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Mickey\'s Print Portfolio Slide Show (3 22 11)


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A representative sampling of magazine, newspaper and out-of-home campaigns I’ve created.

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Mickey\'s Print Portfolio Slide Show (3 22 11)

  1. 1. Mickey Lonchar Creative Director/Copywriter Email: LinkedIn: Blog: Twitter: @MickeyLonchar
  2. 2. Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut This Mobius Award winning print campaign helped elevate Cordon Negro Brut beyond the“two-times-a-year” usage pattern of most sparkling wines. “Pick An Occasion. Any Occasion” helped Cordon Negro become the fastest-growing sparkling wine brand in America six straight years.
  3. 3. The National Potato Board This magazine campaign not only helped increase per capita consumptionof potatoes 11% over two years, it was also used by Harvard Business School as a case study in changing consumer attitudes.
  4. 4. Anheuser-Busch Corporation During the late 1980s, a movement was afoot to impose more government regulation on alcoholic beverages,including beer. This campaign on behalf of Anheuser-Busch, which portrayed beer as “Honestly American,” was intended to persuade lawmakers to exempt beer from any such regulation. The campaign succeeded.
  5. 5. Anheuser-Busch CorporationThis campaign, in addition to successfully warding off regulation, was honored in award shows across the nation, including The One Show, The Best in the West and Communications Arts Annual (CA-88).
  6. 6. Litehouse Dressings (consumer magazine) Litehouse Dressings are so fresh they can only be found in grocers’ refrigerated produce sections,not on shelves next to shelf-stable dressings that are packed with preservatives. This magazine campaign (along with the television and FSIs) contributed to sales growth of 40% in targeted markets.
  7. 7. Litehouse Dressings (FSIs)Litehouse saw coupon redemption from this campaign rise 30%+ over the previous year.
  8. 8. Circling Raven Golf Resort Named a Top Ten course by virtually every national golf magazine, Circling Raven turned to us fora campaign that would draw golf travelers from across the country. In 2010, as many as 30% of its rounds were from out-of-area golfers.
  9. 9. Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine Gloria Ferrer sparkling wines are among the most-honored of all domestic wines, winning Gold Medalafter Gold Medal in prestigious wine festivals. This “Great Thinkers” campaign in wine magazines helped contribute to an average growth of more than 35% per year.
  10. 10. Expecting Style Maternity BoutiqueThis campaign for an upscale maternity boutique resulted in sales that well exceeded what the client had hoped for. The campaign’s success prompted the store owners to double the boutique’s original space.
  11. 11. Steelcase Furniture While Steelcase was a well-known name among Facilities Managers of large corporations, this wasn’t the case with thesmall business/home business market. This campaign’s intent was to educate that market about office furniture related issues. Sales to this segment were up over 40% in markets where this campaign ran.
  12. 12. UPN Television Network UPN Network was launching stations in markets where viewers already had more than 100 choices. This campaignfrom a “faux” grassroots organization aptly named the Citizens Against Choice in America (C.A.C.A.) and its fictitious leader (Rev. Rulon Bliss) decried the fact that viewers would now have yet another choice. This campaign generated an impressive amount of media attention and was successful at attracting the younger (18-30) viewer.
  13. 13. RiverBank RiverBank is a relatively young business bank that competes with the monolithic multi-nationalbanks by offering service tailored to the individual. This business-to-business campaign contributed to the bank’s amazing growth of more than 300% gain in assets in just 18 months.
  14. 14. In 1998, we helped the San Francisco Examiner launch, the first major online news portal on theWest Coast. Promoted via ROP ads and transit posters,’s theme of “It’s like the paper.Without the paper” helped attract more than 120,000 unique visitors its first month, doubling the competing SF Chronicle’s
  15. 15. American Western Life “The Wellness Plan” We had the great honor of introducing the nation’s first comprehensivehealthcare plan that covered alternative medical treatments and invested in making its customers smarter healthcare consumers.
  16. 16. Sanrio/Sanrio SmilesSanrio operates over 1,200 retail outlets across America, each with an ever-revolving inventory. Our product ads in Young Teen and Nickelodeon magazines succeeded in generating as many as 1,000 phone calls and website hits per hour.
  17. 17. Christian Brothers Dessert WinesThis campaign in The Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirits and Food & Wine helped Christian Brothers Dessert Wines become the brand’s fastest growing and most profitable division.
  18. 18. Marin Abused Women’s Services This pro-bono campaign not only successfully helped raised public awarenessof the problems of domestic violence, it also spurred a 300% increase in hotline calls as well as a 400% increase in individual and corporate donations.
  19. 19. Clarke-American Financial Printers Research showed that a significant number of Clarke-American’s own customers couldn’t identifythe company as their documents printer. This campaign (in financial trade mags) was intended to generate name awareness and educate the audience about some of C-A’s most progressive new initiatives. For six consecutive months, this campaign achieved the highest readership scores in the trade publications in which it ran.
  20. 20. Terra Nova Wines Freixenet USA hired us to introduce Terra Nova, a collection of new wines from Chile.Working with amodest budget of $60,000, we named the product, designed the labels and packaging and developed an ad campaignthat invited readers to try Terra Nova wines and send in their reviews and in return be made a “Bona Fide Wine Critic.” Our campaign (in Wine Spectator and Wine & Spirits) generated more than 2,000 reviews. First year sales of the brand exceeded all projections.
  21. 21. Northwest Infiniti DealersThe advertising for most luxury marques was for the most part indistinguishable. Infiniti saw an opportunity to attract the younger luxury/performance purchaser by standing for “performance with an edge.”
  22. 22. Plantronics Our charge with Plantronics, the world’s largest maker of telephone headsets and hands-free accessories, was not justto position their products as “productivity tools,” but also to build awareness and recognition of the Plantronics name. Our “famous faces” campaign impressively grew sales, grew distribution and increased top-of-mind awareness of Plantronics +150% among small business owners.
  23. 23. The San Francisco ExaminerThe San Francisco Examiner rack price was 25 cents. Its competitor, The Chronicle, was 50 cents.This poster campaign helped The Examiner boost its share of the afternoon paper trade by 30%.
  24. 24. Sprint Long Distance While AT&T and MCI “played defense” with promotions around price, Sprint (with the nation’s firstfiber optic network) positioned itself as having the best sound quality and fewest dropped calls. During the duration of this campaign, Sprint was the fastest-growing long distance carrier.
  25. 25. Fuller-O’Brien Paints Contractors accounted for 75% of Fuller-O’Brien’s sales. FOB hired us to develop a campaign to drive Do-It-Yourselfersto their paint-only Fuller-O’Brien stores and select hardware retailers. Our research showed that DIY’ers would often encounter unique “problems” during their projects.This newspaper campaign, built on the line “You Bring the Problem,We’ll Bring the Paint” helped increase sales in company-owned stores 40% during advertising periods.
  26. 26. E&J BrandyThrough the 1980s, E&J Brandy sales were flat. This campaign gave the brand its first significant sales jump in more than a decade, and introduced the brand to spirit drinkers under the age of 35.
  27. 27. Heriot-Watt MBA by Distance Learning Our challenge was to position Heriot Watt University in Scotland, ranked by The Economist as having oneof the most prestigious MBA programs in the world, against the so-called diploma mills of late night TV. This campaign in The Economist and Forbes grew inquiries to the university more than 75%. •
  28. 28. Auction Pipeline As more of the wholesale auto trade moves online, fleet managers and institutional resellers need toknow they will have the maximum number of buyers viewing their inventory. This campaign for Auction Pipeline not only told that story in way that helped add 43 new auctions to the network, it also provided a portable mnemonic the client could use elsewhere within its operation.
  29. 29. Clif Bar In 1992, this campaign helped launch Clif Bar in Runner’s World and other local specialty running publications.At the time Power Bar owned a whopping 85% of the market, despite a reputation for being flavorless. This campaign helped Clif grow distribution, boost sales, and positioned Clif as a solid #2 in the category.
  30. 30. Coeur d’Alene Casino (outdoor)This out-of-home campaign succeeded in expanding the primary trading area of the Coeur d’Alene Casino to include southern Alberta and western Montana. Visits from residents of those areas increased over 30% over a two-year period.
  31. 31. Mickey LoncharCreative Director/Copywriter (509) 599-5125