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Social Media with SM4B

  1. 1. Social Media has got a lot of buzz in recent years due to howquickly it appears to have become mainstream.Years taken to reach 50m users.... Radio 38yrs TV 13yrs Internet 4yrs iPod 3yrs But Facebook added 100m users in only 9mths....
  2. 2. Over 50% of the worlds population is under 30years old.96% of them have joined a Social Network.The fastest growing segment on Facebook.Is 55-65 year old FemalesPeople care more about how their social graph ranks products and servicesThan how Google ranks them.Business 2 Business use Social Media more than Business 2 ConsumerNot much more though....86% vs 82%.The tops applications for the use of Social Media for B2B users areThought leadership (59.8%), lead generation (48.9%), customerfeedback (45.7%) and advertising on sites (34.7%)If Facebook were a country....Its would be the worlds 3rd largest (ahead of the US)78% of consumers trust peer recommendationsOnly 14% trust advertisements
  3. 3. Social Media isnt a fad...Its THE way that we now communicate with ourfriend, client, prospect, grandmother, collegue,investor, mechanic, doctor, teacher, dietician,grocer, vicar, hairdresser, bank....
  4. 4. Four Shifts that Social Mediarepresents....
  5. 5. 1. We have Moved online... -24 of the top 25 newspaper titles are experiencing record decline -78% of Business Owners no longer buy a newspaper -The News finds us via Social Media – products, services and brands follow
  6. 6. 2. Information online is being searched for in different ways... -YouTube is now the worlds second largest search engine -We listen to Podcasts subscribe to RSS feeds, etc. -Facebook has overtaken Google in the US as the most popular website
  7. 7. 3. Open Communication – sharing... users expect to read comments, Reviews, ratings, etc. -14% of UK consumers believe what a brand tells them -78% of UK Consumers believe what fellow consumers tell them -25% of the search results for the worlds top 20 brands are links to user generated content - wikipedia has over 13,000,000 articles
  8. 8. 4. Users only subscribe to info that interests them, thats all... -Opted in Email Newsletter -Become a fan on Facebook – valuable opt in -Age barriers are breaking down as Social Media becomes a cultural shift (a 523% increase in over 55yr olds on Facebook in 2009)
  9. 9. Social Media also enables brands tomarket using a medium and style thatconsumers now expect and desire.Traditional advertising is designed tointerrupt your day (push marketing)...●Email Blasts●Telesales●Printed Ads●Direct mail●TV●RadioBut the average UK consumer is exposed to 3000 imagesper day, its getting harder for marketeers to grabconsumers attention using these traditional marketingmediums.
  10. 10. Couple that with the fact thattechnology is making it harderto get the attention ofconsumers through traditionalmedia...Spam Filters stop eshots being delivered, CallerID stops call centres getting through, and withDigital TV we often fast forward through theadverts now....
  11. 11. Interruption (Push) Permission (Pull) Let people find you when researchingStill affective but getting more difficult the market – Pull them in (opt in).●Telemarketing ●SEO/SEM●Direct mail●Email Blasts ●Blogging ●Social Media●Printed Adds ●RSS●TV/Radio Ads ●Free trials/Tools ●Viral Videos
  12. 12. Social Media goes mobile....If 2010 was the year of Social Media then 2011 is the year that Social goes Mobile....●80% of Twitter updates are from Mobile●16m UK users access Facebook via their mobile●200,000,000 iPhone Application downloads so far●149% growth in 2009 of mobile internet use – 65% was the iPhoneConsumer experiences can be shared on mass as they happen-complaints and praises can be instant.
  13. 13. Return on Investment in Social Media...?
  14. 14. Gary Vaynerchuk grew his family businessfrom $4 to $50m using Social Media -$15,000 spent on Direct mail delivered him 200 new customers -$7,5000 spent on Billboards delivered him 300 new customers - But a fraction of that spent on Twitter delivered him 1,800 new customers
  15. 15. Burger Kings Whopper Sacrifice FacebookApplication reached a huge audience anddelivered an unprecidented ROI... -cost an estimated $50,000 -Return on Investment an estimated $400,000 inpress/media value -32 million Free Media Impressions
  16. 16. 37% of Generation Y were aware of the newFord Fiesta via Social Media prior to its launch “You cant just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other.” James Farley, CMO Ford
  17. 17. Sold $3,000,000 worth ofcomputers on TwitterInvested $15k in Social Mediaand drove up website traffic by 300% andsales up by 20%Increased sales by 29%In July 2010 solely by using Facebook.
  18. 18. Why Focus More on SocialMedia? The eight core objectives that webuild into an overall Social Media Strategy....
  19. 19. 1. Engagement with Customers.Your customers are now hanging out on Social Networking sitesand that is where they want to be talked to and haveconversations – with the brands that they like as well as friends.As a brand you can talk to and engage with your customers, whoin turn are your best advocates and with your stimulation willgenerate effective word of mouth, as long as your Social Mediastructure is considered and managed.NOTE:hang out where your customers are now spending most of theirtime and are most receptive to being engaged with. 24 of theworlds top 25 newspaper titles are experiencing record decline asthe news now finds us via Social Media (and now brands,products, and businesses).
  20. 20. 2.Drive Sales.Although the attitude on Social Media is more inlinewith PR and hanging out with your customers, youronline customer community wants to know what elsethey can get out of their relationship with you. Drivesales both within Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, aswell as to external places, ie, web traffic or foot flow.NOTE:Old Spice Body Wash increased sales by 107% in onemonth using Social Media and Dominos Pizzagenerated a 29% increase in sales by using Facebookin July 2010.
  21. 21. 3. Find New Customers.SM4B unique Social Media software enables us stepbeyond natural organic growth of a Facebook page (orTwitter profile) into proactively finding and inviting usersthat fit your target profile or are members of competitorgroup pages, and so on.We can guarantee anything up to 10,000 fans permonth. We cannot force users to join your page but willconsistently find and invite users, guaranteeing tosurpass our minimum agreed figures.NOTE:Facebook users are now getting much more protectiveabout their wall on Facebook, hence, they areincreasingly more selective about the brands that theybecome fans of on Facebook. They will only join andengage with brands and businesses that they genuinelywant to know more about and receive messages fromonto their personal Facebook space.
  22. 22. 4. Build Brand Visibilityand Loyalty.Social Media is extremely time consuming butSM4B eat and sleep it. By being consistentlyactive we are always there and active with yourgrowing online customer community, ensuring itsinviting, engaging, and fun.Through developing a Social Media strategy planwe ensure that a brand message is pushed intoall areas of the web, in the right way, engagingwith users and harnessing peer to peerrecommendations and consumer advocates.NOTE:By combining the viral nature of Social Media withour targeting software and Social Marketingexpertise we can ensure that your brand is exactlywhere your customers are now hanging out. Theare talking about you anyway, you just need to bepresent, and involved.
  23. 23. 5. Research.Although a little down the list for many clients who at firstwant to focus on the unique marketing and salesopportunities of Social Media, the valuable research pool thatSocial Media (especially Facebook) delivers is unique.An immediate feedback group who are engaged and morethan willing to share, comment, and get deeper involved withthe brand. The knock on to the customer relationship is amore entrenched feeling of value and importance to thebrand.NOTE:Ask customers what they want. In the past it was toorestrictive to get the attention of so many target customerswho were engaged and interested enough to provide anopinion – a harnessed customer community cares about thebrand and its direction.
  24. 24. 6. Customer Service.Social Media is not just about sales and marketing, it is abroadcast tool that delivers any message to the placewhere your customers now spend their time and areactive. Brands can communicate messages instantly toyour customers – from announcements, productchanges, opening times, anything that your customersneed to know.Customer support queries can be aired by clients on aFacebook page for example and not necessarilyanswered by the brand - maybe your customers cananswer questions (or complaints) for you in a more directmanor than you can as the brand.NOTE:Many of our clients report a reduction in call centre trafficthrough effective Social Media structure with customersposting queries or messaging via Social Media – ifinvited.
  25. 25. 7. Influence Behaviour andPromotion.Users in your marketplace are going to talk about your market,the products within it, and your brand. Whether theirconversation is good or bad you need to be involved in it.Either just to observe or to get involved and influence what isbeing said about you.A brand needs to allow your online community talk to eachother and generate online word of mouth (the marketing HolyGrail). The New Look brand needs to monitor and ensure theconversation is correct and dip in and out of the conversationas appropriate.NOTE:80% of Twitter updates are now from mobile with 76% of UKusers using Facebook from their mobile – a bad customerexperience can be imprinted on the internet (and read by theeach engines) within seconds.14% of UK consumers believe what a brand tells them, 78%believe what their fellow consumers tell them. Your customerscan be your best advocate and advertisement (online word ofmouth) but it needs to be consistently monitored.
  26. 26. 8. Search Engine Optimisation.Structured Social Media has a huge impact upon SearchEngine Optimisation.All activity posted on any of your Social Networking Platformsby SM4B is tag linked to create powerful contextual link buildingfrom trusted and reputable websites.Since February 2010 Facebook now reads Facebook pagesand Twitter tweets just as it would a traditional website. Initself this enables a Social Media active brand to create a farreaching web presence that can create Page Dominanceacross the leading search engines.NOTE:Couple the above with 80% of Twitter updates now being frommobile means that consumers now update from anywhere,instantly. What does this do for bad customer experiences?Tweet they can tweet their dissatisfaction instantly and this isstamped on the internet for Search Engine recognition. Its isimportant for a brand to influence control and influencewherever possible across all avenues of Social.
  27. 27. Why Outsource SocialMedia...???Valuable ExpertiseWe live, sleep, and eat Social Media.A fast moving industry where if you are active you need to beforward thinking constantly evolving daily. Social Mediatransforms marketing activity into real time.Social Media is Time ConsumingYou have to be always there in Social Media.Your customers and potential customers can now engage withbrands (in two way dialogue) 24/7 and you need to be involved.Unique Target Marketing SoftwareWith our bespoke technology we can find potential target profilecustomers, introduce them to your brand, and then market directlyto them.
  28. 28. key SM4BSocial Media services....
  29. 29. 1. Social Media Strategy and TrainingSocial Media and Social Networking is already ahuge and complicated arena where mistakes caneasily happen and they can be very costly.A lot of time can be easily be wasted with no ROI.It shouldnt be like that and Social Media doneright should be straight forward and emensivelyrewarding – both in terms of ROI and opertaionalimprovement.SM4B can provide Social Media consultancy andsupport at all levels, designing nd managing anoveral corporate strategy as well as bespoketraining for key-personel.
  30. 30. 2. Additional Branding and FeaturesOn Facebook, we can add additional design featuresto maximise the branding opportunities on page.Unlike a traditional web presence Facebook brandingcan change continually, maximising the shop windowand functionality of the page.We have our own unique Facebook page app, canintegrate video, flash design, and much more.
  31. 31. 3. Activity Management.We manage all daily posts and interaction withusers, ie, answering questions, etc, working closelywith key staff.Daily posts are a variety of text, video, images, urllinks, and so on, designed to engage and generateinteraction as well as tag linked for inclusion inrelevant Search Engine Searches.Its important that brands on Social Media areconstantly active, engaging, and entertaining inSocial Media and that customers questions areanswered, with all activity being responded toquickly and correctly.NOTE:The average time spent on Facebook is now 3.5 hrsdaily, with users checking their Facebook page anaverage of 5 times each day. 28.3m UK users arenow active Facebook users with 80% of Twitterupdates now being from mobile...
  32. 32. 4. 24/7 Monitoring.As a Facebook audience grows (fans) then thelevel of customer-to-customer and customer-to-brand increases, ie, posts from customers andcomments against brand posts.This activity needs constant (time consuming)monitoring to ensure that not only are all userinteraction/questions, etc, responded to, butalso that any profanity or brand damagingcontent is removed or alerted and respondedto- the development and management of aSocial Media Marketing Policy.NOTE:Your Social online community will talk to eachother about you but this needs consistentmonitoring and brand interjection andinvolvement when required.
  33. 33. 5. Unique Target Marketing.A Facebook page will naturally attract fans fromthose users already aware of the brand (existingcustomers) who may search for the brand of(more commonly) follow a link from a brandwebsite, etc.However, SM4B software allows us tofind and introduce to a brand potential customersthat fit your target profile. This transforms thevalue of the fanbase into not only existingcustomers but also new customers that anew relationship is formed with.NOTE:We cannot force users to join a Facebookpage, we can only invite them, they must decideto join the page themselves – an extremelypowerful opt in. We can however guaranteeminimum numbers of fans who will joinmonthly (upto 5k monthly). No othermarketing medium can deliver suchtargeting with such a powerful opt inand engagement.
  34. 34. 6. Bespoke ApplicationsTaking integration to another level we can design and buildbespoke Facebook applications that can lever thetremendous viral and targeting power of Facebook andTwitter in particular.
  35. 35. 7. Viral VideoVideo is a huge part of Social Media. Notlong video epics, but short, snappy viralvideo that is designed purely for SocialMedia, to be shared online and to maximiseviral reach.
  36. 36. SM4B....A team of 6 who live, breath, and sleep SocialMedia. Including ex-Google staff with a wealth ofknowledge and expertise in targeted onlinemarketing.Based in Sheffield, UK, with customers spreadthroughout the UK, Europe, and beyond, coveringa wide range of B2B and B2C markets andindustries.SM4B was formed in 2008 from combining twosuccessful online marketing and new mediacompanies into one brand that has so far seenmassive growth in a fast changing marketplace.We manage the presences and have beeninvolved in pioneering Social Media campaignsfor some of the worlds leading brands and remainat the very forefront of results-orientated SocialMedia Marketing.
  37. 37. Social Media is a brand investment, driven by aneed for brands to now be hanging out withtheir customers in the place that they are nowhanging out. A very different proposition tomore traditional media that can be moreprecisely measured, ie, PPC advertising, SEO,etc.