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My Biography


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EFL biography writing task

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My Biography

  1. 1. My BiographyName: # Class:
  2. 2. Task 1Look at the pictures on the cover of this booklet. Work with your partner. Answer thequestions.Who are the people in the pictures?_________________________________________________________What is a “hotline”?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Task 2Scan the biography below and underline the time-order signal words. The first one isdone for you. I was born on an interesting day. I was born on 30 August 1963. On the sameday, the Hotline between Soviet and American leaders went into operation. MaryShelly, the creator of Frankenstein, the actress Cameron Diaz and the tennis playerAndy Roddick were also born on 30 August. My life has been interesting since theday I was born. My childhood was stressful. Two years after I was born, my brother John wasborn. I was very jealous of him because my mother spent all her time with him. Then,when I was five years old, I started school. I stayed at my first school for only fourmonths because my family moved. Between the ages of five and thirteen I attendedfive different schools. Finally, I entered high school in 1977. I was happy to become ateenager. My high school days were great. Soon after I entered high school I joined agarage band. Actually we played in a basement, not a garage. A year later, the bandbroke up because my guitar playing was so bad. When I was 16 I fell in love for thefirst time. Her name was Litsa. She was Greek Canadian. I started studying Greek atthis time. Eight months after we met Litsa broke my heart. Even still, my high schooldays were great.
  3. 3. 225 words Your BiographyTask 3Go to the following websites: a. Make a list of interesting events that happened on your birthday. b. Make a list of famous people born on the same day as you.Task 4Draw a time line of your life.
  4. 4. Task 5Write your biography. Write one paragraph explaining why the day youwere born was special, one paragraph for your childhood, one paragraphfor your junior high school days, and one paragraph for your high schooldays. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________