(Social) Upstarts


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This presentation accompanied my talk on WHY I co-founder Flashpoint Labs, a start up social enterprise inspiring and empowering young people from diverse backgrounds to be creative learners, thinkers and professionals through changemaking photography. The talk can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tST5zVk879Q&feature=share&list=PL2D9EF458E02A81D8&index=39

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(Social) Upstarts

  1. 1. (social) upstarts mickey kovari
  2. 2. aim: offer my perspective start you up
  3. 3. motivation and drive social inequality social injustice social change how and what? social impact
  4. 4. we are all connected my wellbeing is inextricable linked to yours and everybody else’s
  5. 5. characteristics true grit generative energy laser focus obsessive learner hubristically ambitious
  6. 6. Photo: EmanueleSilvestro
  7. 7. Photog Frank Baron
  8. 8. Flashpoint Labs changemaking photography
  9. 9. youth development flashpoint labs photo agency
  10. 10. a crucial shift replace profit and the profit motive with wellbeing and a holistic motive.
  11. 11. sweet spot (the why) purpose what works sphere of influence passion community needs
  12. 12. holistically conscious social political economic cultural environmental
  13. 13. big vision social innovators social enterprises participatory economics direct democracy fair, just, creative and sustainable
  14. 14. START UP NOW!! 1. skill up a. b. TACSI, SIX, NESTA, Young Foundation, HDL, OpenIDEO Ashoka, Skoll, Social Innovation Thinking 2. find your sweet spot 3. get grit and get to work
  15. 15. Social Innovation Thinking www.mickeykovari.com @mickeykovari