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MicroSourcing - June 2010


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MicroSourcing is an offshore outsourcing solutions provider based in Manila, Philippines. The company offers a wide range of delivery models: project outsourcing, offshore staff leasing, and virtual captives.

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MicroSourcing - June 2010

  1. 1. ISSUE The04JUNE2010 M ICRO S OURCERER MicroSourcing Quarterly NewsletterMicroSourcingOpens New Office In this issue:This is an exciting time for MicroSourcing as we opened a new and bigger office at the MicroSourcing Beats the Heat at Summer Survivor P.2-3 Race to Summer Winners Announced P.46th floor of 1880 Avenue building, also in Eastwood City. ManCom Conducts Strategic PlanningThe new office is 30 percent bigger than the company’s office at the 9th floor of Session in TagaytayeCommerce Plaza. It has about 500 project workstations and 50 management seats. MicroSourcing Managed Projects P.5Other features are the recruitment hub, locker rooms, a clinic, and storage rooms. Featured Department - MIT: Men of IT P.6Design-wise, we kept the look and feel of our current office but there will be nice Loan Application FAQs P.7surprises for those who will come to work for the first time at 1880! Do you want to be a GREAT member?There are a number of issues at the eCommerce office that we have taken into Photo Galler: Off-site Strategic Planning Sessions P.8-9account in the new office. The first major change is that the work floor is now divided (HCSDG, Finance)into project spaces of varying sizes. In this way, we can provide more privacy to our Rafael Verheij: MicroSourcing’s P.10project teams. Another thing is the shortage of training and meeting rooms and the Business Development Managernew office will have a total of five (5) conference rooms and an 18-seater training room. How to Handle Stress P.11We have also expanded the recreation spaces and the new office will have a very nice Healthy Eating Choices P.12living room with TV and video games. The new MS Cafe will be a 100-seater Office Romance P.13restaurant. It will be big enough to be used for meetings and social events. How to Deal with Corporate Buzz P.14 Are you a gleek? P.15We are confident that our company will continue to grow and that we will have those Editor’s Noteseats filled within a few months and hopefully we will be adding the remaining 900sqm Survey Wall P.16by the end of the year. If we do that, it will definitely be enough to serve as our HQ inQuezon City. All in all, this new office is definitely another great milestone inMicroSourcing history. - Philip Kooijman, CEO
  2. 2. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010MicroSourcing hosted the company outing with the theme “Summer Survivor” at AguasAzules, Eastridge, Binangonan, Rizal last May 22.Employees, members of the management team, and clients were welcomed with braceletsfit for the occasion. After the opening remarks from Operations Manager Maricel Salao, theouting kicked off with the company’s version of the Amazing Race. Five teams had to stopat stations and do tasks including bucket filling, human knot, neck and knee race, toxicriver, and obstacle course. Team 1 came out victorious as they were the fastest to finisheight wet and wild tasks. The winning team received Php 4000 plus gift packs.Best Dressed awards were handed to Jack Arafat (MMP) and Tamera Szijarto (MMP). Giftpacks were also given to employees who entertained guests with their videokeperformances. Of course, a MicroSourcing party would not be complete withoutfree-flowing beer and The Bar courtesy of Emperador Distillers.After the race and closing remarks from Ramie Rosima Jr., manager of Human CapitalStrategy and Delivery Group (HCSDG), most party guests took the plunge and slid theirway through huge swimming pools of the resort, while the others relaxed, drank beer incabanas, and mingled with employees from other projects and departments. Senior Software Developer Paulo Cabantog (MMP) won the Summer Survivor Photo Contest with his entry entitled "Super Ryan to the Rescue". He received a cash prize of Php 2000. 2
  3. 3. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010 3
  4. 4. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Race to Summer Winners AnnouncedAfter about two months of finding skilled individuals and referring them to MicroSourcing,John Benedick Cabang (individual category) and Team Maren Lacanilao (team category)were named as the winners of Race to Summer in an awarding ceremony held last May 19.Mr. Cabang received Php 10,000 while Team Maren got Php 50,000.Facilitated by the Manpower Acquisition Department, Race to Summer was a specialreferral program for Yell Adworks, one of MicroSourcing’s fast-growing clients. Its goal wasto find excellent candidates through recommendations of Yell employees. From March 3 toApril 30, the program was able to gather a total of 44 successful referrals out of 346recommendations.According to Back Office Team Leader Michelle Sacramento, a referral program like Raceto Summer is an effective recruitment tool. “Compared to giving out signing bonuses to newemployees, Race to Summer turned out to be more cost-effective and a better strategy infinding good talents. The program is not just a good tool in finding qualified candidates. Italso helps hype up a work environment which is a good way to retain employees.”Aside from the cash prizes, gift certificates from various establishments were also given to10 Yell employees daily (1 referral = 1 GC).Ms. Sacramento said the department plans to facilitate more programs like this in which allMicroSourcing employees will be encouraged to participate.ManCom Conducts Strategic PlanningSession in Tagaytay The Management Committee (ManCom) conducted an off-site strategic planning session last April 6 in Tagaytay Highlands in order to set strategic goals, ensure that department plans are all aligned with the long-term vision of MicroSourcing, and discuss the future of the company. The session kicked off with the 2010 Strategic Directions and Expectations report by CEO Philip Kooijman, tackling the company’s long-term vision and goals this year. This was followed by presentations of strategic plans per department. “Some of our main goals for the year will be to increase customer and employee satisfaction, focus even more on the quality of our services and the value for money our clients are getting, and in line with this, continue to climb the value chain and offer more higher added value services,” said Mr. Kooijman. Organizational Development / Employee Relations (OD/ER) Manager Regina Lomotan said through this session, ManCom members were able to clarify important and strategic concerns that affect operations. It also gave them time to bond with other managers, as conducting the session off-site enabled them to do leisure activities such as bowling (in which Mr. Kooijman bowled a 207 - an all-time personal best). “This offsite strategic planning session helped strengthen team spirit and camaraderie among members of the management team and communicate department plans for 2010.” 4
  5. 5. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010MicroSourcing Managed Projects (MMP)Formerly known as Small Projects, MMP is now the official name of different projects with no dedicated project managers. Many of these projects started withone to five employees but eventually grow into a team consisting of up to 100 individuals. Twenty (20) projects, with 111 employees, are currently being handledat MMP.MMP is managed by the Operations Group of MicroSourcing, headed by Operations Manager Maricel Salao and supervisors namely Michael Aguila, ErikaNazario, Ezer Basilio, and Moses Linsangan. According to Ms. Salao, the term Small Projects no longer applies to the group, and “we do not want people to thinkthat because of the term ‘small’, they will be considered less important than other projects.”MMP’s MicroSourcerersThe Operations Group chooses a MicroSourcerer of the Month to recognize exemplary work performance and attitude of an employee from MMP. SinceDecember 2009, Ms. Salao holds a monthly meeting with the supervisors to discuss and select the employee who comes in on time every day, has no call-in,and no Code of Conduct violations. Client feedback also plays a big role in the selection process. Best in Attendance awards are also given every month.Congratulations! Pablo Barcelino Gwen Llana Windows Server Administrator Web Researcher and Team Lead Handles Windows server issues and Gathers information about a movie; data entry debugging problems; patches servers and and image upload; promotes featured movies on monitors the entire network; creates virtual social networking sites; checks research and machines for the development teams publicity submitted by researchers Julius Recio Transcriptionist Marlon Mestica Checks and verifies accuracy of information on Web Developer system, and makes necessary changes; Develops website applications and data transcribes content of voice messages or reports system recordings and comment cards from clients Mark Bandillo Team Lead Ensures that the team successfully delivers 5 the clients software development projects
  6. 6. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Featured DepartmentMIT: Men of ITThe IT Department is responsible for two major functions: business solutions and servicedelivery. It deals with IT and infrastructure requirements of new employees and clients and IT Requestensures that IT-related services (Internet access, email, desktop deployment, etc.) are provided. If you need assistance from the IT Department,There are two (2) IT Support Specialists per shift from Monday to Friday and one from Thursday just send a request to support@microsourcing.comuntil Sunday. IT Manager Rommel Natividad said this type of schedule was created to using the following format:accommodate higher volume of requests during weekdays compared to weekends whereinthere are less support requests. Date and Time of Request:ICT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Name of Requestor:According to Mr. Natividad, the ICT Acceptable Use Policy is a set of rules on how the No. of Users affected:MicroSourcings network, facilities, and computer systems may be used. The AUPs goal is not Brief description of Problem/Request:just to restrict but to protect the companys network resources, employees, clients and partners Error Message(s) received (if any):from illegal or damaging actions by any entity. “We believe that the success of the AUP does Severity (Low, Medium or High):not rely solely on our teams implementation but also with the cooperation of everyMicroSourcing employee.”The Men of IT Rommel Natividad IT Manager Role(s): Oversees the overall IT operations. Harry Ignacio Technical Support Manager IT Support Specialists: Role(s): Ensures 24/7 support by organizing a Daniel Fresco monthly schedule for the IT Support Specialists; Elixir Francisco determines and initiates the procurement process Ronald Ian Melencio of the companys hardware and software needs. Mark Leodones Ronald Ramos Adam Jamis Role(s): Provide direct technical assistance to Network Engineer MicroSourcing employees/clients; support includes, Role(s): Ensures that the network and Internet but not limited to, computer setup, connectivity have 99.9% uptime; duties include hardware/software installation, troubleshooting deployment, configuration, maintenance, and hardware/software problems, and resolving Internet monitoring of network equipment. / network connectivity problems. 6
  7. 7. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Loan Application FAQsby: Ayza QuintinitaSSS Loan PAG-IBIG LoanApplication ApplicationQ: Do I need to personally file my loan application to the SSS office? Q: I don’t have a PAG-IBIG number yet. Can I still apply for a loan?A: You may personally go to the SSS office to file your loan application, though A: PAG-IBIG will still accommodate you even if you don’t have a number yetHCSDG- Benefits can do it for you. Just make sure that you have submitted for a multi-purpose loan, though it is advisable that you get an ID number fromthe necessary documents. a PAG-IBIG branch.Q: What are the requirements in filing for the SSS loan? PAG-IBIG is also generating IDs/ barcodes for future transactions with them.A: Fill out an ISL-101 form using only black ink. You can get the form from an These are only given to company representatives. Individuals cannot get theirHR Associate. Do make sure to legibly write your SS number at the own.acknowledgment receipt. Q: What can the company file, on my behalf, for any PAG-IBIG benefit?Provide photocopy of two valid IDs: passport, postal, TIN card, voter’s ID, etc. A: PAG-IBIG allows your present employer to file a multi-purpose loan for you,in lieu of SSS digitized ID. Sign thrice on the sheet. Make sure to sign with your as long as you have accomplished the application form correctly. Also, submitfull name. Submit it to HCSDG- Benefits and we’ll do the processing for you. it with a photocopy of your company ID and another valid ID, and a month’sQ: Upon the approval of my application, how long will it take for SSS to release payslip. Note: If the current month is May, submit your payslip for March orthe check? April.A: Current SSS practice takes at least a week for the check to be generated Q: How will I know if the check is already generated?and then snail mail to the applicant through its sponsoring company after a A: You can check it at the on-site database of PAG-IBIG or call 724-4244.month. Changes in such practices will be communicated to you by HCSDG as Unlike SSS, PAG-IBIG doesn’t send the check to the address you have statedthey occur. in your application if you haven’t picked it up yet.Q: I don’t have an SSS electronic ID yet. Where can I apply for one?A: Not all SSS branches have facilities for the electronic ID. The branches If you have other questions,where you could only avail it from are in Diliman, Novaliches, and Caloocan. please send an email to Can the company file for it on my behalf?A: No, the company cannot file on the employee’s behalf since SSS willimmediately obtain your personal data (i.e. your fingerprints, facial image,signature, and personal identification number will be electronically recorded)for transfer to your new ID card. The ID card will be mailed to the address youspecified on your Form E-6.Do you want to be a GREAT member?by: Mia EspinosaMicroSourcing’s GREAT (Group that Recognizes Effort, Achievements and This organization aims to provide a venue to train and hone employees inTalent) is an organization which is composed of dynamic individuals who accordance with the company values and standards. Committees, which aresupport the endeavors of the Employee Relations (ER) Team. formed under the organization, will focus on various functions that will allowGREAT aims to make MicroSourcing a fun working environment for each each member to excel and explore his or her talents and capabilities.and every employee by organizing events and activities that promoteretention and boost morale. In this light, GREAT members function as If you are interested to be part of GREAT, please send an email to:liaison officers between the ER Team and their respective programs. 7
  8. 8. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Photo GalleryOff-site Strategic Planning SessionFinance DepartmentApril 16-18, 2010Grande Island, Subic 8
  9. 9. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Off-site Strategic Planning SessionHCSDGMarch 19-21, 2010Blue Bay Waters Resort, Quezon 9
  10. 10. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Rafael Verheij: MicroSourcing’sBusiness Development ManagerWith MicroSourcing’s continuous growth, there comes a need to formally establish He believes in the potential of the virtual captive model. This servicethe Business Development (BD) Department that is solely dedicated to sales, online focuses on setting up larger-scale, more complex offshore operationsmarketing, and implementation of strategic steps to get new clients and further requiring a high level of working environment customization andpromote MicroSourcing as a premier outsourcing solutions provider. This operations management to meet the very specific needs of a single client.department will be spearheaded by Mr. Rafael Verheij. “It is a clear differentiator and the value proposition is well-defined, thoughMr. Verheij is the founder and acting CEO of O&OC, an offshoring and outsourcing it will require a lot of marketing effort to explain the concept. Besides this,consultancy firm. He has nearly a decade of experience in Offshoring & Outsourcing, going vertical with process specialization (expand in winning verticals;business development, cost savings and tactics, market entries, high growth, attractive margins) is another area that we should focus on.”mergers/acquisitions/divestitures, risks identification and mitigation, economics Part of the Business Development Department is Rita Enciso as theanalysis and trade-offs, as well as streamlining business processes. Sales Lead who will manage two associates. Karen Cayamanda recently joined the department - she serves as the Online Marketing Lead and will“I am mainly responsible for developing and enacting very aggressive business manage a small group of writers.growth objectives for MicroSourcing’s portfolio of services. I will work withstakeholders and the management team to define and develop business strategyand understand core markets upon where MicroSourcing can leverage a set of corecompetencies and capabilities to create sustainable value,” Mr. Verheij said.As the Business Development Department Manager, his priorities include creationof a business development plan, establishment of sales strategies and capabilitiesthat successfully achieve revenue goals set across existing services and productlines, improvement in the quality of sales pipeline and increase the conversion rate,and evaluation of new and existing sales and (online) marketing efforts thathopefully result in significant annual revenue growth. The BD Department willanalyze the competitive landscape and strategically develop and lead a salesstrategy that aims to consistently beat the competition. “Our marketing effort willfocus on the MicroSourcing brand to achieve optimal market penetration and berecognized as a dominant Philippine provider of choice by key brokers, decisionmakers, and buyers.”Mr. Verheij aims to spearhead the following initiatives: Build an effective and efficient BD team that pursues multiple channels of sales and marketing campaigns Identify, analyze, evaluate, and recommend new services and products (verticals), along with building the business case and strategy for entering these new markets. For example, we see rising demand in continental Europe for offshoring solutions and we will explore how to best respond to client needs by expanding our capabilities to allow us to better serve clients in various European locations (partnerships, overseas sales presence, etc.). Focus on what to pursue, but equally important is to concentrate on what NOT to pursue 10
  11. 11. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010How to Handle Stressby: Marilou SorianoAs people go along and meet the demands of society, they encounter several conflicts in their lives. If these are not taken into account, thingswill fall apart, resulting to stress that will eventually lead to physical and psychological problems such as hypertension, depression, frustration,adjustment issues, and more. The severity of the impact would signify that the awareness on stress management is very important.Stress is any form of physical, mental, and emotional tension that causes people to feel frustrated and disturbed. It is a condition whereinyou can no longer control a particular situation. Stress can affect the quality of people’s lives, their work, career, and even their family. It isalso said that 90 percent of diseases originate from stress. Furthermore, everybody is prone to it, even the most organized and successfulperson. 1Know how to handle stress. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Develop a positive outlook. You sometimes get stressed out of small difficulties and you tend to magnify the severity of the situation. You don’t usually see its positive side. Developing a positive outlook would mean weighing the positive and negative sides of the situation. Relax - hold on to the positive aspects to overcome the negative impact of that stressful situation. 2 Stop staying away from risk. Life is indeed full of risks, and whatever you do, expect that there are things that will be taken from you because a person can never have exactly the same experience as what others have. Make a gamble, but don’t take foolish risks. 3 Amplify your signature strength. People sometimes do something that does not really interest them. This can cause stress. Try to focus on your strength and you will be a stress-free individual. Be conscious of it. How? If you make mistakes and feel challenged instead of stressed out, then you are most likely working in the area of your strengths. If your mistakes 4 make you feel tensed and anxious, you are probably working in an area of your weakness. Engage yourself in physical activity. Various researches confirm that physical activities or exercise could help a lot in alleviating stress. Try to immerse yourself in bodily activities such as sports; this can also serve as a reward to yourself. 5 Get off the path of overwork. People always strive to do and be the best. They tend to overwork to the extent that they carry a lot on themselves. Sometimes you have to give up what is merely good in order to do what is best. Get some time to unwind and pamper yourself. Overworking is one of the major stressors. 6 Look for an amusing way to let go of stress. Stressors are everywhere, they are usually inevitable, but through appropriate management and mindset, you can get rid of them and beat them with a smile and a different way of looking at things or situations. To do this, look for activities that could engage yourself into in a healthy and fun way. Find time to go and eat out with your family and friends. Talk and laugh with them! This is indeed a way to detoxify and relax.Remember that life without stress is not exciting! We cannot live without it. However, too much stress can lead you into more complicatedsituations. Deal and cope with stress in a healthy and positive manner. Marilou Soriano is a Web Researcher from MMP. 11
  12. 12. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Healthy Eating ChoicesAre we getting the value for our money and are we eating right?by: Andrea de los SantosLunch out? Wait… why don’t you pause for a while and read this. I knoweverybody loves eating in restaurants and fast foods. However, living healthy isa matter of eating healthy. Now, are you getting your money’s worth in everymunch that you do?Studies show that the most common cause of illnesses is not eating what is right.Examples of these illnesses are high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.This is because food from some restaurants contains too much fat, salt, andsugar. Here are some healthier choices according to Women’s foryou to enjoy the convenience of eating out:1. Choose foods that are broiled over fried such as a chicken sandwich insteadof fried chicken or chicken nuggets. The meat preserves the nutrients in it whenit is broiled and not fried; which makes it healthier to eat.2. Choose soups that are not cream-based. Cream is a dairy product that hasvery high content of butterfat. Remember, the lesser the cream, the lesser the fat. 7. Drink water, low-fat milk, and/or diet sodas instead of regular sodas, fruit3. Have low-fat salad dressing instead of the full-fat kind. It’s healthier because drinks, milkshakes, or whole milk. Too much consumption of soda may leadof the reduced fat. It’s oil-free, sodium-free, and it contains very low calories. to diabetes, dental cavities, and low nutrient levels, while milk-based drinksLow-fat salad dressings usually have condiments such as soy sauce and may contain too much fat and calories. Drink water, because it helpsvinegar as the base ingredient. cleanse the body from impurities and at the same time, it sustains the need for H2O.4. Have a salad or soup instead of fries. Fries contain too much fat and oil.Salads and soups are healthier because they are usually fat-free and oil-free as 8. When ordering pizza, add veggies instead of meat, and get thin crustwell. instead of deep dish. You know the rule, the more colorful your food is, the better. Never forget to fill up your dishes with fruits and veggies. They are5. Use mustard or ketchup instead of mayonnaise. This is because mayonnaise low in calories but dense in nutrients. These also protect you from made of eggs and these contain too much cholesterol and fat, while mustardand ketchup are made from healthier stuff and recommended for everyone’s diet. Remember the big picture. Try these tips. If you want to order in a restaurant, make sure that you had an extra healthy meal earlier that day. Moderation6. Order smaller entrée portions. For example: instead of a large sub, try a small is the key to a healthier you. Don’t rush - chew your food because it takesone with side salad or a piece of fruit. Moderation is the key to a healthy body. No time for your body to register that you are full. Always maintain goodfood is considered as “off limits”, you just need to take it in small portions for you nutrition habits for you to enjoy more dining out experiences without the get what your body needs. Happy eating! Andrea de los Santos is a Web Researcher from MMP. 12
  13. 13. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010Office Romanceby: Katrina BagabagonYears ago, dating a co-worker was a puckered-brow for many people. Not The Drawbackseveryone was (actually, up until now) quite comfortable to see two of their Workplace Perception. You have to deal with the fact that your co-workersofficemates holding hands or having peck-on-the-cheek early in the morning. In will have varying perceptions once your secret dating is out.the profusion of many sexual harassment cases, some companies actually The Culprit. Well, this is more for the guys: If she’s having a bad day,have stipulated strict policies to impede intimate relationships from budding. nobody else is there to blame. How much more if you broke up? Pray thatNowadays, considering how much time employees spend at the office, people you won’t bump into her friends… you’re screwed!are becoming more and more indulgent of the fact that officemates sometimes Office Tweets. Gossips, dudes! While this is more predominant in smallerget attracted to each other, date, fall in love, and in some cases, even end up companies, you’d be surprised and annoyed that too many people havetying the knot. their two cents worth about your relationship. I’m sure you can tolerate it butThe management recognizes the possibility of the development of love affairs not until it destroys your chance to get the office, though relationships between two employees under the same The petty quarrels. When there’s too much stress in your work, the last thingteam, most especially supervisor and subordinate, are not encouraged to you need is the tension stemming from clashes between you and yourprevent conflict of interest and ensure professionalism is not jeopardized. partner, who just happens to be your officemate. Those cold gestures, foulOffice romance is, to a certain extent, bound to flourish. It’s natural to find text messages, and fuming stare are all trigger factors that can worsen theyourself attracted to someone you closely work with on a daily basis and this chaos inside your mind. What’s worse is you can’t let anyone notice.type of attraction can eventually lead to an intimate relationship. Many The Breakup. Reality affirms that not all relationships work out like they doemployees end up getting struck by the Cupid’s arrow because specific work in movies. One day, you might realize that this one isn’t simply working out.projects stimulate not only intellectual contribution but also emotional However, even if you decided to call it quits, you will still have to work, talk,involvement. In some cases, office love connections are developed through and interact as co-workers. One of the quick fixes after a breakup is tosocial activities such as having lunch together, occasional night outs, or refrain from seeing each other until hard feelings subside, but apparently, itengaging in sports that both of you love to do. is not possible in your case.Getting involved with your co-worker can be very exciting but before you makeany drastic decisions, I suggest that you weigh the pros and cons first. Just work on this principle: Be professional. This doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself from going out on a date with your officemate or gettingThe Benefits intimately involved with your co-worker, but make it clear (by your actionsYou feel inspired all day. You have another good reason to wake up early in the and behavior) that you are, first and foremost, a professional - that you takemorning and endure the heavy traffic. You can’t wait to see her/him all dressed your job seriously and you are in the office to accomplish your work.up, complete with that captivating smile when she/he passes by your work Office romance may bring about negative implications but it can alsostation. improve your work performance. The romantic bliss can actually addCompanionship. What used to be an ordinary lunch can magically turn into an dynamism and energy that will manifest in your work output and officeintimate lunch date. morale. Soon enough, this will prove that employers will generally benefitConfidante. You have someone to share your work-related problems with in the from happier, inspired, and productive employees.same way that you can be there when he/she needs someone to talk to.Good working relationship. If you share good working chemistry, you’ll work wellin groups. Katrina Bagabagon is a Copywriter from MMP. 13
  14. 14. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010How to Deal with Corporate Buzzby: Gwen LlanaAs part of the workforce, you’ve certainly had a taste of the intriguing form ofworkplace hostility called gossip. Regardless of its gravity, gossip is a source oftrouble that’s common in all organizations. During lunch breaks or throughemail conversations, you probably have experienced being either the energetichost or the captive audience of your corporate version of “The Buzz”.Gossip is a story passed from one person to another, which may either be trueor not. According to sociologist Tomatsu Shibutani, gossips take place becauseof the absence of concrete information. When you see your married officematedining out with an unknown girl, you come up with speculations to fill themissing information about his mysterious companion. This can be the start of aseries of spicy workplace gossips, which may negatively affect everyoneinvolved.Gossiping in the workplace not only ruins people’s reputation but alsodecreases employee productivity. So whether you are its source or its receiver,you need to know how to deal with these hearsays.What started the fire? What should be done?Mary Gormandy White, a human resource expert, suggests that you should Correcting rumors and implementing preventive measures must be your nextunderstand first what triggers the gossip. You cannot defend yourself from plan. According to Heidi Burgess and Michelle Maiese, directors of Conflictworkplace chit chat if you don’t exactly know what it is. Analyze its possible Information Consortium of the University of Colorado, if there is no truthcauses. It might be your behaviour in the office, your previous statement in a behind a gossip then it must be corrected. Managers and intermediariesmeeting or recent changes in your lifestyle. It is also important to know the should initiate a plan to effectively communicate the truth to everyone in theseverity of the gossip. Tell whether it’s a malicious one or just a one-time joke organization. Clarifying issues can be done through calling a staff meeting,among your colleagues. sending emails or publishing an open letter.What’s the game plan? Labour relations consultants Bob Summerhurst and J. Talbott suggest that theOnce you have a hint of where the rumor is coming from, it will be easy for you employer must carry out schemes that discourage workplace gossips. Theseto determine how to handle it. If it is too serious to ignore then it’s time you act may be as stern as giving penalties to those who are spreading gossips or asas your own PR person. Strategize on how to respond to the issue. Think of the mild as reminding employees of the negative effects of gossips duringright words to use in explaining yourself. Pick the right persons to talk to - your counselling or staff evaluation.manager and/or the people involved in the issue. Consider timing. You don’t So the next time you are tempted to host “The Buzz” during coffee break withjust confront a suspected gossiper while he’s lining up to buy lunch in the your colleagues, better bite that tongue. The steps you have to go through tocafeteria. Remember that there is always a professional venue in raising an deal with gossips aren’t as enjoyable as spreading those office concern.Whatcha say?Implement your plan through communication. A closed-door meeting with yoursuperior and the persons involved is a good chance to get a better view of thepicture. Through this, points from all sides may be heard. If the rumor affectsthe entire company, Emory Mulling of the The Atlanta Business Journal Gwen Llana is a Web Researcher and Team Leaderrecommends that managers call a staff meeting to address the issue. People from authority must offer sufficient information to eliminate confusion amongemployees. 14
  15. 15. MicroSourcing Newsletter - June Issue 2010In American movies and TV shows, you can rarely see high school football What’s so striking about Sue is that even though she treats people who are notplayers or cheerleaders getting along well with the unpopular ones. Glee is an part of the cheering squad like vermin, she has a very soft spot for her sister.exception, well at least during rehearsals and performances of the major You’ll see a very different Sue when they’re together. Here’s what somecharacters. It’s a musical comedy/drama series that revolves around the glee MicroSourcing employees have to say about their favorite Glee characters:club called New Directions and the joys and pains of being in high school. The “Puck - because theres a deep story behind his character, and Rachel Berrygroup is composed of students with very diverse personalities and superb - she has tremendous talent, although she can be a bit annoying.”talents. It’s a mix of young singers and dancers who struggle to be not just a - Chris Calaguio (Manpower Acquisition Dept.)face in the crowd at a school where members of the football team and “Sue. She reminds me of one of my old teachers who scared me so much -cheerleading squad get all the attention and take it upon themselves to bully but loved going to class still, she just said the best things.”just because they can, and the so-called losers who have to endure whatever - Mikky Arce (CSG)the popular students throw at them, including cold, sugary drinks. “My favorite character in Glee is Quinn Fabray. I like her because aside fromMusic has the power to bring people together. When the Glee club is in being gorgeous, she chose Glee club over Cheerios which made hersession, the “outcast” and the “popular” set their differences aside and discover her hidden talent.”perform as if there’s no tomorrow. It has become the outlet of their insecurities - Mitch Sacramento (Manpower Acquisition Dept.)and frustrations, and the only place where they feel that they really belong no “Hands down, my favorite Glee character is Kurts dad. Hes not part of thematter who they are or what other people think of them. It’s a distinct major cast but for me, he plays a very crucial role because hes an exceptionalmanifestation that yes, being in high school, or getting through life in general, dad to Kurt and he loves him unconditionally which inspires Kurt to step out of the shadow and become the talented and confident diva that he is.”is hard. People get boxed in as either popular or loser - but everyone has the - Krissy Cabiling (Manpower Acquisition Dept.)right to be respected and be part of something great.I watch the show if only for Sue Sylvester, the Cheerios coach who considers “I like Brittany because she’s very beautiful, sexy, and she’s a great dancer.”the day wasted if she’s not able to annoy Will, the persistent and - Elvis Garcia (CSG)hard-working teacher of Glee club, and to constantly make the club membersfeel like they’re on the losing side as they struggle to bring back the club’s “Puck. He’s a good acoustic guitar player and he looks cool with his sporty /glory. She will go to great lengths to sabotage the club members and prove bad boy image.” -Rey-an Garcia (EV)that they have no right whatsoever to be recognized or even exist in school.Editor’s Noteby: Karen CayamandaA lot of newsworthy things have happened in the last three months - off-site strategic planning sessions of different departments, a recruitment program for Yell,initiatives from OD/ER, and of course, the company outing last May.The most significant of it all is the move to a new and bigger office space at 1880. With new and improved features/facilities such as partition walls to providemore privacy to different projects, bigger conference rooms, MS Café with 100-seater capacity, and storage/locker rooms, the new office is a great venue toboost employees’ productivity and promote good working relationships. Undoubtedly, this stands as proof of the continuous growth of MicroSourcing.In behalf of the newsletter committee, I want to thank Stephen Paolo Peña for the layout, as well as Katrina Bagabagon, Gwen Llana, Andrea de los Santos, andMarilou Soriano from MMP for their feature articles in this issue.We welcome any comments and suggestions that will make our newsletter a lot better and more informative. If you have topics that you want to be covered inthe next issue, please send me an email at Thank you very much! 15