business Difficult to pull in corporate data withoutConnectivity Services custom developmentView report
  6. 6. Support users Microsoft Office 365 Google AppsReduces support needs with familiar tools Spends considerable time training users Hear from customerKnows that access is easy for all Authority cites major accessibility issuesView report View reportReceives dependable support Customers cite lack of supportfrom Microsoft & partners View reportHear from customer
  7. 7. Work from anywhere Microsoft Office 365 Google AppsAccesses any email online or offline Offline viewing requires Chrome browser View reportLocates shared documents offline Limited offline Gmail access and Googlewith SharePoint Workspace Docs editing capabilities. Cannot openWatch demo presentations, images, or PDF files offline View report
  8. 8. Organisations deploying Office 365 save up to50% in IT-related expenses.With this secure & easily supported service, ITactivities are more strategic.