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Options evening powerpoint


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Options evening powerpoint

  1. 1. Media Studies
  2. 2. Media Studies What kind of work do we do?
  3. 3. Practical Work Foundation Portfolio in Media Two minute opening to a film Advanced Portfolio in Media One minute film teaser trailer, magazine & poster + Research, planning and evaluation…
  4. 4. Media Studies Where do we do it?
  5. 5. Department Resources • • • • • • Specially designed main teaching room in the Edward Alleyn Building; Full digital sound and projection facilities; 8 brand new iMacs with 21inch screens Film editing is done using the industry standard software Final Cut Pro X; Production work at A2 level learning to use the powerful, but highly intuitive, software packages Dreamweaver, Photoshop and InDesign CS5 all by Adobe; Both Media Studies teachers are trained in the use of this software and the department has a full-time media technician who is available to help students outside of class time.
  6. 6. Media Studies What other skills will you learn?
  7. 7. Writing skills AS Media Concepts (TV Drama) Analytical essay on a previously unseen 5 minute extract from a British TV drama; applying case studies completed in class on the production, distribution and exhibition of films to an exam question. A2 Critical Perspectives in Media Reflective essay on the process of production; discursive essay on Postmodern film, videogames and TV
  8. 8. Technical Codes • Camera Shot, Angle, Movement & Composition • Mise-en-Scène • Editing • Sound
  9. 9. Representation • Gender • Age • Ethnicity • Sexuality • Class and status • Physical ability/disability • Regional identity
  10. 10. Writing at A2 Level • At A2 the discussion gets more detailed, more interesting and more expansive. You will focus on how the TV, videogame and film industries help create ‘postmodern identities’ and ‘hyperconscious texts’…
  11. 11. Media Studies Other Written Work
  12. 12. • As well as timed essays, students keep an individual blog and are expected to update it weekly as a diary that reflects on their class and production work, as well as posting rough cuts of their films and trailers. Students are encouraged to comment critically on each others’ work. • Students are also expected to analyse and prepare presentations on contemporary films and film companies. For example, this year we are studying ‘Monsters’, ‘Looper’ & ‘Skyfall’ alongside Working Title Films, BBC Films and Film Four.
  13. 13. Media Studies Media Department Trips
  14. 14. The Ritzy, Brixton The IMAX, Waterloo
  15. 15. Course Overview AS Level Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Two minute opening to a film A2 Level Unit G322 Key Unit G324 Media Advanced Concepts (TV Portfolio in Drama) Media Textual analysis 60 second film of TV drama and teaser trailer, representation; website homepage detailed study of and main poster the film industry Unit G325 Critical Perspectives in Media Reflective essay on the process of production; analysis of representation in British film and TV Coursework 2 hr Exam Coursework 2 hr Exam 25% 25% 25% 25%
  16. 16. Media Studies Exam Results
  17. 17. AS Exam Results Year of Class exam size A B 2013 2012 10 4 5 4 5 - 2011 2010 2009 9 4 4 6 4 3 3 1 2008 2007 2006 2005 14 8 13 9 13 7 9 3 1 1 4 6 2004 12 10 2
  18. 18. Value Added • At AS level the department improves students’ results by one and a half grades. • At A2 level the department improves students’ results by just under a grade. • Put them together and if your GCSE results suggest that you should be getting a C in Media Studies by the time you take your A2 level, if you listen to us and do what you’re told, we’ll get you an A…
  19. 19. University Destinations • • • • • • • • • • • • Film Studies and French at Exeter Film and Television Production at York Film Studies at Sussex English Literature at Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool, Sussex and Durham Italian Studies at Warwick Politics at Newcastle Broadcast Journalism and French & Media at Nottingham Law at Bristol Engineering at Oxford Brookes Art Foundation at Camberwell, Chelsea and Central St. Martins Television Production at Bournemouth Geography at Leeds and Sussex…
  20. 20. Subject Combinations • Anything really but particularly… • English Literature • Other Humanities like History, Politics and Geography • Art, Theatre Studies and Photography • IT and Computing
  21. 21. Good Places to Study Media • Depends what you want to focus on but… • • • • Leeds – Institute of Communication Studies - excellent journalism school Cardiff – School of Journalism Aberystwyth – centre of excellence for Media & Communication Studies Birmingham – the original Centre for Cultural Studies – it began what we now know as Media Studies back in the 60s Westminster – popular TV and Film Production courses Bournemouth – the Media School Sussex , Exeter & Surrey – good general courses on film theory and practice… London – King’s – Centre for Cultural, Media & Creative Industries & Goldsmiths or Royal Holloway… University of the Arts – practical courses with an unsurprising Fine Arts bias. • • • • •
  22. 22. Any Questions?