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Initially envisioned as a simple web app to connect final year psychology students, looking for participants. However as part of my course in Distributed Information Management I suggested modifying the scope and creating a general subject pool.

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  1. 1. Maxi-Match Bruno Peres Eduardo Moraes Mickey Pashov Thais Emanuele
  2. 2. Psychology Pool ● Context similar to the Psychology Department at the University of Glasgow ● Researchers and Participants ● Researchers create experiments based on their needs ● Participants browse and apply for experiments
  3. 3. Client MiddlewareUser DB Google Analytics
  4. 4. ER Diagram Participant Researcher ExperimentApplication Django User contained in Runs 1 1 N N 1 1 N Researcher matriculation_id Participant matriculation_id, DoB, mobile, gender, nationality, first language, education level Experiment title, short/description, participants needed, status, location, duration, payment, start and end date, researcher Application status
  5. 5. User Profiles
  6. 6. Niamh ● First year psychology student ● Needs course credits ● Uses the system for the first time Age: 18 From: Fife, Scotland
  7. 7. Kenn ● Psychology researcher ● Needs participants for his experiment ● Needs a certain demographic Age: 56 From: Oslo, Norway
  8. 8. Home
  9. 9. URL Schemes // //<ID> //<ID> // //
  10. 10. Questions