The key to your success in article writing


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For great article writing tips and free video series check this

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The key to your success in article writing

  1. 1. ==== ====For great article writing tips and free video series check ====Writing articles for marketing your website is really a difficult undertaking to most marketers. Articlewriting requires you to have the writing skill and to consistently write articles with good informationfor your audience. Its probably one of the reasons why most marketers prefer sourcing articlewriting services. But if you have a limited budget to buy the articles, the only alternative is toacquire slowly the skill of writing your own articles.That said, article writing is a skill you can acquire even if you have never written any article before,provided you know very well the language in which you intend to write your articles. Secondly, youneed to develop the passion for writing articles. In this article, I would like to share with you 10 tipsof how to improve your article writing skill.1. Did you know that writing articles is easy if you know what to write about? How much do youknow about the subject you intend to write about? Can you present yourself as an expert on thatsubject? Are you conversant with the subject matter and with your niche? If you dont have muchinformation about your niche, then you need to become more knowledgeable in your field ofspecialization. Remember that driving traffic to your website necessitates presenting yourself asan expert, which depends largely on the content you provide to your readers and how good youare at writing your articles.2. Thinking about various ways of presenting your subject matter is a key element of article writing.When you come up with a single idea, you should reflect yourself on the different ways ofpresenting the same topical idea in one to three or four interrelated patterns. It helps you to comeup with several articles on the same subject. For instance, if your main idea is about autoresponders, you can widely expand your thinking by looking at the idea from different angles asfollows:How to use auto respondersBenefits of using auto responders in email marketingHow to select the best auto responder service providerWhat to avoid when using auto responders3. One of the article writing techniques I always use is to write my articles in stages. You do nothave to write your article at a time. Vary your writing sessions on each article you produce. Make ita process whereby in your first writing, you are just putting the ideas down on paper off your headas they come and as they flow. The second time, you review what you wrote, paying attention tothings like optimization of keywords, grammatical corrections, spelling errors, coordination of
  2. 2. ideas, logical flow of ideas and the style among others. Another time, you polish it up before youfinally publish it. This article writing technique can believably enable you to produce good articles.4. Another technique of writing articles continuously is by programming yourself. Plan to routinelyproduce articles and stick to your plan irrespective of any other eventualities. Style your mind in away that you have to regularly focus your mind on writing as many articles as you can on a regularbasis.5. When writing your articles, its advisable to hold your writing sessions when you are in a goodmood, a lively mood that allows you to think faster. Its beneficial to write when you feel passionateand enthusiastic about what you are doing. This can help you to produce good articles. Rememberthat your writing mood is always reflected in your article and it is a deciding factor about thesuccess of your articles. Using this technique, I have written several articles, which make me feellike they were not written by me. You too can improve the quality of your writing skill by writingarticles only when you are in a good writing mood.6. Reading aloud is another way of improving your article writing skill. After drafting your article,you can read loudly to yourself several times. You can also read loudly in the presence of otherswith an intention of making corrections and perceiving the impact your articles can have on yourreaders. This technique has for sure helped me to improve my article writing proficiency.7. Writing your articles with humor attracts people to always read your articles. This does not haveto be done at the expense of the quality of your articles in terms of content. Remember that writinghumorous articles will play a big role in attracting your audience.8. Persistence contributes substantially to success in any business undertaking. Persistently writeyour articles to have greater impact on your marketing campaigns. Writing a few articles and youstop will not help you to grow your business. Quality and quantity matters if you are to benefit fromarticle writing.9. Have your own style of writing. This is one of the reasons why I prefer writing my own articles.While its convenient and time saving to source your articles from outside, its also a disadvantagein that you do not own the style in which they are written. Other people will also get articles fromthe same source. Although the content will be different, the writing style is likely to remain thesame. Remember that your followers and potential readers may be attracted to reading yourarticles because of your article writing style.10. Use simple and understandable English. Avoid using jargons and hard terms. Where you arecompelled to use difficult terms, endeavor to make them understandable. Use relatively shortsentences to avoid ambiguity. Vary the size of your paragraphs. Long paragraphs tend to scareaway your potential readers. Its advisable to limit your paragraphs to not more than six sentenceswhere possible.Finally, I would like to remind you that improving your article writing skill is a process. Throughapplying a few techniques like the ones I have mentioned above, you can become an expertarticle writer. Learn to write your own articles to market your websites and your products as well.
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