Tips to improve your skill in writing articles


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For great article writing tips and free video series check this

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Tips to improve your skill in writing articles

  1. 1. ==== ====For great article writing tips and free video series check ====It is amazing to see how much we all still dread writing; even a simple letter or memo! When westart talking about an Essay or an Article for publication, it gets much worse. As human beings, weare prone to self doubt, the good news however is; that there is a cure for that. The cure lies in theold adage: "Practice makes Perfect" Once, you can get past the writing of your first article, it getseasier onwards.This article as the title suggests is about breaking writers block. Writers block is used to describethe situation in which anyone can not seem to get themselves to write an essay of any nature.More importantly, it considers the average Internet marketer with limited funds for any kind ofcampaign. We all know that if you have the funds, you can hire someone to write your articles forpublication by other ezines or article directories. However, if you do have the funds why bother topromote your website with article writing at all? Especially, when availability of funds allows you torun many other campaigns like Pay Per Clicks (PPCs) or Traffic Exchange (TE) campaigns toname a few. Note that the turn around time for the alternative campaigns are much less than thatof an article publication particularly when there is a third party involved.Going back to the average Joe Internet marketer with limited funds, there is a need to publisharticles for syndication across other websites or on your own website to draw in traffic, increasesearch engine ranking, and subsequently increase sales. It is my hope that this article inspires youenough to break the barriers and get those creative juices and neurons flowing.The truth of the matter is; it is hard for an Internet newbie (enewbie) to write Internet homebusiness or marketing articles simply because he/she is new at it (Internet marketing). Even if theindividual is a prolific writer it is hard to start churning out Internet marketing articles on the fly.That then, brings us to the ice-breaker which is: Find your comfort zone, start by writing an articleon something that you are passionate about.You can write about an hobby, family matters, health, sports, or vacation spots. If you try to do thisand you still find yourself intimidated by the attempt. Then I suggest you consider writing it as aletter to a friend or family member. Go all the way at this letter-writing idea. In other words, use theform of a letter with Dear friend, I am writing to share my blah blah blah with you... And so on. Thisshould produce a page or two on the subject that you chose to write on.Once you are able to generate a page or two you are almost done with your first article andcongratulations are in order. The next step is to now reformat your letter into an article format foreventual publication. For tips on effective Internet article writing you can view an article on thatsubject by Donald Nelson at visit where you can read and learn from a large resource ofpublished articles.
  2. 2. The whole idea of writing within your comfort zone is to get you to start the process of articlewriting. You need to follow through and publish the articles you write on your interests and hobby.There are millions of sites that would publish your materials, all you need to do is a search onlinewith your favorite search engine. Keyword search suggestions are article submission, articlepublications to start you off. You can always expand the list of keywords.Once you get your first article published, you only need to repeat the process for you next article.As you do this, it becomes second nature and you would also have gathered some Internet homebusiness marketing experience along the way. Enough experience that you can now positionyourself to start churning out Internet marketing articles on the fly. I wish you the best in yourjourney.Robert Kempster has been around the block a few times on the Internet Home Business Industry.Background spans Executive Management, Computer Operations, Programming, Real Estate(former COO). An ordinary person doing extraordinary things. From Debt: HomeBizArticle Source: ====For great article writing tips and free video series check ====