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What is a CMMS?


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A simple overview of what a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is.

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What is a CMMS?

  1. 1. What is aCMMS? | 888.888.1600
  2. 2. CMMS DefinitionA CMMS is computer software designed tosimplify maintenance management.CMMS stands for Computerized MaintenanceManagement System (or Software) and issometimes referred to as Enterprise AssetManagement (EAM). | 888.888.1600
  3. 3. To better understand what a CMMS is, we will break the term down into eachindividual component. | 888.888.1600
  4. 4. Computerized | 888.888.1600
  5. 5. ComputerizedComputerized refers to the fact that with aCMMS, your maintenance data is stored on acomputer. | 888.888.1600
  6. 6. Maintenance | 888.888.1600
  7. 7. MaintenanceMaintenance is what users of CMMS softwaredo every day, whether it’s responding to anon-demand work order for a broken windowor performing routine inspection on agenerator. | 888.888.1600
  8. 8. Management | 888.888.1600
  9. 9. ManagementManaging maintenance is the most essentialrole of a CMMS solution. Maintenancemanagement software is designed to giveusers immediate insight into the state of hisor her maintenance needs withcomprehensive work order schedules,accurate inventory forecasts, and instantaccess to hundreds of invaluable reports. | 888.888.1600
  10. 10. System | 888.888.1600
  11. 11. SystemA system can be thought of as the overallcombination of features and capabilitieswithin a CMMS. Different CMMS solutionsoffer different types of systems. The bestCMMS system is one that allows users toaccomplish his or her existing maintenancepractices more effectively while introducingtime-saving features that lead to a reductionof costs and a savings of time. | 888.888.1600