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Test Presentation

  1. 1. Rocol Ltd.December 2011
  2. 2. About UsThank you for your interest in Micrositez®. Micrositez® is a • Strictly Ethical White Hat SEOglobal Digital Marketing Agency with headquarters in Glasgow’sDigital Media Quarter and offices in Florida and Dubai. • Proven Top 10 Organic SEO ResultsEstablished in 2004 we have grown year on year to become one • Complete SEO Work Transparencyof the UKs acknowledged leaders in digital marketing. Withunrivalled results and customer satisfaction, Micrositez® achieves • Bespoke Online 24/7 Client Rankingtop organic search rankings for even the toughest key phrases. • Our Prices are Highly CompetitiveWe are headquartered at Pacific Quay (next to BBC Scotland) in • Indemnity Insurance up to £1,000,000Glasgows prestigious Digital Media Quarter, where we have a fullcomplement of professional staff including; SEO and Web • Established UK CompanyTechnicians, New Business Advisors, Client Liaison Managers, in- • Under Promise and Over Deliverhouse programmers and SEO consultants. Awarded Investors inPeople earlier this year has shown our level commitment to not • No Bad Pressonly our staff but also our clients. Also a member of theEconsultancy Digital Marketers United™We also boast one of the largest managed link building teams inthe industry. Strict quality control combined with 100% ethicalSEO ensures you can be sure of the very best results when youchoose Micrositez® as your SEO partner.
  3. 3. Our ClientsOur clients range from small startups businesses to blue chips A small selection of our clientsand multi-nationals corporations. Our client list includes theglobal MNC SmartMatic who were selected by the UnitedNations to provide the Electronic Voting Systems for Africa;and Lindy the worlds leading audio & video connectionssupplier. Other clients of note include the global Christiancharity TearFund, one of the UK’s leading banks OceanFinance, the National Health Service and AstraZeneca who areone of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.Our combined knowledge and unique systematic approach towebsite optimisation allows us to achieve top Google rankingsfor even the toughest phrases... some of the terms we haveachieved Top 10 Google rankings for include "Advertising", "OilJobs", "Conveyancing", "Soundproofing", "FreeMovies", "Rugs", "Pregnancy" and "Contract Hire" to mention afew... these are high volume terms which bring lucrative searchtraffic to our customers’ websites 24/7.
  4. 4. Testimonials“Micrositez are hands down the best SEO Company I’ve ever worked with. Most SEO companies promisethe earth and then fail to deliver. Micrositez are the complete opposite – they consistently deliver resultsahead of schedule and they always provide knowledgeable and friendly advice. Since working withMicrositez our rankings have significantly improved, most of our key terms like FireWire Cable, GuitarCable, HDMI Cable, HDMI Extender, USB Cable and VGA Cable are on the first page in Google withmany in the top 3 positions. Because of this, I have no hesitation in recommending Micrositez to anycompany that wants to improve their search engine ranking.”Michael O’Connor – Marketing Manager www.lindy.co.uk“Micrositez are quite simply the best SEO Company I have ever come across. I had been let down byseveral very high profile companies in the past who were good at making promises and charging heftyfees but not so hot at delivering on their promises. However my experience with Micrositez has been thediametric opposite of this in that they were very realistic in terms of what could be achieved and in whattime frame. They took time to explain the process to me in as much detail as I wanted, (I wanted a lot ofdetail) and they were true to their word. I can’t recommend Micrositez highly enough and I truly believethat anyone serious about propelling their business to the next level should have a long chat with theseguys. Micrositez does exactly what it says on the tin.”Dr Attiq Rahman (BDS) www.visage-health.com