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Initiate sadness


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Learning to express emotion, in this case the emotion of sadness.
Based on Charles Darwin and Paul Ekman work of facial expression of emotion, this presentation leads into the embodied expression of sadness

Published in: Education
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Initiate sadness

  1. 1. Initiate crying by imitating the facial movements of sadness. (You may need to use a mirror to check on whether you are making the correct movements.) Drop your mouth open. Pull the corners of your lips down. While you hold those lip corners down, try now to raise your cheeks, as if you are squinting. This pulls against the lip corners. Maintain this tension between the raised cheeks and the lip corners pulling down. Let your eyes look downwards, and your upper eyelids droop. If you still have not begun to feel any sadness do this movement. This is a much harder movement for most people to make voluntarily. Pull the inner corners of your eyebrows up in the middle only, not the entire brow. It may help if you also pull your brows together and up in the middle. Let your eyes look downwards, and your upper eyelids droop. Think of someone you really, really love--and they have died. Initiate Sadness