Work in coal mines


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Work in coal mines

  2. 2. REQUIREMENTSBefore employment can begained at a coal mine anumber of items first need tobe attained. These include thefollowing.• Coal Board Medical• Standard 11 or Generic Induction• Certificates of competencies• Quiz Questions
  3. 3. Coal Board Medical This is a medical assessment as required by the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme and is to be carried out for each person who is to be offered employment, or is already employed, as a coal mine worker. The assessment is performed by Nominated Medical Advisers in accordance with a departmental medical assessment form.
  4. 4. Coal Board Medical The medical assessment must be carried out before the person is employed as a coal mine worker and periodically thereafter. However, a complete assessment must be performed at least once every five years while still employed as a coal mine worker.
  5. 5. Coal Board Medical Many employers and employment agencies are insisting that prospective employees obtain medicals prior to employment.
  6. 6. Standard 11 or Generic induction The Standard 11 mining induction is an updated version of the generic induction and was introduced in 2010. Its primary purpose is to ensure all mining employees are trained and found competent in 6 core competencies before undertaking mining or quarrying operations in Australia.
  7. 7. Standard 11 or Generic induction As opposed to its predecessor the Generic Coal Induction which only covered coal mining and had a Metalliferous mining competency that needed to be done as an extra day, the Standard 11 induction aims to incorporate all requirements for safety in mining no matter the type of mine or mineral extracted.
  8. 8. Standard 11 or Generic induction The Standard 11 Induction does not immediately give you the license to work on any mine in the country. What it does for most mining areas is give you the qualifications necessary to be inducted at the particular mine you wish to work.
  9. 9. Standard 11 or Generic induction Typically, the Standard 11 Induction will be a requirement of employment for the mine or mining contractor and then once employed you will undergo a site specific induction to learn how the competencies in the standard 11 apply to that particular mine site.
  10. 10. Certificates of Competencies Previously known as Black Coal Competency (BCC)and now referred to as RII certificate. This is a certification that a mine worker will be granted if they have previously worked in the industry and have completed a given number of operating hours on specific machinery.
  11. 11. Certificates of Competencies This competency qualification is granted to indicate that the worker can correctly and safely operate the machinery. It is a useful qualification to have, as it proves to prospective new employers that you have the necessary experience and expertise to operate the machinery.
  12. 12. QUIZ QUESTIONS Circle Correct Answer A Standard 11 Coal Board Medical is Induction allows you yo How Long Does a Coal Required to work at a immediately work at a Board Medical Last for. Coal Mine Coal Mine•True •True •2 Years•False •False •5 Years