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Microdasys XSG XML Security Gateway

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Microdasys completes your Internet security solution through total visibility into your web content and data origin and uncovers all threats hidden by SSL and XML encryption. WHY MICRODASYSSource: Internet Security through complete YOURCOMPANYY visibility into web content and data origin
  2. 2. Cloud Computing, by design, mandatesSSL encryption for confidentiality and XML encoding for API communication and conformity. Cloud computing therefore leads to “Always-On SSL” and pervasive XML encoded data exchange.This data is invisible to your network defense and data loss prevention systems.
  3. 3. “SOAP goes through firewalls like a “Payload and Content threats use XML as a knife through Butter” carrier for malicious code and content. As with every technology evolution and revolution new and continuously evolving threats abound. These threats equally target our systems, data, and users.” Tim Bray, Editor of the XML Specification Steve Orrin, Director of Security, Intel Corp. Expert Talk“Feeds, when consumed directly by client sideapplications can be dangerous. “XML based feed content (RSS/ATOM)XMLHttp and XMLHttpRequest APIs can be used is susceptible to traditional attacks such asto perform port scanning, make network calls and Code/SQL/LDAP injection, OS commanding,other IO operations as a privileged user. Buffer Overflow and content spoofing.”As feeds are consumed programmatically, withthe above kind of threats, zero-day attacks can belaunched.” Shivaram H. Mysore W3C XML Security Specs Working Group.
  4. 4. 6,000 APIs: It’s Business, It’s Social and It’s Happening Quickly“The last 1,000 APIs in our directory were addedin the shortest time ever. It was just over three months agothat we reached the 5,000 API milestone.” May 2012
  5. 5. REST, SOAP, XML and ATOM/RSS Dominate Web APIsSource:
  6. 6. Company Issued or BYOD – Mobile Devices Invade Corporate Networks And with them more than half of a million Apps
  7. 7. There’s An App For That…………! Mobile
  8. 8. Web Services Managed Through XSG Block or Allow specific functions of any Web Service
  9. 9. Microsoft SkyDrive iPhone App – Managed Through XSG Login to Sky Drive blocked by XSG
  10. 10. US Navy iPhone App – RSS Feed Managed Through XSGRSS Feedconsumption inNavy Appblocked by XSG
  11. 11. Summary XSG protects mobile devices, desktops and networks through:• Automatic Detection, Analysis and Central Management of Web Services• Decoding of XML data for inspection by Content Security Devices• Block / Allow of specific functions of a Web Service (i.e. “Download”)• Automatic Detection and Central Management of RSS/Atom web feeds• Decoding of RSS/Atom enclosures for content inspection See for more information and a free 30 day trial version