Viral Marketing For Small Businesses


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Grab Your Free eBook - The greatest ever viral marketing idea of all time

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Viral Marketing For Small Businesses

  1. 1. ==== ====Grab Your Free eBook - The greatest ever viral marketing idea of all time ====Viral Marketing and Vital Viral Marketing are further refined and redefined for more clarity in 2007.Viral Marketing has been defined as marketing that depends upon pre-exisiting social conditionsfor its perpetuation. Vital Viral Marketing, like Viral Marketing, depends upon pre-existing socialconditions for its perpetuation and may also depend upon pre-existing internal conditions as wellfor its marketing message to go forth either as intended upon creation or as a result of itsinteraction with a stimulus, stimuli, or catalyst to propel it virally forward. The first usage of the termviral marketing was used to describe a viral marketing advertising campaign online by thecompany hotmail who used a marketing message containing a link to their website within theemails. This is still to this day credited by many as the reason why hotmail was so successful inbuilding its business.Nevertheless, the importance of viral marketing and vital viral marketing cannot be ignored as in2007, viral online advertising campaigns are becoming more and more the modus operandi. Therehas not been a day gone by in June that I have not seen at least five different viral marketing andvital viral marketing campaigns being advertised somewhere online in some capacity. The trafficgenerator, though always somewhat viral, when containing viral programs within it that aredependent upon its perpetuating and replicating identical actions by new recepients, are becomingvital viral marketing softwares of traffic promotion.Particularly funny video clips with a message that is spread easily because of its nature, arefinding their way into the hands of professional marketers to use in relation to the primarymessage to be shared. The viral traffic generator depends upon the programs contained within itfrom its origination by the designer in order to function as intended and to produce replicatable andduplicatable results.The advantage in exponential replication efficiency over the standard traffic generator that doesnothave viral programs, but only other traffic building programs is quite significant and means a shiftin the viral marketing niche and viral internet marketing world at large. Like the company hotmailthat was studied as a case study example earlier in the article, the marketer who learns to put theefficiency of true vital viral marketing to work in place of, or even in addition, to the older trafficgenerator, will be able to do what many marketers before had not been able to do and that isquickly, efficiently, directly trackably and measurably, obtain large amounts of website exposureand the benefits that exposure affords. This promises to be eminent in most successful marketingcampaigns for the rest of the year and beyond, especially by the one that is characterized ashaving little to none traffic visits and web traffic presence receiving large amounts of consistentdaily website visitors.
  2. 2. Doug Barger is an expert on viral marketing and the author of this article. More can be found onthe subject of Viral Marketing and Vital Viral Marketing, as well as a live example of a vital viralmarketing traffic builder to generate thousands of daily visitors to you for free at the following link:http://Traffic-Promotion.blogspot.comArticle Source: ====Grab Your Free eBook - The greatest ever viral marketing idea of all time ====