What to write when you don't know what to write


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For great article writing tips and free video series check this

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What to write when you don't know what to write

  1. 1. ==== ====For great article writing tips and free video series check thiswww.articlewritingtuition.com==== ====It is widely considered that article writing is now one of THE key promotional tools that should beemployed to drive increased targeted traffic to your web site.This practice should become as commonplace as any when it comes to site promotion.It is no secret that editors of online magazines are always looking for fresh content to include intheir publications. Fresh content that not only attracts a wider audience of readers but also attractsthe right attention from the search engines.An informed and well-written article can be picked up, published, and distributed to multiple sites,ezines (electronic magazines), and blogs, in no time at all.Now, imagine if your companys website address was attached to these publications!Imagine the potential readership that you could gain from writing just one successful article!Well, the aim of this article is to guide you along step-by-step through 6 essential tips so you toocan write successful articles, know where to submit them, and to point out the traps you do notwant to fall in to.1) What to write about.This is in fact much easier than you might at first think! There are ezines that cover a whole host ofsubjects including; business, health & fitness, home & family, cancer, writing &speaking, legal, computers, art & entertainment, travel & leisure, sports, crafts........andthe list goes on. So you can either write about subjects and expertise specific to your industry oryou can write about your hobbies, experiences, interests, or whatever catches your imagination.You can even write an article about writing articles!When your article is posted, the publisher agrees to include a self-penned bio of you, the author.This is your opportunity to write about yourself, your company, and include a link to your website!2) How long should my article be?Most article directories have their own requirements when it comes to article length. Generallythey will advise you on their submission page of all the criteria you should meet. So be aware ofthese requirements. It is widely considered that an article should be anywhere from 500 to 1000words in length.
  2. 2. 3) Do not use the article to blatantly write an advertisement for your business.That is not the idea behind article writing and to be honest this kind of article will not make it pastfirst base with the editors. This means that including a link to your site in the main body of text isalso one to avoid. Publishers are looking for a quality piece that their readers will find informativeand interesting.4) What is the resource box?This is the area in which you have the opportunity to promote yourself and your business. Theresource box is typically located just after the main text box on the submission page. This space isyours to write an about the author promo which can include a link to your site. Some directorieswill let you post two or three URLs, again you will be advised by each directory. Refer to myresource box to give you some idea about what to include here.5) How shall I write my article?Another great aspect of article writing is that it can take many forms, which gives you plenty ofoptions when it comes to presentation. 6 successful formats include:1) The list. People love lists. The list is the easiest and arguably the most effective format tochoose. Top 10 ways to get rich quickly!’, 12 tips to whiter teeth!’, 7 wonderful waysto poach the perfect egg! Simply write a short introduction outlining the general theme of yourarticle and then begin your numbered list. People love to rank things, which is why the list seemsto work so well. Dont forget to include the number in your title.2) The How-to-guide. These are extremely popular too because they offer a step-by-step processto follow which leads the reader to an ultimate goal. This is the perfect format to use if you aredescribing how to build something.3) The Interview. Select a credible expert in your chosen field and interview them. Face-to-face, bytelephone, or via email. Then present your interview in a Q&A format within your article.4) The latest trend. A social trend, a new product, foreign trends. Basically, give your take andpublic opinion of the latest thing to hit. Write it in the style of a review.5) The case study. Provoke interest with a leading question and then write a thorough article whichconsiders all the angles of the question, using real life cases as examples. For example, Cancomputer games be blamed for increased violent behavior in children?6) The Interpretation. Outline your interpretation of a particular survey, stat, or public finding. Writea report on it, backing your views up with proof in the form of figures, tables, graphs etc6) Where do I submit my article?Once you have finished your article, read it through, and most importantly spell-check it! You mustsubmit it to an article directory. Do not fall into the trap of trying to rush the whole process of articlesubmission. There are companies that do offer a supersonic submission service - a gazillion
  3. 3. submissions in under 10 seconds guaranteed! However, I would tend to avoid the automatedsubmission programs because an abnormal link boost of these proportions is an instant red flag tothe search engines. Search engines if what we are led to believe is true, prefer a cultivation ofyour links. So, below I am listing 5 principle article directories that you can manually submit to forFREE, with a brief review of each:Article Feeder - straight forward enough to follow. They do ask for HTML code for links in theresource box so be aware of that. Article will be reviewed and those that are successful publishedin 24hr. (http://www.articlefeeder.com)ezau.com - Asks you to submit your article as a .txt document, which means writing it and saving itin word pad. then hit the browse button on screen and select your doc. Very easy. Again, reviewprocess applies. ([http://www.articlesreprint.com/authors/register])isnare.com - Allows 3 URLs in the about author resource box. Sends approval once your articlehas been approved. Says this will take 3-4 days, but warns that it could take longer.(http://www.isnare.com)ezine @rticles - Easy to follow, easy to submit even has audio aids to guide you through process)2-7 days review time. Faster submission times for platinum members (gained when you havesuccessfully submitted 10 articles) Features multiple author tools, including: article promotion,author ranking, article feedback, press release submission, and many more!(http://ezinearticles.com)article city - Super-easy to submit article. Do not have to sign-up for membership to submit. 15-30days review time. No HTML code allowed at all in body of article except URLs linking tonecessary sites. (http://www.articlecity.com)So you can see that different directories have their different submission criteria. The wholeprocess is straight forward enough and although it can be a little time consuming the benefits of awell written and informative article can be very rewarding indeed. You have the opportunity tobecome a leading voice in your field, increase the number of backlinks to your web site, andultimately attract an increase of targeted traffic.Rich Boulter, an English born traveler turned teacher lived and worked in Barcelona and Istanbulfor several years. Now residing in The United States, he owns a successful online fashionboutique with his wife. Showcasing worldly, nature inspired fashion items that they havediscovered on their travels. http://www.naturebydezign.com He is also the author of two relatedblogs http://www.phileasblogg.blogspot.com (a site promotion blog) andhttp://www.naturebydezign.blogspot.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rich_Boulter
  4. 4. ==== ====For great article writing tips and free video series check thiswww.articlewritingtuition.com==== ====