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Colorado 2012 Joint Information Systems at Work


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What did the Joint Information System and Joint Information Center look like this year in Colorado as multiple fires and law enforcement events took place in the State. It was different each time. Here's a look at what I observed, and participated in, for 2012 OEM.

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Colorado 2012 Joint Information Systems at Work

  1. Colorado 2012JointInformationSystemJointInformationCenterMicki Trost, PIOColorado Division of HomelandSecurity & Emergency
  2. Joint Information Center Incident CommanderJIC Facilities Liaison Lead Public Information Officer Information Gathering & Information Field Information Group Production Group Dissemination Group Gathering Unit Internal Unit Community Relations Unit Research & Writing Unit Media & Rapid Response Unit Media Field Unit Audio-Visual Support Unit Briefing Unit VIP Unit Media Monitoring Unit Telephone Unit Web-Net Unit
  3. Joint Information System• More Realistic • Staffing ~ Resources • Incident Needs• Relationships and People• “#smem makes JIS worldwide”• Establish Communication Methods
  4. Summer 2012 Incidents• Lower North Fork Fire• Elbert-Kiowa-Lamar County Tornadoes• Hewlett Gulch Fire• High Park Fire• Summer Wildfires: Little Sand, Sunrise Mine, Last Chance, 30+ more (17 wildfires on July 3 alone)• Waldo Canyon Fire• Aurora Theater Shooting• Presidential Debate• Jessica Ridgeway Abduction
  5. Lower North Fork FireJefferson County, March 26, 2012
  6. Lower North Fork Fire
  7. Lower North Fork Fire
  8. Lower North Fork Fire• Google Map: 2.7 million direct views• Emergency Blog• Press Conference• Twitter• Trap Line• Community Meetings• VIP Visits• State PIO Liaison at ICP• Communication and Social Media Plan at
  9. Lower North Fork FirePublic Information Officer Workspace• 8-10 PIOs from Jeffco IMT.• Inside Incident Command Post utilizing four middle school lab tables.• Each PIO had a laptop, cellphone and their GO-Kits. A couple of PIOs had cameras.• As incident expanded the transition to a Type I team included two additional Type I IMT PIOs.
  10. Tornadoes: Elbert – Kiowa – Lamar Colorado• Early contact and information sharing• PIO support sent to Kiowa County• COEmergency retweeting and posting from local jurisdiction – Twitter – Websites – Faxes – Assisted with local media interviews
  11. High Park Fire:Larimer County Sheriff, June 9, 2012
  12. High Park Fire
  13. High Park Fire
  14. High Park• Early communication and process for information sharing established in Prior Hewlett Gulch Fire. State PIO included on Larimer County Sheriff Press Release email list and is subscribed to the county emergency news website page.• Tied into Larimer County Information and Social Media Sites• State PIO participation in Larimer’s first Disaster Recovery Meeting to meet Community Relations and PIO staff.• VIP Visits• State PIO Liaison for one week and visited: • JIC • ICP • Disaster Recovery Center • Community Meetings
  15. High Park• Public Information and Public Affairs Support requested from the incident to the State EOC• Colorado National Guard Public Affairs Team • Photos • VideoPublic Information Mission Sets inWebEOC available to any incident
  16. High ParkPublic Information Officer Workspace In JIC• Conference room in the Larimer County Sheriff office next to the dispatch center.• 10-12 PIOs and county agency representatives in the JIC.• Three-four 2-1-1 representative taking phone calls for volunteers and donations and inputting the data in the web based system.• One State field manager and PIO.• County Emergency Manager was in the same room as well as Ham Operators.• Information received from the ICP from a sheriff liaison and through media briefings.
  17. Waldo Canyon FireEl Paso County, June 23, 2012
  18. Waldo Canyon Fire Twitter Accounts Tied Together
  19. Waldo Canyon Fire
  20. Waldo Canyon Fire • JIC – CSEPP PIO/ PAO support • Liaison between ICP and EOC • No State PIO Liaison • PIO conference calls regarding Recovery Center and Information • Request through SEOC for PIO support in recovery phase
  21. State EOC ESF15 Support• On July 3: 17 large fires in addition to High Park Fire and Waldo Canyon Fire• Tourism Questions• National Media Questions• PIO conference calls between counties, state and federal• COEmergency sites used to push public and media to official agency• WebEOC• FEMA Incident Management Assistance Team deployed to SEOC • Social Media Monitoring • Media Monitoring and Daily Reports • AIR Teams • Disaster Declaration Information Assistance • Factsheets • Congressional Contacts and Visits • VIP Visits • Recovery Information and Preliminary Damage Assessments • Photos • 20+ people working
  22. COEmergency Twitter SiteHashtags: #COfire #COwx #COhealth: Situational Awareness
  23. COEmergency Facebook
  24. COEmergency Blogsite
  25. State EOC ESF 15Public Information Officer Workspace in the State EOC• State EOC plus two FEMA IMAT public affairs representatives in the EOC with an additional 20+ public affairs staff in a conference room in the building.• Each PIO had a computer, internet access and phone line.• The FEMA public affairs lead and the State ESF 15 lead attended all Command and General Staff meetings during the day and coordinated ESF 15 activities.
  26. Aurora Theater Shooting Aurora PD, July 9, 2012Primary source ofinformation comingout was throughthe Aurora PDFacebook page andthrough mediabriefings.
  27. Aurora Theater ShootingPublic Information Officer Liaison Program• Utilized the local PIO group in Denver (ESPIOC) to support the families of the 12 killed and some of those hospitalized for a long period.• Goal to support the families and remove the crush of media on them, stop the phone calls, assist with funeral coverage and court hearings, but never by caught in front of a camera or quoted.• Orientation provided by Aurora PD PIO, District Attorney, Victim Advocates.• Well received by media.• Communication strategy • Gmail Accounts – • Google Voice - number given to media • Google Alerts
  28. Aurora Theater ShootingPublic Information Officer Workspace - observed• Utilized a conference room at the Police Department.• Three – six PIOs in conference room with laptops, phone lines, cell phones, white boards.• Also used space in the PD PIO office.• Called in assistance from ESPIOC (Emergency Services Public Information Officers of Colorado).
  29. Jessica Ridgeway Case:Westminster PD, October 2012
  30. Jessica Ridgeway Case
  31. Jessica Ridgeway CaseESPIOC Support to Westminster PD Public Information Officers
  32. Jessica Ridgeway CasePublic Information Officer Workspace• Utilized the ESPIOC network.• Utilized the Westminster PD PIO office space• Two – Three computers, land line phones and four tv monitors.• Communicated through social media and news conferences.
  33. Building Joint Information System• Join or establish local Public Information Groups• Ask for help• ColoradoPIO Facebook Group• Colorado/Utah Joint Information System Facebook Group• Twitter #smemchats on Fridays• State EOC Resource Request: PIO Mission Set• Colorado National Guard Public Affairs Team (through State EOC resource request)• Sent your press releases, information or let me know where it is located and I will support your efforts to get it to the community and media.• I’d love to visit your PIO group and get to know your teams. Twitter: COEmergency Facebook: COEmergency The relationships are far more important than the technology.