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  1. 1. WELCOME Click to continue
  3. 3. Philippine Presidents EMILIO AGUINALDO First President of the Republic of the Philippines June 12,1898 - March 23,1901 PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: March 26, 1869  Place of Birth: Kawit Cavite Father: Carlos Aguinaldo  Mother: Trinidad Famy First Wife: Hilaria del Rosario Second Wife: Maria Agoncillo  Date of Death: February 6, 1964  Place of Death: Quezon City  Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest Age at death: 95 "We cannot free ourselves unless we move forward united in a single desire." FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION Overcome after the United States is Spain in 1898 , he declared the independence of the Philippines and sit as the first president of the Philippines in June 1899
  4. 4. Philippine Presidents MANUEL L QUEZON First president of the Philippine Commonwealth  Nov. 15, 1935-Aug. 1, 1944 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: August 19, 1878  Place of Birth: Baler, Tayabas  Father: Lucio Quezon  Mother: Maria Dolores Molina  Espouse: Aurora Aragon   Children: Maria Aurora, Zenaida and Manuel, Jr .  Date of Death: August 1, 1944   Place of Death: Saranac Lake, New York, U.S. Cause of Death: Tuberculosis  Age at Death: 66 He served in the revolution, fighting in Tarlac, Pampanga, and Bataan, and ended up with the rank of major. "Father of the National Language". “ My loyalty to my party ends while my loyalty to may country begins.”
  5. 5. Philippine Presidents JOSE P LAUREL Second President of the Philippine Commonwealth  August 1, 1944 - May 8,1946 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: March 9, 1891  Place of Birth: Tanauan, Batangas   Father: Sotero Laurel  Mother: Jacoba Garcia  Espouse: Prudencia Hidalgo  Children: Jose II, Jose III, Sotero , Natividad, Rosenda, Potenciana, Mariano, Salvador and Arsenio  Date of Death: November 6, 1959 Place of Death: Manila Cause of Death: Heart Attack   Age at Death: 68 President Laurel distinguished himself for his advocacy of women's suffrage and his sponsorship of the Bill of Rights of the Philippine constitution .  "Truthfulness, honesty, justice and charity are qualities of the man of character."
  6. 6. Philippine Presidents SERGIO OSMENA Second President of the Philippine Commonwealth  August 1, 1944 - May 8,1946 CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: September 9, 1878  Place of Birth: Cebu City  Mother: Juana Suico  First Wife: Estefania Chiong Veloso  Second: Esperanza Limjap  Children by Estefania Veloso: Vicente, Edilberto, Nicosia, Mildgros, Emilia, Teodoro, Jose and Sergio, Jr. Children by Esperanza Limjap: Ramon, Rosalina  Date of Death: 1961  Place of Death: Veteran's Memorial Hospital, Quezon City  Age at Death: 83 <ul><ul><li>A lawyer, he espoused the cause of independence through peaceful </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>means as editor of the Cebu newspaper  El Nuevo Dia  (New Day), </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>which he founded in 1900. In 1907, he was elected as representative of </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Cebu and later became speaker of the first Philippine Assembly. In 1922, </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>he was elected as senator. He headed important government missions </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>to the U. S. Osmena returned to the Philippines on October 20, 1944, </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>together with Gen. Douglas MacArthur. In February 1945, he took the </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>reins of government.  </li></ul></ul>
  7. 7. Philippine Presidents MANUEL A ROXAS Last President of the Philippine Commonwealth  First President of the Third Republic of the Philippines  May 28, 1946-April 5, 1948 CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: January 1, 1892  Place of Birth: Capiz  Father: Gerardo Roxas  Mother: Rosario Acuna  Espouse: Trinidad de Leon  Children: Ruby and Gerardo  Date of Birth: April 15, 1948  Place of Death: Angeles City,Pampanga  Cause of death: Heart Attack  Age at Death: 56 In 1948, Roxas declared amnesty for those arrested for collaborating with the Japanese during World War II, except for those who had committed violent crimes.
  8. 8. Philippine Presidents ELPIDIO QUIRINO Second President of the Third Republic of the Philippines  April. 17, 1948 - December 30, 1953 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: November 16,1890  Place of Birth: Vigan, llocos Sur  Father: Mariano Quirino  Mother: Gregoria Rivera  Espouse: Alicia Syquia  Children: Armando, Norma and Fe  Date of Death: February 29, 1955  Place of Death: Novaliches, Quezon City  Age at Death: 65 His six years as president were marked by notable postwar reconstruction, general economic gains, and increased economic aid from the United States. Basic social problems, however, particularly in the rural areas, remained unsolved, and his administration was tainted by widespread graft and corruption. &quot; Our noble aspirations for nationhood, long cherished and ardously contended for by our people, will be realized.
  9. 9. Philippine Presidents RAMON MAGSAYSAY Third President of the Third Republic of the Philippines December 30, 1953-March 17, 1957 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: August 3,1907  Place of Birth: Iba, Zambales Father: Exequiel Magsaysay  Mother: Perfecta de Fierro  Espouse: Perfecta de Fierro Children: Teresita, Milagros and Ramon Jr Date of Death: March 7, 1957  Place of Death: Mt.Manunggal, Cebu Cause of Death: Plane crash  Age at Death: 50 he made Malacañáng Palace literally a &quot;house of the people&quot;, opening its gates to the public. “ challenging Indonesians to expose corruption and claim their right to clean government.”
  10. 10. Philippine Presidents CARLOS P GARCIA Fourth President of the Third Republic of the Philippines March 18, 1957 - December 30,1961 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: November 4, 1896  Place of Birth: Talibon, Bohol  Father: Policarpio Garcia  Mother: Ambrosia Polistico   Espouse: Leonila Dimatiga   Child: Linda Garcia-Campos  Date of Death: June 14, 1957   Cause of Death: Heart attack  Age at death: 61 he acted on the Bohlen–Serrano Agreement which shortened the lease of the US Bases from 99 years to 25 years and made it renewable after every five years. He also exercised the Filipino First Policy, for which he was known. This policy heavily favored Filipino businessmen over foreign investors. He was also responsible for changes in retail trade which greatly affected the Chinese businessmen in the country. &quot;Only those can remain free who are worthy of it. Freedom must be constantly deserved.”
  11. 11. Philippine Presidents DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL Fifth President of the Third Republic of the Philippines December 30-1961 - December 30, 1965 CONTRIBUTION FAMOUS LINE PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: September 28, 1910  Place of Birth: Lubao, Pampanga  Father: Urbano Macapagal  Mother: Romana Pangan  First wife: Purita de la Rosa  Second Wife: Dra. Evangelina Macaraeg  Children by Purita de la Rosa: Cielo and Arthur  Children by Dra. Evangelina Macaraeg: Diosdado, Jr. and Gloria   Date of Death: April 21,1997  Place of Death: Makati  Cause of Death: Heart disease, severe colds and kidney trouble. Age at Death: 87 During his presidency, the Philippines enjoyed prosperity and was the second most developed country in the Asian region, next only to Japan and ahead of the future tiger economies of Asia such as Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. Allowed the Philippine peso to float on the free currency exchange market. abolition of tenancy and accompanying land reform program in the Agricultural Land Reform Code of 1963 which underscored his endeavor to fight mass poverty. “ I have sat at the sumptuous tables of power, but I have not run away with the silverware.”
  12. 12. Philippine Presidents FERDINAND E MARCOS Sixth and last President of the Third Republic of the Philippines December 30, 1965 - February 25, 1986 President of the Fourth Republic of the Philippines  June 30, 1981 - February 25,1986 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: September 11, 1917  Place of Birth: Sarrat, llocos Norte  Father: Mariano Marcos  Mother: Josefa Edralin  Espouse: Imelda Romualdez  Children: Maria Imelda, Ferdinand Jr., and Irene Date of Death: September 28, 1989  Place of Death: Makiki, Honolulu, Hawaii  Age at death : 72 During his first term he had made progress in agriculture, industry, and education. Yet his administration was troubled by increasing student demonstrations and violent urban-guerrilla activities. Initially, he had a good record as president and the Filipinos expected him to be one of the best. However, conditions changed in later years and his popularity with the people started diminishing. Proclaimed Martial Law. “ Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone.”
  13. 13. Philippine Presidents CORAZON C AQUINO First President of the Fifth Republic of the Philippines First Woman President of the Republic of the Philippines  February 26, 1986 - June 30, 1992 CONTRIBUTION FAMOUS LINE PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: January 25, 1933  Place of Birth: Manila  Father: Jose Cojuangco  Mother: Demetria Sumulong  Espouse: Benigno &quot;Ninoy&quot; Aquino, Jr.   Children: Maria, Aurora, Benigno III, Victoria and Kristina Despite the euphoria following the overthrow of the Marcos government, Aquino faced the massive challenge of restoring the nation. She established a revolutionary government under the terms of a provisional &quot;Freedom Constitution&quot;, legally establishing the structure of the government pending the adoption of a permanent, democratically-drafted constitution. “ I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.”
  14. 14. Philippine Presidents FIDEL V RAMOS Second President of the Fifth Republic of the Philippines June 30, 1992 - June 30, 1998 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: March 18, 1928  Place of Birth: Lingayen, Pangasinan  Father: Atty. Narciso Ramos   Mother: Angela Valdez  Espouse: Amelita Martinez During his administration, Ramos began implementing economic reforms intended to open up the once-closed national economy, encourage private enterprise, invite more foreign and domestic investment, and reduce corruption. “ It has stabilized a little better than the situation of July 8 and July 25, let's put it that way,”
  15. 15. Philippine Presidents JOSEPH E ESTRADA Third President of the Fifth Republic of the Philippines June 30, 1998 - Jan. 20, 2001 FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: April 19, 1937   Place of Birth: Tondo, Manila  Father: Engr. Emilio Ejercito   Mother: Maria Marcelo  Espouse: Dra. Luisa Pimentel  Children: Jinggoy, Jacqueline and Jude Idolized by the poor, he campaigned on a combination of policies that are both market-friendly and designed to reduce widespread poverty in a population of 70 million. “ The victims here are the poor people, the squatters. So that is my top priority, ”
  16. 16. Philippine Presidents GLORIA M ARROYO Fourth President of the Fifth Republic of the Philippines January 20, 2001 - Present FAMOUS LINE CONTRIBUTION PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: April 5, 1947  Place of Birth: San Juan, Rizal  Father: Diosdado Macapagal, Sr.  Mother: Evangelina Macaraeg  Espouse: Atty. Jose Miguel T. Arroyo   Children: Juan Miguel, Evengelina Lourdes and Diosdado Ignacio Arroyo, a practicing economist, has made the economy the focus of her presidency. Early in her presidency, Arroyo implemented a controversial policy of holiday economics, adjusting holidays to form longer weekends with the purpose of boosting domestic tourism and allowing Filipinos more time with their families “ grand display of maturity that seals our stability and resilience as a nation.”