Architecting solutions connecting to lob applications


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Architecting solutions connecting to lob applications

  1. 1. Architecting solutions connecting to LOB applicationsPresented by: Hosted by: Vikram Rajkondawar Architect AdvisorAshvini Shahane (Head Strategic Service Unit - Synergetics) Microsoft Corporation
  2. 2. Discussion Points• Need for connecting to External LOB systems• Business Connectivity Services• Building Composite solutions with BCS – OOB No Code solutions – Intermediate Declarative Solutions – Advanced Code Based Solutions
  3. 3. Challenges With Back End Data
  4. 4. Challenges With Back End Data
  5. 5. BDC 2007 - Connect to Business Data• Connect SharePoint to any business application or structured database• SharePoint Provides: – Business Data in Search • Crawl back-end systems like ERP, CRM, Custom Databases, SAP, Siebel, etc – Business Data Web Parts • Display back-end data – Business Data in Lists • Add business data as list columns and as document metadata – Business Data in User Profiles • Add business data as properties in User Profiles
  6. 6. BDC 2007 - Connect to Business Data User CustomWeb Parts Lists Search Search Profiles Apps List Profile Columns Index Store Business Data Catalog Metadata WS Proxy ADO.NET Web Database Service BizTalk, SAP, Siebel, Legacy, … SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC
  7. 7. Business Data Catalog – SummaryConnect to Business DataBuild Business Application with No-CodeCollaborate around Business DataSearch Business Data – Index and Query Business Data Catalog Business Data Web Parts Business Data Columns Business Data Search
  8. 8. Feedback on 2007 BDC• Read/Write – Read is nice… Write back would be even more powerful• Tooling Support – Need an easier way to create, debug and maintain appdef XML files• I wish it was baked into the Platform• Wouldn’t it be nice to use offline?
  9. 9. Investment Areas
  10. 10. A bit of Terminology…• Business Connectivity Services – All up• Business Data Connectivity (BDC) – plumbing, runtime, connectivity• External System – back ends• External Content Type (ECT) - a building block, entity++• Model – XML file• External List – newest type of SP list
  11. 11. Business Connectivity Services Office ApplicationsDesign SharePoint Tools
  12. 12. External Content Types Describes the schema and data access capabilities of an external data source and its behavior within Office and SharePoint *formerly known as BDC Entity (Web Service, DB, .Net object, LOB system, Web 2.0 service, etc.) BCS-enabled solutions rely on ECTs to integrate external data into SharePoint and the Office client applications
  13. 13. External Content Type (ECT)• Superset of entity capabilities; describes: – Structure of the external system (Fields, Methods, Connection) – How this data behaves within SharePoint and Office• Manage and reuse from a central location• Added to the Business Data Connectivity service through: – SharePoint Designer – Visual Studio 2010 – Import into the Business Data Connectivity service as part of a model
  14. 14. External Content Type External Content Type Customer CustomerID FirstName LastName EmailAddress External data
  16. 16. Presentation • Expose external data as a native SharePoint list – Full CRUD capability – Familiar UI and navigation – Sort, Filter, Group – Programmatic access via SPList OM – Profile page available for each item in the list – Form • Auto-generated OOB • Upsize to InfoPath – Offline-able
  17. 17. Presentation • Connect to Outlook as – Contacts – Tasks – Calendars – Posts
  18. 18. Presentation• External Data Columns – Add data from external content types to standard SharePoint lists – Can be made available as Content Controls in Word• Web Parts Scenario: Use for Dashboard pages – External Data List – External Data Item – External Data Item Builder – External Data Related List – External Data Connectivity Filter – Chart Web Part• External Data Search – Integrate External Data into search results
  19. 19. DEMO
  20. 20. SCENARIO
  21. 21. Contoso Sales SolutionOffice Client External Systems SharePoint Server
  22. 22. Solution OverviewBring Customer data into SharePoint and Outlook • External Content Type • External List • Outlook integrationConnect Product data from SharePoint to SharePoint Workspace • External List • InfoPath Forms • SharePoint Workspace integrationCreate a Sales Quote document in Word • External Data Column • Word Content Controls
  24. 24. Connectivity External data
  25. 25. Connectivity• Business Data Connectivity enhancements – Read/write capability – Claims aware – Connect via ADO/SQL, WCF/WS, .Net Assembly and Custom Connectors – Batch and bulk operation support• BDC used for Search indexing connectors – Added blob, incremental crawl and item level Security• Symmetrical server and client runtimes – Connect from client or server directly to external data• Rich client cache – SQL CE database is used to cache external data – Allows for “cached mode” behavior on external data
  27. 27. Tooling• Discover – Database – Web services – .NET type• Map operations – Create, read, update, delete, lookup• Connect to SharePoint/Office – External List – Contact – Task – Appointment – Post
  28. 28. Tooling
  29. 29. Baked into the Platform…Secure Store External Data Rich Client BDC Client Service Search Extensions Runtime External Data Profile Pages Web Parts External List External Data Column Business Data Connectivity Service
  30. 30. Solution Types, Tools and Roles NO CODE* CODEPower User Developer Advanced Developer
  31. 31. Solution Types, Tools and Roles• Surface data in External Lists• Connect those lists to Outlook, SPW • Create reusable components (UI parts, ECTs, actions) Simple Intermediate Advanced NO CODE* CODEPower User Developer Advanced Developer
  32. 32. Solution Types, Tools and Roles • Customize • InfoPath forms• Surface data in External • Outlook taskpane and Lists ribbon • Word (QuickParts)• Connect those lists to • Workflow Outlook, SPW • Web Part Pages • Create reusable components (UI parts, ECTs, actions) Simple Intermediate Advanced NO CODE* CODE SharePoint SharePoint Designer SDKPower User Developer Advanced Developer
  33. 33. SharePoint Designer and Visual StudioCapability / Tool SharePoint Designer 2010 Visual Studio 2010Connect to Existing WCF, Sql Server, .Net Any data source by creating .Net Assemblies AssemblyModeling Approach Discover and Configure Create and PublishTarget Scenarios Author “simple” models with OOB UX - Author complex models with custom (External Lists, Outlook, SharePoint connectivity logic for aggregation, Workspace, InfoPath, Search, simple transformation, security, etc. FK-based associations) - Author custom UX via VSTO customizations - Author reusable rich and thin UI parts (WebParts) that connect to External Data
  35. 35. Customer Data Aggregation Scenario SharePoint Server Data Aggregation .Net Data Service (REST) Sql Database
  36. 36. Data Aggregation ScenarioSharePoint Server Office Client Connect to Outlook BCS External Data Cache Customers Data Aggregation
  37. 37. Rich/Thin Solutions Packaging and Deployment Office Client Deploy and Update SharePoint Include in WSP Server Thin ClientComponents WSP Package Import
  38. 38. Why the Business Connectivity Services? Integrate other systems with SharePoint sites • Reporting dashboards • Line of business applications Integrate BCS data into hybrid Windows Forms Applications Search for data in other systems via the SharePoint Search service Save the time, cost, and monotony of writing yet another data layer!
  39. 39. SharePoint Composites Pervasive external data with Business Connectivity Services My Artists Artist Tracker > Artists Contracts Artist Name Address City State Artist Artist Name: Mandible Deathrattle Artists Concourse Jay Hamlin Trio Down on the Bayou Andrew Datars Quartet Agent: Concourse Stuck in the Mud Jay Hamlin Trio Tastes like chicken Down on the Bayou Mandible Concourse
  40. 40. QUESTIONS?