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C mount adapters for microscope-mshot


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1x/ 0.5x/ 0.63x C-mount for microscope

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C mount adapters for microscope-mshot

  1. 1. . _ _ TM l"'l‘| ‘|FliE)§¥i‘6EE. f§7l<€|3E"fi / kflcnosczyoe C7vfl0L07f,46&%0fi9flS IE5I1"@§i TfiEEZEfiE£fiEE§j&ffiE Our C-mount adapters are designed by innovative craft to effective avoid the chromatic aberration, field curvature, distortion and other image quality problems. They can meet your demand for high-quality microscope images. C-mount Adapters Microscope C-mount adapter is the necessary connector of 8 the microscope and digital cameras, it not only plays the role of connector, but have a import effect to microscopy imaging 0-35X 0-63X performance. Since optical imaging is a very complex process, the adapter is very important to transmittance, dispersion, fl balance, intensity of light, also the image correction and ’ compensation. T Except the common C-mount adapter in 1X, sometimes 0.5X microscope imaging require it in 0.5X or 0.63X. Because common camera sensor size is generally 1/3 " and 1/2 so the eyepiece field of view is relatively small. This also led to a relatively small area when take using 1X adapter to 1XC capture image. To solve this problem, we recommend you to use a C- mount adapter in 0.5X or 0.63X C. By that, the camera C-mount adapters for Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss acquisition field of view expanded, so captured image is close to the real time image through eyepiece. M iCr0SCOpe lm ag ng a pie r By microscope imaging adapters, you can make a variety of . W: well-known brands of digital cameras and imaging systems, to easily connect to a microscope to get a high—resolution imaging under bright field, dark field, phase difference, polarized, DIC, fluorescence, etc. Applications: Digital camera and DSLR camera adapters for Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Sony digital cameras. CCD camera adapter suitable for all types of camera systems, can be connected to almost all famous brands microscope. Through a variety of TVO.5X, TV1XC adapters, the camera can be connected directly to a variety of microscopes in trinocular or binocular. In addition, we can also have a digital camera lens assembly via C-mount adapter with the microscope, which can put a variety of brand digital camera attached to the microscope, having the microscope imaging function. Suitable digital cameras 2 Canon: EOS1DX/6D/40D/50D/60D/70D/100D/550D/600D/ 700D/1100D Series Powershot G1x/ g16/g15 Series Olympus : Om-d E-m5/E—m1/ Series E-5/E620/E-520 Series Sony : A7/A33/A35/A55/A65V/ A77V/ SLT—A99/A580 Nikon: D38/D3X/ D4/D600/D610/D300/D7000/D7100 COOLPIX P7100/ P7800/P520/P7700 TEL: 86—20—3826248l 400-880-1910 WEBSITE : www. m—shot. com MSHOT/22