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Selling to giants_08282013


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Things and concepts to consider when attempting large account selling. Marketing services and products to major corporations.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Selling to giants_08282013

  1. 1. What Do They Want, Really…
  2. 2. …And How Do You Get In The Door? A Harmonic Viewpoint: Building New Client Relationships and Expanding Your Business
  3. 3. Alliance Business Collaboration
  4. 4. A Vision “Everything hooked up to everything else.” Tom Peters
  5. 5. A Vision  On the front-end, computer-aided design systems speed up the design process and the marketing process too, allowing for more options, models and customized products…  Computer-aided engineering systems help clarify the manufacturing process – expert systems instantly translate drawings into manufacturing execution plans… 8/30/2013 5First Light LLC Tom Peters
  6. 6. A Vision  Computer-integrated manufacturing systems sort out and guide the whole operations scheme…electronic data interchange routines hook the whole lot up to suppliers and the purchasing process on the one end…  …and every member of the distribution channel (from the wholesalers and dealers to the ultimate end-users) on the other. 8/30/2013 6First Light LLC Tom Peters
  7. 7. A Vision  The whole system links in real time, as updated information in the process is simultaneously fed to almost everyone, regardless of rank or vertical location in the hierarchy.”  “And if that isn’t enough information, an army of independent data vendors are providing timely, inexpensive data about everything and everyone to everyone else.” 8/30/2013 7First Light LLC Tom Peters
  8. 8. The New Harmonic View “You can do organizational development in two years, or you can do it in two hours – take your pick.” 8/30/2013 8First Light LLC Tom Peters
  9. 9. 8/30/2013 9First Light LLC Differentiation Collaboration Dialogue Assimilation The New Harmonic View
  10. 10. Collaboration  Electronic Systems Collaboration  Hardware – Software – Middleware  People Systems Collaboration  Moments of truth – any touch between your people and people in the value chain  Systems Engineering Collaboration  Second level connectivity  Systems connecting systems 8/30/2013 10First Light LLC Collaboration
  11. 11. 8/30/2013 11First Light LLC Financial Systems Procurement Systems Supply Chain Operations and Mgmt Systems Distribution Systems Manufacturing Systems Engineering Systems Logistics Systems Alliance Business Collaboration A B C Collaboration Engineering Systems
  12. 12. Value Chain Collaboration 8/30/2013 12First Light LLC IL O OL MS S Company Value Chain Buyer Value Chain Michael Porter “A company lowers buyer cost or raises buyer performance through the impact of its value chain on the buyer’s value chain.” FI HRM TD P FI HRM TD P Collaboration IL O OL MS S
  13. 13. Assimilation  Linkages in the Demand Chain, the Supply Chain, and the Value Chain  You have to assimilate into the business flow. There is no option. You either fit, or don’t fit, at a hundred different interface points (or thousands). The less you fit, the more it costs somebody – time , energy and money… 8/30/2013 13First Light LLC Assimilation
  14. 14. Assimilation  …and that somebody is either the client, the customer, a supplier, or you.  Multiple negative fits upstream leads to no contracts.  Multiple negative fits downstream erodes profits and leads to loss of contracts.  Assimilation is just as important as differentiation. 8/30/2013 14First Light LLC Assimilation
  15. 15. Assimilation  Collaboration  Organizational Integration  Harmony  Compromise versus Capitulation 8/30/2013 15First Light LLC Assimilation
  16. 16. Differentiation  Competitive Quality Differentiation  Better, Faster, Cheaper  Continuous Improvement  …a Piece of the Pie  Functional Quality Differentiation  Changing the way things are done  Quantum Improvement  …a Piece of a Better Pie 8/30/2013 16First Light LLC Differentiation
  17. 17. Differentiation  Differentiation is a science and an art.  As a science, a company differentiates itself by either adding value or lowering cost  The art is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it. 8/30/2013 17First Light LLC Differentiation
  18. 18. Dialogue  Dialogue is the lifeblood of sustainable business. It should be real, it should be rich, and it should be flowing continually.  The best selling Harvard Business Review article ever written states that one of the most significant things that cause change efforts to fail is under-communication, usually by more than a factor of ten. 8/30/2013 18First Light LLC Dialogue
  19. 19. Dialogue  Internal Network Communication Flow  External Networking Communications  Organizational Collaboration  Continuous Input and Output  Valid Information: “Here’s what I think I think… What do you think? Maybe together we can move forward” 8/30/2013 19First Light LLC Dialogue
  20. 20. DialogueDifferentiation AssimilationCollaboration
  21. 21. Why Should They Buy From You?  Have you presented a new idea to them lately?  What are your thoughts to best reduce their costs?  Are your complete capabilities known to them? Are they currently using you? Why or why not?  Do you tell them promptly of new concepts and trends, and also new ways to use their existing concepts?  What is your approach to quality? Do you know the quality and the cost-effectiveness of your offerings – or do you just think you do – or do you assume it is okay unless you receive complaints?  What are you doing to improve the effectiveness and the relevance of your offerings?  Have you established a record of deliverable reliability with them? Or with anyone else?  What is your business ethics policy? 8/30/2013 21First Light LLC
  22. 22. 8/30/2013 Veritas