05ISSUESEPTEMBER2010MicroSourcing launchesM����R����                                                                      ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010                       How                                                 ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010MicroSourcingOpens MS CaféTo celebrate the official opening of MS Café, Mic...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010MicroSourcingStarts Monthly Celebration,Energy Conservation ProgramsThe man...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010MMP EmployeesHead to SwedenLast month, MMP’s Valiant Dudan, Emelyn Tañan, M...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010    MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010                        ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010Take Charge.Be Your Own Boss.By Ronald Escanlar                            ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010How to AchieveWork-Life BalanceBy Geoanna CornebyOnce upon a time, there wa...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010Dealing withExcessive TardinessPunctuality says a lot about an employee, an...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010              WHAT YOU             SHOULD             KNOW ABOU            ...
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MicroSourcing - September 2010


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MicroSourcing is an offshore outsourcing solutions provider based in Manila, Philippines. The company offers a wide range of delivery models: project outsourcing, offshore staff leasing, and virtual captives.

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MicroSourcing - September 2010

  1. 1. 05ISSUESEPTEMBER2010MicroSourcing launchesM����R���� In this issue:MicroRefer.com, the official referral portal of MicroSourcing, was officially launched last August How MicroRefer Works P.226-27, facilitated by the Sourcing and Marketing Team of the Manpower Acquisition Department. MicroSourcing Opens MS Café P.3MicroRefer.com is an effective recruitment tool to reach suitable candidates for MicroSourcing MicroSourcing Starts Monthly Celebration P.4clients. In fact, more than 52 percent of the company’s successful candidates come fromemployee referrals. Energy Conservation Program .Manpower Acquisition Specialists Mikhail Hauptman and Mafel Silva, together with Recruitment MMP Employees Head to Sweden P.5Specialist Ellaine Cruz, facilitated the orientation program to all employees. To be a recruiter, an Perfect Attendance Awardees .employee must register at microrefer.com and start adding and inviting contacts. He/She will be Creative Shots P.6-7able to view the list of referrals submitted and total referral incentives earned.“MicroRefer aims to bring in people that no other source of application, if partially, can supply: Take Charge. Be your own Boss. P.8the quality understood by our employees as needed by the business. We are best aware of what How to Achieve Work-Life Balance P.9we require from each one of us better than a five-liner from our advertisements. We are also Dealing with Excessive Tardiness P.10aware of what kind of people we want to work with, and referring can help us achieve these. This What you should Know about Dengue P.11is going to be a fantastic initiative as we also get to pay our affiliates for using the tool. You refer, Editor’s Note .we pay you; we get a much larger, fun, and profitable environment,” said Mr. Hauptman. Headded that the department is planning to organize a recruitment party wherein employees can Comments/Suggestions Wall P.12bring in their friends and let them know how MicroSourcing values and recognizes hard workand dedication of its employees.
  2. 2. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010 How Works Be a recruiter now! Here are two ways to gain access to MicroRefer: Go to www.MicroRefer.com. For employees who already have an existing MicroRefer account, log in at the Sign In tab. For employees who want to create a new MicroRefer account, click the Join Us tab, then click Register. Step 1: Register Create your account by logging in as a new user and providing the needed information to get you started. Registered users can immediately log in using their existing account information. Step 2: Build your referral pool Go to the Contacts List Page and fill this list with names and contact information of friends and relatives who may be interested and may qualify for any of the job vacancies listed on the homepage. Step 3: Invite your referrals to apply Once your referrals have been included in your Contact List, you may send an email invite to your referrals, encouraging them to apply, using one of the email templates provided in the Invite Referrals link. Step 4: Be Rewarded Once your referrals have confirmed, you will be notified and your referrals will automatically be tagged under you. In the event that theyve been successfully hired, you get the referral incentive that comes with the position.Steps to earning extramoney, the easy way! RAISE your profitsthrough MicroRefer.com R - egister at MicroRefer.com A - dd Contacts I - nvite Contacts S - ubmit Claim Form to Manpower Acquisition Dept. E - njoy your Cash! 2
  3. 3. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010MicroSourcingOpens MS CaféTo celebrate the official opening of MS Café, MicroSourcing held a FreeFood Friday last August 20. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks were served allday to employees and staff, who also enjoyed free beer and drinks at 6pm.This 100-seater restaurant is one of the main recreation areas where wehave in-house catering service providing food and drinks. MS Café is alsothe venue for many of our team-building activities.It boasts of a very nice view of Eastwood City, especially at night whenpeople take in the entertaining lights and sounds as they chill out in thespacious recreation area in front of the Eastwood Mall. 3
  4. 4. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010MicroSourcingStarts Monthly Celebration,Energy Conservation ProgramsThe management and employees of MicroSourcing got together and enjoyed great food andcompany at the MS Café last September 3 for the launching of the Monthly Celebration program.This was in line with the company’s employee enhancement efforts. The Energy Conservationprogram was also launched during the event.The Monthly Celebration program is the replacement of the complimentary beverages providedby the company to employees. According to Human Capital Strategy and Delivery Group(HCSDG) Manager Rami Rosima Jr., “by redirecting our resources from our monthly beveragefunds, we will be able to provide the opportunity to celebrate milestones, get together, and enjoyeach other’s company.”Meanwhile, MicroSourcing encouraged the employees to help conserve energy by followingsimple guidelines such as turning off your PC including the monitor before you log out anddisposing of garbage properly. 4
  5. 5. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010MMP EmployeesHead to SwedenLast month, MMP’s Valiant Dudan, Emelyn Tañan, Mitchelle Pascual,Monica Rea Cornejo, and Louie Malafo went to Sweden where theirclient is based to learn the technologies used in the project and beable to apply those when they get back in November.According to Maricris Escalona, Manila General Manager of theproject, this initiative will also enable them to establish a goodworking relationship with their teams and counterparts in Sweden.“We are planning to have more people to go to Sweden. Hopefullyevery four months, we could send someone there to learn newtechnologies or be part of the transition for a new team, just like whatour five employees will be doing there,” Ms. Escalona said.The said employees were chosen to go to Sweden based on theirreadiness to take new responsibilities and willingness to learn newskills. Their work performance in their previous teams was also takeninto consideration.Mitchelle Pascual was overwhelmed to be chosen for this endeavor,especially since he is one of the newest guys in the project. “Imexcited because it will be my first time to travel abroad and at thesame time, quite sad because Ill definitely miss my family as well assome important events, but I know its worth the sacrifice and effort. Iam looking forward to meeting the developers there and I want toshow what we can do in terms of web development.” Similarly, ValiantDudan feels happy and flattered to be included in this batch. “I expectto gain more knowledge from the developers there. This experiencewill surely be fun!” Perfect Attendance July Awardees RG Arellano Andrea Delos Santos Karla Secretario Lorna Calingacion Gerard Maynigo Penirose Vilorente Leslee Carreon Judee Oquendo Arlene Crisostomo Errol Rufo MMP recognizes the employees who always come August on time and have perfect attendance every month. RG Arellano Regina Digolto Gerard Maynigo Precious Silva Congratulations and continue to set a good Lerry Bondoc Fenie Dupo Myra Nibungco Rommel Taytay example to your colleagues! Lorna Calingacion Madelin Geromo Ryan Resco Allan Villar Andrea Delos Santos Alton Lacson Karla Secretario Penirose Vilorente 5
  6. 6. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010 MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010 Erick Elayda CSG I started photography around January of last year, when I bought my first camera - a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. Im not really into taking posed shots; I like taking candid, spontaneous images of people. Macro photography also got my interest. It feels like youre peeking into a tiny, unknown world. Jeffrey De Leon EV I am always captivated by the beauty of nature. The best part of taking pictures is when I am anticipating the perfect momentIt is evident that photography is one of the to capture the perfect shot.common interests of many MicroSourcingemployees, and we dedicate this section toall the shutterbugs in the company.If you enjoy taking pictures of all thingsbeautiful, show us what youve got and sharewhat your keen eye can see. Just send yourcreative photos to pr@microsourcing.com. Lester Canapi EV The best part of taking pictures is to be able to show how beautiful an animal or a place is... and its very fulfilling.
  7. 7. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010Take Charge.Be Your Own Boss.By Ronald Escanlar “ It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. Invictus by William Ernest Henley “The alarm clock rings. Seven in the morning. The twisting sunlight sifts through the Way back in 1994, James Heskett led his colleagues at the Harvard Business Schoolcurtains onto your face. Time to wake up. in publishing their landmark paper, Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. TheYou go through your routine morning tasks: prepare coffee, prepare breakfast, take a classic paper revolutionized how employers saw their employees with this chain:shower, eat breakfast, drink coffee. Employee Satisfaction drives Employee Retention drives Employee ProductivitySeven thirty. You need to be at the office by eight. You need to punch in by eight, then drives Service Value drives Customer Satisfaction drives Customer Loyalty drivespunch out by five. Day in, day out. Week in, week out. Perfunctory. Routine. Boring. Profitability and Growth.Some of us have routine lives that change us into automatons. Consciously or Own your job. Remember this handy acronym: B.Y.O.B. Be Your Own Boss. You don’tunconsciously, we lead these lives and rely on our weekends to give us respite. need to establish your own company and have your own set of bored employees. AsManagement experts all agree that bored employees become unproductive employees. Henley wrote, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”Want to perk up your day? I can send balloons your way, or a troupe of clowns, or a Regard yourself as a subcontractor of services, someone who provides essentialmarching band to make some noise. service to a client. Would you want your integrity tarnished because of subpar work?The cheapest way, though, comes in the form of an alternative mindset, of twisting your Would you want to be considered unprofessional because of an apparent lack ofview of work. This is really, really simple, and it all revolves around a sentence of three motivation to meet deadlines?words. Remember how everyone says respect is earned? Do it that way - earn respect byI might as well say, Love your job. That would be no different, however, from the advice owning your job, by being your own boss, by treating your colleagues and yourspewed by traditional, hole-in-the-wall, fence-sitting management experts. supervisor the same way that you would treat your customers if you were to have yourThis is actually a twist of what Karl Marx of the Communist Manifesto would say: own restaurant. Make sure that orders are taken. Make sure that the kitchen works onOwn your job. the orders promptly and quickly. Make sure that the orders are immediately brought toAs simple as that. Own your job. customers as soon as they leave the kitchen. Make sure that your customers areDon’t look at yourself as an employee waiting for wages every 15th and 30th of the happy.month. Don’t look at yourself as an employee waiting for orders from your boss. Don’t And that’s the same way with the office: make sure that your customers are happy.look at yourself as an employee waiting for the company to do something for your Look at your colleagues and supervisors as customers.boredom. If we were to always think like this, as entrepreneurs of service, not only will it be goodLet’s take what John F. Kennedy said about the government and twist it accordingly: for the company, but it will also benefit us all. How come?Ask not what your company can do for you; ask what you can do for your company. We no longer become bored with our jobs. We see ourselves as a microcosm of theBeing an active employee means more than being an active participant in company to which we belong. And if we see ourselves as subcontractors of servicescompany-sponsored events. Being an active employee means more than rendering instead of just being employees, we will all benefit from a company composed ofovertime work when asked by a supervisor. Being an active employee means more entrepreneurs all working to improve their own and each other’s lives.than coming and leaving work on time, all the time. Ronald Escanlar is a Documentation Writer from Creative Services Group (CSG) and Business Development Department. 8
  8. 8. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010How to AchieveWork-Life BalanceBy Geoanna CornebyOnce upon a time, there was a man who lived behind his desk. He takes his meals in Slow down.front of his first-class computer and piled up reports. He doesn’t have time to go to his Don’t stretch yourself physically or emotionally. You are not a superhero that can takeson’s soccer game or his daughter’s piano recital. His marriage is on the rocks. Work on everything all at once. Live your life one day at a time. Plan accordingly but beis what he does best and this is all he plans to do. One day, at 10:00 PM on a Sunday careful not to live in your future plans. Put your mind to whatever you’re doing - don’tnight, he falls out of his chair and dies of a heart attack. The great irony in this little story fret about work when you’re at home, or the other way around. Stop worrying becauseis - while we work to live, there’s a possibility that we lose our lives in the process. it won’t do you any good. Breathe.There’s a very slight chance that you see yourself in this man’s shoes. Then again, itpays to double check, are you a workaholic? Do you work more than 40 hours a week? Allot time for yourself.Do you bring work at home? Do you accomplish somebody else’s tasks because Personal time is for you and just you. Spend this time to unwind, whichever way youyou’re afraid those might not get done? Do you sometimes feel stressed and on the like. You can even turn off your mobile phone. We all deserve some “alone” time, so sayverge of a breakdown? no to people who call in to steal this sacred time from you.Work-life balance is misunderstood to be a theory of career coaches or therapists; butin fact, it is a simple concept that can help any employed person, and at the same time, Have fun and enjoy.boost a company’s overall productivity. Here are some tips to achieve work-life What is your version of fun? Go out with your friends, play online games, spend abalance: weekend out of town. Every once in a while, run wild and have fun! Enjoy life now and don’t postpone happiness for the future.Know your priorities. Get help. Hire a babysitter, send out your laundry, hire a housekeeper. YourIt would help to make a list of the things that you consider important. Think and reflect responsibilities are important, but balance your time to include activities for relaxationabout this when you’re not at work. Use this list to focus your activities and to manage and a bit of leisure.your schedule. It would be sensible to make time for the things that matter to you, sodo not hesitate to drop everything else. Balance your time between the items in your Get a life at work.priority list and act upon them one at a time. Make friends and build relationships at work. While you concern yourself with the demands of your job, it will help to have a support group in the office, like a closed circleStick to your schedule. that you can talk to, laugh with, rant to, and get crazy with. Remember, work does notNow that you have your priorities intact, it will be easier to manage your time and your have to be the enemy of life. MicroSourcing holds up an environment where everyoneschedule. Equally important with this is actually sticking to it. Work efficiently during is treated like family and expression of self is encouraged. It’s okay to enjoy whileyour assigned hours and leave on time. Show up when you say you will and honour getting things done.your commitments. After all, creating a schedule patterned after your priority list isuseless if you have no intention of living up to it. Geoanna Corneby is an Associate from the Business Development Department. 9
  9. 9. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010Dealing withExcessive TardinessPunctuality says a lot about an employee, and so is excessive tardiness.It is really frustrating for the management to know that there are employees who are Of course, there are situations that are beyond your control, and you can be late nolate several times a week. You might say that it’s not a big deal if you are just a few matter how early you leave the house and even if you take a different route to avoidminutes late, as long as you perform well at work. However, this is a major concern getting stuck in heavy traffic. How in the world will you know about the roadfor the company since you get paid to come on time. In a business that relies heavily construction, or that the jeepney or shuttle that you’re in will be apprehended by aon deliverables, every minute or hour wasted will have an effect to the employee’s traffic enforcer?overall productivity and eventually to the entire company. Do something about it.Part of your job is to come on time. Keep in mind that when tardiness becomes habitual, something’s not quite right. ItTo give you an idea on how much time is wasted due to tardiness, here are some can be lack of motivation from your supervisor, work satisfaction (or lack thereof) orfigures from Yjez Batulan, Labor Relations and Attendance Processing Officer: In even your overall lifestyle.about 130 employees, more than half were late within a period of 36 working days.Add the minutes supposedly spent in doing tasks and the result is almost two hours ● If it takes an average of one hour for you to reach the office, why not allot some(average) per day. time for anything that may make your travel time longer than that? Similarly, if you know that the route includes a heavy traffic-prone area, setting the alarmTardiness is defined as “failure to report for work at the start of the prescribed work clock 20-30 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time will not hurt.schedule. Each occurrence of tardiness, regardless of the number of minutes, will beconsidered as an infraction.” Company policy dictates that “employees are required ● Do not constantly blame the heavy traffic - there is nothing you can do that willto report for work regularly and to be ready to perform their assigned duties at the significantly change the way EDSA looks during rush hour.beginning of their work shift. Excessive tardiness and absences may result indisciplinary action, up to termination of employment.” ● Combat the occasional dilemma of getting up early.It can’t be stressed enough. Punctuality is important to MicroSourcing and it is yourresponsibility to log in on or before the time you are scheduled to begin your work. ● If you think there’s no way you can keep occurrences of tardiness to a minimum, inform your supervisor about your situation.Why are you late?When you browse through different websites about employees’ reasons for not Excessive tardiness is a serious issue and if not dealt with immediately, not only docoming to work on time, you cannot help but roll your eyes on their innate creativity you put your job in dangerous waters, it will be inked permanently in yourwhen it comes to the excuses that they come up with. Fortunately at MicroSourcing, employment record, and your colleagues will have a negative perception of you. If it’sour Attendance Processing Officers do not have to contend with silly, your habit to log out on the dot, make sure to always log in on time. Put a little moreout-of-this-world excuses. Traffic, heavy rain or flood, and mild medical condition are appreciation to your work and be very thankful that with the present economy that’sthe common reasons cited by employees for being late. struggling to stay afloat, you have a decent job to attend to. 10
  10. 10. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2010 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOU T DENGUE Be aware of these warning signs: high fever, severe headache, persistent vomiting, pain behind the eyes, rash, and severe joint and muscle pain. If high fever and other symptoms are present, bring the patient to the hospital immediately. For dengue victims, frequent fluid intake (oral rehydration solution or Oresol, water, etc.) is essential to prevent dehydration. In the absence of Oresol, remember the 181 formula:Early September, it was reported that more than 100 pupils died due to dengueand about 12,000 were affected. Most of the victims are children 12 years old 1 liter of water + 8 teaspoons of sugar + 1 teaspoon of saltand below because their immune system is more vulnerable, but this does not The dengue patient must drink this solution every one to two hours.mean that adults should be complacent.To avoid the onslaught of dengue-carrying mosquitoes, many people resort to Prevention is the key.using different kinds of tools, one of which is the mosquito net which is advisable We all know that mosquitoes breed in clean, stagnant water. When it comes to denguefor home treatment. Another one is the katol, a coil incense that can repel prevention, cover all water containers, clean the gutters, discard old tires, and dispose ofmosquitoes. However, frequent use might trigger different respiratory ailments. empty bottles properly.There’s also fogging which is usually initiated in small areas. The problem is, itdoes not eradicate mosquitoes - it just drives them away from the area. For These tips are so mundane that we tend to ignore them, but if we are concerned about thefogging to be effective, it must be done in entire barangays and areas with health and safety of our family, every little thing that can prevent dengue from affecting ourdengue outbreak. lives must be done.Editors NoteBy Karen CayamandaTwo of the major company events this quarter call for support and cooperation of the Also, you will be glad to know that MicroSourcing employees can get discounts onemployees. The first one was the launch of MicroRefer, MicroSourcing’s official certain establishments within Eastwood City, thanks to the efforts of Employeereferral portal. Just tell your friends to apply and when they get hired, you’ll get cash! Relations Officer Mia Espinosa.You can earn extra money by helping your friends and company. It’s a win-win We hope that this newsletter will keep you informed of the latest happenings in thesituation. company. Let this serve as a tool for you to have a better understanding of theAnother great thing that happened was the official opening of MS Café, the company’s goals and continue to be an asset of MicroSourcing. As usual, you cancompany’s 100-seater restaurant that has 24-hour catering service and boasts of a send your comments or suggestions to pr@microsourcing.com. We are alwaysgreat view of Eastwood City. In relation to this, the HCSDG launched some initiatives looking for newsletter contributors so if you love to write feature articles or if you arethat promote employee engagement such as the monthly celebration in which a photography enthusiast, please send me an email. Thank you so much!employees from different projects and departments get together once a month at MSCafé to enjoy great food and company. 11
  11. 11. Comments and Suggestions