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All Things WordPress: Customizing Your Website with Advanced Custom Fields


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This session will be lead by Issac Scheidt of Ramp Ventures

Building custom page templates with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is easy with very little coding required. We will look through the basic options the plugin provides and build a custom page template by doing a little bit of PHP work. We’ll also take a peek at some of the options available with ACF Pro and look through a theme that’s completely built with ACF.

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All Things WordPress: Customizing Your Website with Advanced Custom Fields

  1. 1. All Things WordPress Customizing Your Website With Advanced Custom Fields Isaac Scheidt
  2. 2. ClickHOST Carel Bekker ClickHOST now offers Managed WordPress hosting on AWS: ● 30GB High performance SSD disk space ● 2x Backups per day for 30 days ● Daily malware scanning ● Starting at $49/month
  3. 3. About Me Isaac Scheidt ● Graduated from UGA in 2012 ● Worked 3+ years for a traditional marketing agency ● Founded Ramp Ventures in 2015 to provide affordable websites for organizations focused on helping others
  4. 4. About Ramp Ventures Isaac Scheidt ● Website Goals ○ Beautiful ○ Affordable ○ Simple ● Tools we use: ○ WordPress multisite ○ Fully customizable WP Theme (using ACF Pro) ○ Customized child themes
  5. 5. Options For Building Custom WP Websites Isaac Scheidt ● Page Builder plugins (Beaver Builder) ○ Great for individual page customizations. ● Fully custom WordPress theme ○ Great if you have the knowledge to code this. ● Plugins (Advanced Custom Fields)
  6. 6. Advantages of ACF Isaac Scheidt ● Faster Coding ○ Faster than page builders when you need to repeat functionality. ● Client Updates ○ Ability to let clients update their site without breaking things. ○ Helps hide unnecessary parts of WP from clients (elements not supported by a theme)
  7. 7. What does ACF do? Isaac Scheidt ● Adds custom fields to almost anywhere on your site ● Allows client to style site without coding knowledge ● Display ACF values throughout your theme ○ Page Templates ○ Customizing themes (custom loop, page variables…) ● Basic example fields: ○ Text block ○ WYSIWYG editor ○ Date picker ○ Select/Radio Buttons/Checkboxes
  8. 8. ACF for Posts Isaac Scheidt ● Add variables to display post differently in the loop. ● Add display options to posts ○ Videos ○ Images ○ Headlines & subheadlines ● Limit functionality based on category or post type ○ Hide Content Editor, Featured Image, Tags…
  9. 9. ACF for Pages Isaac Scheidt ● Example custom fields ○ Alternate titles ○ Featured image placement (background images) ○ Repeating functionality on pages (bios, services…) ○ Flexible content - store all your page functionalities in one page template. ● Assign ACF based on page template or page name ● Placement options on page (below title, sidebar….)
  10. 10. Isaac Scheidt ● Custom Page Templates ○ ACF Examples page ○ ACF Repeater page
  11. 11. ACF for Theme Options Isaac Scheidt ● Build a fully custom theme with styling options ○ Header styling ○ Font options ○ Custom loop builder
  12. 12. Isaac Scheidt ● 3 post options for display in the loop ○ Standard with large image ○ Smaller image to the side ○ Video post
  13. 13. Isaac Scheidt ● Events custom post type ○ Date field that expires the post ○ Time of event ○ Location Information ○ Custom link to RSVP through third party site.
  14. 14. Isaac Scheidt ● Custom post options ○ Lots of imagery throughout posts ○ Switches between content & images multiple times ○ Simple gallery with optional caption
  15. 15. Isaac Scheidt ● Flexible Content Fields ○ Combined multiple page templates into one. ○ Ability to repeat sections on multiple pages
  16. 16. ACF Extras Isaac Scheidt ● ACF Coding Resources (PHP examples) ● Conditional Logic on any field ● Relationship fields - pull content from selected posts/pages (Reverse query) ● Ability to hide WP functionality
  17. 17. ACF Pro Features Isaac Scheidt ● Repeater ● Flexible content ● Gallery ● Options Page ● ○ Personal - $25 single site (lifetime updates) ○ Pro - $100 unlimited sites (lifetime updates)
  18. 18. Try It Yourself - Isaac Scheidt ● Signup Button ● Username & Email Address “Gimme A Site” -> “Next” ● Site Domain & Site Title -> “Signup” ● Check your email - verification link ● Login info will be sent to your email ● Activate Ramp 2.0 Theme
  19. 19. Questions? Isaac Scheidt