The Astrological Child


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Angharad Reese discusses your childs character and personal qualities as defined by their Astrology Profile.

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The Astrological Child

  1. 1. What Astrology Can Teach You About Your Child Your Child’s Character and Personality From Their ZodiacSign Copyright 2012/13 Angharad Reese Published by Angharad Reese
  3. 3. Disclaimer This product is supplied for information purposes only and, as experienced in this subject matter as the contributors is; the material herein does not constitute professional advice. The information presented herein represents the view of the contributor as of the date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the contributors reserve the right to alter and update their opinion based on the new conditions. This eBook is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher and the contributor are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice. The contributor does not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the business decisions made by readers of this eBook. Any perceived slights of specific people, products, services or organizations are completely unintentional.
  4. 4. About the Author I was born in a small village in a remote part of west Wales. I have always lived near the sea and this is still true today. I live a simple life and am dedicated to my work. One of the inspirations for my work comes from my parents. My father was a Druid and an astronomer and my mother was a Celtic astrologer. I am equally well versed in the 13 month lunar based calendar( which my parents used) as I am in the solar calendar. I have chosen the solar calendar because I believe it is more accessible for the majority of people, though my intuitive art is based very much on early influences from both of my parents. The Celts and the Druids both had strong oral traditions. All their mysticism and secrets were passed down through generations by word of mouth. The Druids have few written records which describe their mathematics or techniques aside from Oghams-glyphs which are notoriously difficult to translate. The Celts devised multiple systems of organic classification and I believe their genius lay in their ability to observe the motions of the earth and its connection to her inhabitants as well as to her place in the cosmos. The Celtic meaning behind each personality type is born from an understanding of the interconnected nature of all things. A person born under the dominance of a certain season, animal or vegetation indicates a partnership between that person and his/her phase of entrance into the natural world. I believe that my predictions are uniquely individual because of the early influences from my parents.
  5. 5. My Philosophy In my view, astrology is an art form as well as a science. It’s true that the calculation of an astrological chart is based on mathematical data and astronomical facts. However, when I add the extra dimensions of sensitive interpretation and intuitive perceptions (based on my intimate knowledge of Celtic/ Druidic astrology and astronomy) to science based findings, this is where the art and the science meet. Although a detailed birth-chart can’t reveal the finer nuances of character, what it can indicate are marked inclinations towards or against drug addiction, for example, promiscuity, frigidity, homosexuality, multiple marriages neuroses, hidden talents, career and financial potential. It can also show tendencies towards honesty or dishonesty, cruelty, violence, fears, phobias as well as psychic ability plus many other strengths and weakness. By learning your child’s solar sign you can increase both you patience and understanding of your child. You’ll understand why your bright Gemini child is prone to so much fidgeting; you’ll appreciate why your fastidious Virgo child is preoccupied with tidiness and cleanliness. You’ll be better able to tolerate the carelessness and blunt outspokenness of your Sagittarian youngster, and empathise more with the endless arguments put forward by your Libran child. Moreover, you will learn to see beyond the apparent surface rudeness of your Aquarius child as he searches for answers to his many questions. When trying to analyse your child, don’t be fooled if you find the occasional quiet Gemini child, the Aries child with a healthy savings account, and a practical Piscean. If you scratch deeper than the surface, you’ll most likely also discover that the quiet Gemini has a mind that operates at jet lightning speed, the Aries will choose to wear a bright red coat to the bank and talk back to the bank clerk, the practical Piscean will write poetry in secret and in adulthood, probably foster the highest number of orphaned children in the district.
  6. 6. AArriieess CChhiilldd What to Expect The Aries child will be very active from a young age and an early walker. He will be openly affectionate and very generous, yet it is possible to hurt his feelings very easily and then you can expect short bursts of temper. He is naturally competitive and needs goals to aim for. If you want him to excel in his studies (which he is more than capable of doing) then introduce some element of competition. He has a very vivid imagination and is a born leader which makes him very independent at a very young age. On the negative side, your Aries child will be quite demanding and attention seeking. Because he is so active he will be accident prone and probably break a few bones. Don’t forget that despite his tough exterior he is actually very gentle and naive underneath it all and although he will try your patience to the limit, you must not treat him harshly. Young Aries children who are not handled well in childhood can develop a very cruel streak in adulthood. Tip For Parents A very hard lesson for him to learn will be taking responsibility for his own actions. If you can teach him this lesson as a youngster it is not one he will have to repeat later in life. Keep him busy and challenged at all times. The Aries child will need gentle handling with lots of love and affection. Be firm and make fair rules and your Aries child will grow into a fine courageous adult who will make you very proud of all his achievements.
  7. 7. TTaauurruuss CChhiilldd What to Expect The Taurus child will be enormously affectionate and will respond readily to lots of demonstrations of physical love. Taurus children adore being cuddled. The girls are usually very feminine and will love to dress up for parties though some can be tom-boys. The boys will be quite masculine. Both are emotionally stable by nature, well-behaved in company and a credit to you most of the time. They will work well in school, be industrious and methodical in their approach to their lessons, rarely forget to do their homework and on the whole be quite obedient to authority. Teachers are usually full of praise for Taurus children in school. Watch out for an artistic and/or musical side to them which should be encouraged. Taurus children need lots of love. They will enjoy their food and have good appetites. Girls usually become excellent cooks in later life and both sexes show exceptional loyalty to their parents in old age. They have very sensual natures and can be visibly moved by both colour and sound. They love fair play, common sense and good judgement. On the negative side they can be extremely stubborn, especially if you are trying to push them into something they really do not want to do. This can also show itself as sheer pig-headedness. They will physically resist being forced into anything against their will. They hate loud noises and will rebel even more against being shouted at. Do not underestimate their stubborn streak for this can turn from a slight stubbornness into a will of iron.
  8. 8. Tips for Parents Speak gently and logically at all times. Don’t ever threaten. Your Taurus child will find it very hard to resist affection, and will respond best to a grounded, common sense approach. If you can surround your child with visible affection, a cosy, snug, loving home, fill his ears with music and his eyes with beauty, he will bring peace and harmony to your home for many years to come, as well as an unquestioning love and loyalty in later life.
  9. 9. GGeemmiinnii CChhiilldd What to Expect The Gemini child is born with a very high intelligence and will be into everything at an extremely young age. He is highly resistant to any sort of confinement so putting him into a baby-pen should only be done for very short periods; otherwise this could lead to a sort of emotional depression. He needs a variety of toys for stimulation. He is friendly, alert, fidgety and extremely inquisitive, indeed a little precocious. You will probably notice his very quick bird like movements and the fact that he has been born with very fast reflexes. He will love to communicate both verbally and on paper. He will excel in reading from a very young age. His hands will be quite sensitive, expressive and very capable. He will probably love foreign languages since the need to express himself and communicate naturally is very strong. He is easily able to multi-task. On the negative side, he can be a real fidget and a nail biter. He is a born mimic and is very capable of exaggerating the truth simply to make it more exciting and to feed his very vivid imagination. He lacks patience sometimes and can be unwilling to persist until something is thoroughly leaned. This means there is a tendency to skim over knowledge without completely understanding it. He will find punctuality hard because he can be so easily distracted and he will not be a very good listener. Watch your phone bill because he will spend hours on it. He will also amuse you with the sharpness of his wit and may well become a clever satirist when he grows up.
  10. 10. Tips for Parents When raising your Gemini child it is worth remembering how intelligent he is. Your best course of action is to give him as much freedom and mental stimulation as you possibly can. Provide an exciting, stimulating environment for him to learn and grow up in. Read to him and challenge him with new ideas. Respect his abilities to multi-task. If he is a typical Gemini he will never be satisfied with just one pursuit at a time anyway. When he does mature and has his fingers in many pies, you can smile and reflect on his childhood years which were exactly the same. In some ways the Gemini adult differs very little from the Gemini child. They will always keep you on your toes and always keep you young.
  11. 11. CCaanncceerr CChhiilldd What to Expect The Cancer child is full of fears and phobias. He can even have a fit of the blues if it rains too much. This child is extremely impressionable and very strongly influenced by his early home environment. He will retain all his childhood experiences whether good or bad. At times, he will be emotionally needy, prone to mood swings and may become so sad that he will play for hours with an imaginary friend. Some Cancer children are so shy they will not express their inner desires to anyone. Yet, they love to be cuddled and adored. In their teenage years they can be rebellious but generally their discipline is straightforward and they are easily managed. Parents should remember, this sign is destined for leadership, no matter how shy the child. You will find your Cancer child able to weep for hours and really turn on the tears. All that’s required are bucket loads of love, tenderness and sympathy. If this is not forthcoming, your Cancer child will seek solitude later in life and will be in danger of becoming a recluse. He has the potential to grow into a patient and generous human being with fine artistic qualities, but if denied sufficient emotional empathy, may turn out a warped, bitter and twisted, silent, brooding soul. At school the Cancer child will excel in History since he will seldom forget an important date from the past.
  12. 12. Tip for Parents Since the Cancer child can so easily imagine hurts and slights that never existed it’s best to let love find a way. A good old-fashioned spanking, if required, will do the trick along with plenty of hugs and kisses and lots of expressions of affection .I can’t stress the need for an abundance of affection in the early years of life. Happy Cancer children run up enormous food bills but may use food to soothe hurt feelings. Parents should also note that Cancer children like to work for pay. They will be very careful with money and will enjoying saving it up. They may work their way through college to help pay the bills. In grown up times, you can look forward to some good jokes, contagious laughter, tender concern with ill relatives and a gentleness towards animals if cruelly treated .The Cancer child will always return home and treasures from past memories of childhood will be forever locked in their hearts.
  13. 13. LLeeoo CChhiilldd What to Expect The typical Leo child will have a sunny, happy and playful disposition and he will be very jolly, especially when he gets his own way. He is high-spirited and enthusiastic, quite full of himself but inclined to be bossy with other children. However there are two types of Leo children- the extrovert and the quieter more introverted type. In many ways Leo children can be quite difficult simply because they will need gentle but continuous discipline throughout their formative years. He will be prone to temper tantrums if he doesn’t get his own way and he will show off, be a bit reckless and take chances. He can also be extremely lazy, and, if spoiled too much, is in danger of becoming a bit of a tyrant The best way forward is to give as much love and adoration as possible while also balancing this with gentle but very firm boundaries. The Leo child loves adoration and if he doesn’t get enough of it in childhood he will force the attention of others onto himself in adulthood. He will always enjoy challenges and will rebel against menial tasks. He can learn very fast in school and will love taking on the role of the teacher or instructor You can expect your Leo child to be very dramatic at all times so learn to take some of the things he says with a pinch of salt.
  14. 14. Tips for Parents Never scold him in public. Encourage his natural leadership qualities in every way that you can. Make him aware that he can lose his dignity if he shows off too much in front of others. Take care not to wound his pride and/or his ego and train him to respect the rights of others. The Leo child is not the easiest to raise. Give him an endless supply of kisses coupled with fair but firm discipline. Appealing to his sense of vanity will get excellent results. Where money is concerned, teach him to give some, spend some and save some. Think of him as a caged lion and you as the lion tamer. Use both love and affection to unlock his heart and he’ll always make you proud. Remember he isn’t as brave on the inside as he appears on the outside. Build up his courage and flatter his ego and he’ll be proudly strong for you.
  15. 15. VViirrggoo CChhiilldd What to Expect The Virgo child will have a natural talent for acting so watch out for this gift as it will become apparent at a very young age. Generally there will be little conflict with your Virgo child and only a few tantrums. For the best part, he will be very neat, tidy and cheerful. You will notice he can be quite shy with strangers and that he has gentle manners. In school Virgo children are often chosen as monitors and prefects because they are totally ethical and completely alert. Don’t be surprised if he is teacher’s pet. He will be very adaptable and love mundane chores which he will carry out with honesty and care, paying attention to every minute detail. On the negative side, Virgo children can be real worriers. They will be very selective about which foods they eat and many Virgo children are described by their parents as fussy eaters. Also they can be acutely sensitive in their teenage years, especially with members of the opposite sex when dating. They will need lots of physical affection when growing-up otherwise this could strongly affect their perception of future relationships. Above all what they need are kisses and hugs that are sincere.
  16. 16. Tips for Parents The Virgo child will require absolute privacy and will notice immediately if his private things are moved or have been tampered with. These children can be very critical and it is a good idea to provide them with a kitten or a puppy so they can learn the lessons of love by caring for something that is helpless and completely dependent on them. Although Virgo children are born with wisdom beyond their years, it is important that when raising them you boost their imagination and their self-confidence. The Virgo child is a true realist and will love all the educational toys you can buy, but it is also important to provide some fantasy, and/or make-believe, maybe in the form of fairy stories, so that these moments of fantasy can give them the emotional balance they will need when they grow up.
  17. 17. LLiibbrraa CChhiilldd What to Expect The Libran child will be a really beautiful baby. It will have, for the most part, a sweet expression and well-balanced features. Watch out because it will be a real charmer and may well have a dimple on its chin. As a child, he will be kind hearted and fair and an expert at softening a hard heart. He could easily be musical, artistic, or both. He will be such a delight that, if you’re not careful, you will find yourself pandering to his every whim, such is his charm. He will love a pleasant atmosphere and hate tension of any sort. He is bright and alert and will love any form of debate. He will always keep a confidence and is absolutely trustworthy. He will hate gossiping. For the most part he will be tidy because Libran children hate a messy house On the negative side, he is absolutely hopeless at making a decision, useless at making up his mind and he hates to be rushed. His sweet nature will be less than sweet if you confuse him and push him into making decisions. He also has a lazy streak but his mind will always seek out the truth. Watch out for a know-it-all attitude in teenage years. Tips for Parents Libran children respond noticeably to colour schemes and noise levels. Your best bet is to decorate your home in pastel colours, especially blues and keep the noise levels down. Libran children pick up easily on family tensions. They thrive best in an harmonious atmosphere.
  18. 18. Your best bet is to coddle him less and stimulate his natural curiosity. Listen to his arguments which are based on logic and will always give both sides. Libran children are sticklers for keeping any rules so you can lay down yours and be confident they will be kept and you will be respected. Never invade his privacy. Don’t feed him too many sweets. Appreciate his neatness and cleanliness. He would only be less so if he is handled harshly. Provide him with all the beauty and pleasantness that you can and be prepared to have your bathroom monopolised for hours on end when he is a teenager. Feed him with books and be prepared for lots of cases of puppy love.
  19. 19. SSccoorrppiioo CChhiilldd What to Expect The Scorpio baby will be born with a very strong body. As he grows up, you will realise that he actually enjoys a good fight and has the right anatomy to be the victor. Get used to his blunt sarcastic speech. This child won’t compromise. He will show boundless loyalty to friends and loved ones, but he can exercise revengeful anger if he feels he has been wronged. You can expect a sharp penetrating mind. Look out for him being the chosen leader in many school activities. This child may try to unnerve you with his burning gaze. He can make you feel he is boring holes into you but he will need constant and firm discipline. You must insist that you are the boss otherwise he will learn how to control you. Stress he must respect authority and make allowances for weaker people. He has a brilliant mind and a magnetic personality. He is also blessed with rare courage and honesty He is in danger from being infected by his own super ego, especially when he glares so fiercely at you. Remember he will only learn from someone who is stronger than him. If he fails to learn lessons in his youth, he could become a stinging revengeful scorpion and/or a miserable grey lizard tortured by fears and phobias. He has a great need for privacy. Scorpio children conceal their own thoughts but are easily able to discover yours. They have a miraculous ability to withstand pain and are wise beyond their years.
  20. 20. Tips for Parents Be loyal to him and he will be loyal back. He needs to feel calm inside for he has many passionate and intense emotions to deal with. He will be fascinated by drugs and drawn to fire. In his future years he will be a great lover, yet you can steer him away from promiscuity if you instil some traditional values in him for Scorpio deeply respects the family circle. He will be the best in his chosen field and although he will be outwardly very self- sufficient, he will still need your support. Keep him physically active and mentally challenged. Feed his passionate curiosity about science, literature, medicine and sport. He has courage, strength and intelligence but he needs to be shown how to love and be loved in return.
  21. 21. SSaaggiittttaarriiuuss CChhiilldd What to Expect The Sagittarius child is a very curious child. He will learn to talk and to explore things through asking endless questions. There’s a part of him that will never really grow up. He has a desperate need to be liked and he will be like a happy, playful miniature little clown. In early childhood, you can expect awkwardness and clumsiness. He is particularly accident-prone. He has a happy-go- lucky nature and he loves uncut honesty. He is friendly and lively but will cry easily if he’s left alone for any length of time. He loves the sound of laughter, talking and the warm reassurance of human voices. He also likes a familiar, cosy and happy environment. Despite all of this he may remove himself very early on in life from all family ties. Be prepared for this because he will hurt you in later life. He will give in only to logical commands from his parents and this is if you’re completely fair and honest with him. This Jupiter boy will respect your rules and respect you. However, if you are less than honest, be prepared for obstinacy and disenchantment. The Sagittarian child can smell dishonesty a mile away. He will puncture adult hypocrisy with his questions and see right through deception. He has a strong need for freedom and will strike out early on his own. To maintain your relationship with him, he must respect you for your honour and tolerance. He hates narrow ideas and any form of prejudice.
  22. 22. Tips for Parents Expect romance to rear its head early. He may even need special tutoring on the birds and bees. Teach him economy because otherwise he’ll spend money like water. Don’t be over generous because he could easily take advantage and besides, it won’t teach him anything about the value of money. Both sexes enjoy school because of their multiple faceted intelligence and great curiosity which can make learning a fascinating game. However if the teaching is dull and unimaginative and the routines become too monotonous and boring, he may well drop out of school early and go off to work. Sagittarian youngsters respond best to progressive educational methods. Even so, he is still inclined to be restless and fanciful. You can expect a deep and very serious interest in religion. He will question dogma, faith and church membership, searching eternally for the truth. He is independent and honest, a happy optimist who likes to keep cheerful and upbeat. Have faith in his decency and in his dreams and then you may not lose him totally.
  23. 23. CCaapprriiccoorrnn CChhiilldd What to Expect The Capricorn baby will look like an octogenarian when he is first born, but will appear to grow younger and younger as he grows older. In old age all his baby wrinkles will have totally smoothed out. He will have a strange maturity beyond his years and be very self-contained as a child. You can expect him to be very sweet but also strong-willed and positive in his tastes. He will make his wishes known very definitely and will like routines. You will notice that he organises his life into predictable patterns from quite a young age. He will adapt easily to mealtimes and quite happily fit in with your potty training. He won’t be interested at all in childish tricks. He will like home life very much and have only one or two special friends. He will be very responsible about homework and have a strong sense of duty. He will pretend to be a responsible adult or a teacher and will enjoy painting, drawing and listening to music. The Capricorn child likes to make practical things, something that has a definite use and purpose. Tips for Parents This child won’t seek out the sunshine or fresh air, but should be encouraged to do so because it’s good for him. He will be a very good scholar, thorough and careful with his learning. Saturn gives Capricorn excellent powers of concentration and he will be obedient, studious and reliable. Don’t worry if you feel he is a little too studious. He is simply being true to himself.
  24. 24. He will be naturally timid, inclined to introversion and a real little bookworm. However, don’t ever be deceived into thinking he is not ambitious for all he truly desires to get to the top. Try to recognise this in your little dark horse. He will take his time but he will reach the top for above all he seeks respect and authority. He will have a very strongly developed sense of self-preservation Around the opposite sex he will be quite bashful but very interested and he will need lots of encouragement in dating. You can rely on your Capricorn child to be polite to elders and very serious about his future. He will cling to his home and family with honest devotion and will take care of his parents right into old age.
  25. 25. AAqquuaarriiuuss CChhiilldd What to Expect The Aquarius baby will seem to be born middle-aged. He is made of the raw material of Uranus. He’ll be a quivering, sensitive, stubborn, independent mass of invention and electrical impulse. His mental processes will be as fast as lightning. His thoughts will vibrate like a high-frequency radio. Most Aquarians wait until they’re much older to use their skills of invention, but there are lots of Aquarian prodigies around. He loves to figure out mysteries, but he can also be strongly negative. His final answer will be only be acceptable because it’s one he’s found himself. On the surface he may appear calm and sweetly docile but then suddenly turn topsy-turvy. Expect anything. Aquarius children can be totally unpredictable, lovable and often highly amusing because they are so full of contradictions .Raising them and teaching them is a big responsibility. Their minds combine fixed practicality with uncanny perception and sharp probing logic. They love to do favours for friends. Once they find a dream they will hold on to it. Normal career choices will not be for the Aquarian. He will want to be an oceanographer, or ichthyologist or archaeologist a crocodile hunter or a tree surgeon, nothing mundane. The odd thing is, Aquarian children can cause things to happen simply by waiting and concentrating.
  26. 26. He will want to be out and about, not staying indoors He will be absentminded, break bones, twist ankles, but also be a budding genius, who won’t pay attention in class. He has a highly developed intuition. Tips for Parents The Aquarius child will need lots of physical activity otherwise his inclined inertia could get harmful. He will love sports and this is an area where you can give a lot of encouragement. Mentally he is a speed demon. He has empathy for birds, nature and the sea but will prefer his own discoveries to organised activities. Be alert to the fact that he may take path of least resistance Encourage him to make his own decisions and act upon them. Unspoken tension can disturb him deeply. He will have a multitude of friends and lots of pals. He won’t be boy or girl crazy, just crazy. He may write hidden love poetry He’s a humanitarian and will love all people. He will always have unprejudiced wisdom.
  27. 27. PPiisscceess CChhiilldd What to Expect This baby will be born with a wistful dreamy little look in his gentle eyes. He is a sensitive little soul and will have a deep compassion and sympathy for others. As a small baby, he will charm you half to death to get his own way. Look out for his sweetest smiles and winning ways. He will always be light on his feet regardless of his weight. The Pisces child will always be childish and dreamy even when he grows up. All Piscean children and adults love a world of fancy and will enjoy diversions far removed from everyday patterns, schedules and routines. He will be very imaginative. He has boundless compassion, understanding of beauty, tolerance imagination and gentleness. On the negative side, this child won’t be forced into a routine. He can sleep all day and stay awake all night He will eat only when’s he’s hungry and sleep only when he’s tired. For you it will be very difficult because he won’t be ruled by a clock. At the same time he will need lots of attention and appreciation but will require the occasional moment of privacy. Tips for Parents Since your Pisces child won’t conform very easily to a laid down pattern, he may find his time in school a bit problematic. You will notice that he favours English literature. He will love words and poetry often enchants him. He may find Maths hard but can grasp the abstract theories behind algebra and geometry.
  28. 28. The Pisces child will have deep wisdom and sympathetic understanding of situation beyond his years. Despite this, he will need lots of support or he could get depressed, and retreat into silent moody despair. Watch out for him dressing up the truth. You may have to provide emotional and practical support when he has trouble conforming to social and scholastic demands that stifle his individuality. Your friendly warm-hearted little Neptune child will need a cloak of protection against the brutality of the world until he grows up and can eventually cope with the real world of war, crime, depravation, illness and hypocrisy.
  29. 29. Conclusion believe astrology can give some powerful insights into both the personality and character of a person born under a certain astrological sign. Of course there are other factors at play (place of birth, parental influences, and environmental influences) but it is easily the most important single consideration. In my experience, the solar sign will be between eighty and ninety per cent accurate in character analysis. The solar sign is a particular zone of the zodiac in which the sun was located at the moment of birth, an exact position taken from a set of tables called an ephemeris calculated by astronomers. If you were born on the first or last day of any solar sign you’d have to know your exact birth time and longitude and latitude of your birth place to judge whether or not the sun had changed signs by that hour. The stars incline us but they do not compel us. Most of us are carried along by the influences of the planets and our electromagnetic birth patterns as well as other environmental influences and the will of our parents. By using our free will the soul can rise above the afflictions of its birth-chart and learn how to dominate moods, how to change character and how to control its environment. This is where my predictions for future trends can prove so useful and for new parents, invaluable for a deeper insight into their child’s inherent birthright. For more information and predictions for the forthcoming year please visit I