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What's up GMF Tooling?


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Some news of GMF Tooling. Presented during Modeling Symposium @EclipseCon 2012

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What's up GMF Tooling?

  1. 1. Whats up GMF Tooling ?Mickael Istria, EclipseCon 2012, CC-BY 2.0@mickaelistria for Tweeters
  2. 2. Semantic Model (ecore) GMF Diagram Model Mapping Set of tools to GMF codegen configure and generate a Graphical Editor Diagram code
  3. 3. Currently...GMF Tooling 2.4.0 “for Indigo” release Available on the Modeling Discovery gmp/gmf-tooling/updates/releases
  4. 4. GMF Tooling: AchievementsNew project lead, new contributorsImproved tutorials and documentation (wiki)Already part of Juno
  5. 5. GMF Tooling: Achievements (contd)Built and tested with Tycho (local dev and testing easier)Continuous Integration on (ping from push to testable update-site ~12min) Moved to Git, mirrored to GitHub
  6. 6. Next...3.0
  7. 7. Next...“Extensible” GMF Tooling: ability to inject new components (in internal models, tools, generator & runtime)Coarser-grained editors and easier edition for GMF Tooling modelsSimplify generator code
  8. 8. Next (contd)...Closer integration with other Modeling projects: EEF, Xtext....Enroll more and more contributors! This may be you!
  9. 9. ContactForum/newsgroup: http:// : eclipse.modeling.gmfMailing-list: