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Empire 2013 media_pack_fina_lv6


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Empire 2013 media_pack_fina_lv6

  1. 1. MEDIA PACK 2013
  2. 2. THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOVIE MAGAZINE MEDIA PACK 2013 The UK’s most influential brands Why film? The UK Film market has continued and proven to remain buoyant. With the UK cinema market growing in both admissions and value. Cinema admissions have grown by 5.8% since 2007 from 162 million to 172 million. Further growth in 2012 is expected to see the market to be worth 22.3% more than in 2007, with revenues set to rise 18% between 2012 and 2017, along with admissions by a further 2.4%. That combined with the strongest release slate we have ever seen in the last decade. Releases such as Five new Star Wars movies, two more Avatars and Hobbits along with the return of Bond. Why EmpirE? Empire is growing at an astonishing rate. We are the second largest men’s magazine on the UK newsstand and we are outselling our rivals by 2 to 1 globally. 2014 will see us celebrate the huge publishing milestone that is our 25th anniversary and our huge 300th special issue. Making Empire even more of an incredible opportunity, with us delivering an unprecedented calendar of special issues and events throughout the year, to mark this momentous anniversary. In the last 4 years Empire has been nominated for over 30 industry awards and have won more than 15. the editor MARK DINNING we think popular.
  3. 3. THE PITCH. CIRCUlATIon * 167,748 REAdERSHIp 857,000** AB pRoFIlE 34%** ABC1 pRoFIlE 70%** MEdIAn AGE 29** MAlE/FEMAlE 75/25** * ABC Jul - Dec 2012 NRS Jul - Dec 2012 ** “Empire is the best movie magazine in the world. Bar none. Quite simply, it’s peerless.” StEvEn SpiElbErg Empire is the WoRld’S lARGEST movie magazine Empire is the 2nd biggest UK men’s monthly magazine dominates the UK film market with over 72% circulation share, outselling its nearest competitor by almost 100,000 copies Empire has over 57,988 subscribers Empire readers are twice as likely to wear designer clothing than the national average with over 71% often treating themselves to things they don’t need. With the magazine, ipad,, social media and our international editions, Empire reaches over 2.5 MIllIon of the most dedicated movie fans on the planet we think popular.
  4. 4. THE INFLUENCE “Empire’s enthusiasm, honesty, wit and intelligence are contagious. I “Movies are my religion and Empire is my church” gEorgE lucaS QuEntin tarantino “I’ve collected Empire since issue 2 - I don’t know what happened with issue one, maybe I was skint or maybe there was a Sky magazine with Sherilynn Fenn on the cover” Edgar Wright “I’ve always known that when I open Empire magazine I‘ll find a witty and thoughtful view of what’s going on in this business” colin firth The constant quest to deliver the best movie coverage on the planet is underscored by amazing relationships between Empire and the biggest filmmakers in the world: Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams just some of its most influential fans and readers. After more than 20 years of being the world’s best movie magazine, Empire is now the BIGGEST movie magazine in the world. This international domination – outselling all its rivals globally by an average of 2 to 1 – is down to Empire’s continued commitment to delivering movie fans the greatest monthly experience, telling them which movies to get excited about and why we think popular.
  5. 5. THE EMPIRE READER Rob is 30, living and working in london. He is funny, smart and switched on. He is in a relationship but not yet tied down. Amongst his friends he is the source of knowledge for all things entertainment. He is tech-savvy and was the first of his friends to get an ipad, and the first to upgrade to an ipad2. His mates always come to him for advice on new technology – TVs, projectors, surround sound – and they know it won’t be a one-word answer. It will be well thought-through, based on research from the internet and magazines Rob is very active on the net, tweeting daily, and is a sponge for new information. He is open to change and is an investor in all forms of entertainment related technology. He is a keen gamer and although he has an Xbox and Kinect, he bought the pS3 to double as blu-ray player – a clear sign of his high disposable income on a long journey there is always a fight to sit next to him and watch the latest series of Breaking Bad & Homeland that he’s downloaded on his ipad. Movies are his passion – he is a collector and the ultimate film buff, always there to settle his mate’s film arguments knowing precisely why The Godfather part II is the superior film in the trilogy we think popular.
  6. 6. THE MAGAzINE on location A new section at the start of the magazine which takes Empire readers on to the most exciting movie sets around the world, giving the audience an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at some of the most exciting movies being made today thE SlatE The highlights of all the latest film news that is on Empire’s radar right now. This is where Empire begins to build the hype and excitement about what is to come in the film world. Regular features include the legendary pint of Milk main fEaturES This is where Empire shows the power of its name with exclusive access to actors and directors. With features on the latest releases, Empire also focuses on the stories that film lovers want told, from behind-the-scene set visits to often overlooked stories from the history of cinema we think popular.
  7. 7. thE big intErviEW Every issue features an exclusive interview with an A list star, talking about their film history past, present and future. Stars from Charlize Theron and Keira Knightley to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Hemsworth give Empire reader’s an insight into their world in cinEmaS The heart of the magazine featuring all the latest theatrical reviews for the upcoming month. one of the main reasons readers buy the magazine month in, month out. Credible, trusted and influential, the Empire reviews are accepted around the world as being at the forefront of film opinion rE.viEW devoted to the latest dVds, Blu-rays, TV, soundtracks, books and games, this section reviews all the latest releases from the world of films and gaming, with additional news and interviews. Recent additions to the section have included Empire on demand, which features Empire’s top movies available to download or stream that month. the interview From GoodFell soFtly via operas to KillinG them ray liotta’s theation dumbo drop, Firs been throuGh som t to admit he’s e but, he says, “i’m stilups and downs. l hunGry...” SIMON BRAUND words 120 portrai ts KURt ISwARIeNKO empire october 2012 october 2012 empire we think popular. 121
  8. 8. EMPIREoNLINE.CoM EMPIREONLINE.COM brings you everything you would expect and more from the online version of the world’s leading movie magazine. Empire users are passionate about movies, games, and technology and are regular cinema goers EMPIREONLINE.COM is the UK’s premier movie-lover’s online destination, providing indispensable insight into cinema, from recent blockbusters and classic films. Content includes: ● Delivering exclusive previews & trailers ● Breaking daily movie news & stories ● Video diaries with behind-the-scenes, unseen footage ● Comprehensive archives of film reviews ● Celebrity interviews ● Competitions & quizzes ● Web chats with movie stars such as Nicholas Cage and Dan Akroyd Podcast 2.3 million UnIqUE USERS 23 million pAGE IMpRESSIonS 98,192 EMAIl SUBSCRIBERS 117,360 FACEBooK FAnS* March 2011 saw the recent edition of the Award-Winning Empire Podcast. A weekly magazine show available on Empireonline, iTunes and SoundCloud to download every week. Hosted by members of the Empire editorial team featuring movie news, reviews and interviews with some of TWITTER the biggest neames in the film industry, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Danny De Vito, Emily Blunt and Sir FolloWERS* Roger Moore. With over 20,000 downloads per week and over 1.75 million total downloads to date attracting a highly engaged active audience. 143,000 39% AGEd 25-34 20,000 doWnloAdS EMpIRE podCASTS** All STATS AS oF ApRIl 2013 we think popular.
  9. 9. EMPIRE IPAD APP The Empire iPad app combines Empire’s world-class editorial with embedded trailers, exclusive footage and interactive articles bringing the brand and the films to life. The iPad app is a full editorial replication of the print issue although print ads are not replicated. Since launching at the start of 2011 we have worked with creative partners to produce exciting and interactive content that really showcases the brands and films featured Consumer commercial partners in to date have included: BMW, Jaguar, 2k Games, Jameson Irish Whiskey, LG, American Express, Audi, O2 and Arla Foods and film partners have included 20th Century Fox and Universal In November 2011 a Spielberg special one-shot was launched with plans for more exclusive one-shots in 2012 In May 2012 the Empire iPad was launched in the US into a market which had no consumer film magazine, broadening Empire’s global reach and increasing an already unprecedented access to film’s biggest stars Shortlisted for the Digital Product of the Year at the Digital PPA awards 2011 we think popular.
  10. 10. EMPIRE AWARDS The annual Empire Awards have been held since 1995, the UK’s premier movie honours that are voted for by the movie-going public. Since 2009 this prestigious event has been sponsored by Jameson, a brand with strong associations with film across international markets (Dublin Film Festival, Tribeca etc.) “Thanks to Empire, and all their readers. Especially the guys at the magazine whom have supported my whole career !” danny boylE outstanding contribution, Empire awards 2013 “Thanks very much to Empire and all of its readers. I have always wondered if it was possible to quantify who is the best actor and it is me ha-ha. Seriously a big thank you to everyone “ “There are two magazines. one was Famous Monsters of Film land that I grew up with as a child, and then Empire. It is such a passionate magazine about film, and with all the business stuff that goes on, it’s pure, and for anyone who loves films, either making them or watching them, it’s something that is beautiful” tim burton Empire legend, Empire awards 2012 martin frEEman Empire herobest actor, Empire awards 2013 we think popular.
  11. 11. C A S e S t U dy AMERICAN EXPRESS American Express understands the power that film has to inspire, entertain and create lasting memories and therefore has a longstanding heritage in film partnerships. The Amex brand is involved in some of the best film experiences around the world, including being the founding sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival and headline sponsors of the annual BFI London Film Festival In 2011-12, Empire partnered American Express to run a part-work series of three travel features across as many months. It was essentially a whistle-stop journey around the world, through the prism of great movies. The first of the series kicked off in America, went through Asia and Africa and ended up in Europe. To amplify the message further we replicated this activity on the Empire iPad keeping American Express category exclusive to ensure maximum stand out This activity fully hit the American Express client brief, allowing them to showcase all of their key pillars – Access, Travel and Service through an exciting and engaging brand partnership. They were delighted with the high quality advertorials delivered and the innovative use of video with the iPad App “What made the American Express Empie partnership such a great fit was mainly the confidence that all of us got from knowing that we were working with the leading authority on film in the UK. We knew that we had every chance of coming up with a fantastic idea that looked really good and was visually impactful, and the client was really happy, which obviously made us very happy too” phil coWin account director, mindshare “It’s encouraging to see a big advertiser like Amex recognising the value of sponsored editorial over straight advertorial content. The Around the World feature provided great editorial for our readers, while meeting Amex’s advertising objectives. A win-win execution from start to finish” JamES dyEr Empire digital Editor-in-chief we think popular.
  12. 12. C A S e S t U dy JAMESoN Jameson launched the Cult Film screening programme in 2008 with the aim of targeting 25-34 year old ABC1 men. Empire was the natural partner for this campaign, as they strove to build a strong brand association with Jameson being a key authority on film The Empire approach was to give the drink further inspiration and personality, thus reinforcing its link to film in press. In a partnership that has spanned the past four years, Empire has written over 20 advertorials, delivered a unique Cult Heroes campaign for the Empire iPad App, contributed to the Cult Film blog and promoted the campaign via The media elements to the campaign supported a series of screenings, each of which THE WORLD’S be put on in a unique location inspired by each specific film. Some of the amazing were to biggEST mOviE events in the last year included watching Moon at the Royal Society, and seeing Taxi Driver magazinE in a gloomy Soho car park. After a short summer break, The Jameson Cult Film club returned with screenings of The Usual Suspects, The Blair Witch Project and Jaws, with even more events scheduled for 2013 including Reservoir Dogs and Silence Of The Lambs In total over 6,000 people have attended Cult Film screenings since the campaign began, with all attendees recruited via Empire (the sole media partner) we think popular.
  13. 13. bUSINESS AD SCHEDULE COpy DEaDLinE COvER DaTE On SaLE Mar 2013 April 2013 May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 october 2013 november 2013 december 2013 January 2014 February 2014 31 Jan 2013 28 Feb 2013 28 Mar 2013 25 Apr 2013 30 May 2013 27 Jun 2013 25 Jul 2013 29 Aug 2013 26 Sep 2013 31 oct 2013 28 nov 2013 11 dec 2013 10 Jan 2013 7 Feb 2013 7 Mar 2013 4 Apr 2013 8 May 2013 6 Jun 2013 4 Jul 2013 7 Aug 2013 5 Sep 2013 10 oct 2013 7 nov 2013 6 dec 2013 FuLL pagE HaLF pagE vERTiCaL HaLF pagE HORizOnTaL Trim 285 x 220 Trim 285 x 108 Trim 142 x 220 Bleed 291 x 226 Bleed 291 x 114 Bleed 148 x 226 Type 265 x 200 Type 265 x 93 Type 132 x 200 AD SPECS ADvERTISINg RATES DiSpLay FuLL pagE FH FuLL pagE ROp HaLF pagE ibC/ObC DpS FH DpS ROp £8,476 £7,705 £4,238 £10,016 £16,104 £14,640 aDvERTORiaLS FuLL pagE DpS HaLF pagE £10,017 £16,104 £5,509 pRODuCTiOn SuppLiED imagES pHOTOSHOOT £2,000 net £3,000 net inSERTS bOunD-in Tip-On LOOSE inSERT £65 per ’000 £65 per ’000 £45 per ’000 we think popular.
  14. 14. CoNTACT Editorial tEam EdIToR-In-CHIEF mark Dinning ASSISTAnT EdIToR ian Freer EXECUTIVE EdIToR ian nathan dIGITAl EdIToR-In-CHIEF James Dyer EdIToRIAl ASSISTAnT alice Wybrew advErtiSing ASSoCIATE MEdIA dIRECToR matt Warne GRoUp BRAnd dIRECToR Rob Walsh BRAnd dIRECToR Ethan Hall 020 72955477 ETHAn.HAll@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK FIlM MAnAGER Liz Harriott 020 7295 8560 CREATIVE SolUTIonS MAnAGER ariana Dunne 020 7295 8589 ARIAnnA.dUnnE@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK MEdIA plAnnER Caroline Offord 020 7295 5021 CARolInE.oFFoRd@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK looSE InSERTS Lauren bamber 0161 877 7455 lIZ.HARRIoT@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK lAUREn.BAMBER@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK GAMES And ConSUMER MAnAGER Stephen Jobling 020 7208 3702 Karen gardiner 01733 468288 ClASSIFIEd STEpHEn.JoBlInG@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK KAREn.GARdInER@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK TRAdInG MAnAGER george mardle 0207 295 8593 John morecraft GEoRGE.MARdlE@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK JoHn.MoRECRAFT@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK AGEnCy TRAdER Kate barker 020 7208 3571 REGIonAl AdVERTISInG Katherine brown 0161 868 3218 KATE.BARKER@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK pRodUCTIon 0207 2418241 KATHERInE.BRoWn@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK dIGITAl CREATIVE dIRECToR mita mistry 020 7520 6532 MITA.MISTRy@BAUERMEdIA.Co.UK we think popular.