Can Chris Farrell Help You Succeed Online?


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Can Chris Farrell Help You Succeed Online?

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out the No. 1 voted Internet Marketing Service (by IM Report Card) here: ====Okay, so when I decided to write a Chris Farrell Membership review I decided to check out whoelse thought it was a good idea. Well... with 498,000 results in Google, I only made it to page 82. Iwanted to see what other people were saying about him, and about his membership site. This iswhat I found, "Chris Farrell, a Newbies best friend", "I Love Traffic, I Love Chris Farrell", "TheEnglish Savior Chris Farrell", "Chris Farrell, the Real Internet Guru", so do you get the point?Everybody LOVES this guy! He was even voted #1 Internet Marketing Service by IM Report Card.I actually TRIED to find a bad review, just for curiosities sake, but there was nothing. So I figured,why not, I might as well add my two cents.Well, Ive got to tell you, hes pretty close to sainthood in my book. In fact, being English and all, Ifigure it wont be long and hell probably be dubbed a knight. Seriously, for those of you who dontknow Chris Farrell, Ill give you a little background first. Hes in his forties, originally from London,England but now lives in Beverly Hills, California with his wife and four, maybe five dogs. Hestarted his online career back in February 2008, and struggled for months trying to find the recipefor success, until finally 6 months later, he had his first $250 in a day! He now makes over $35,000plus online every month! And yes, it is verifiable. The best part, he actually seems to honestly wantto help others be just as successful as himself.What hes done is created a membership website in which he teaches you every step along theway from a beginners point of view. He doesnt just tell you how, he shows you how, with videoafter video, after video. A few of his video courses include, "How the Web Works", "Create YourFirst Website", "A Beginners Guide", "A Web Business Explained", and "21 Days To Success".You can watch these videos online, or download them to your computer for your own personalviewing at any time. He offers a two week trial membership for only $4.95. I joined thismembership site about four months ago. I originally only planned to stay the two weeks and quit,but obviously I changed my mind. The information he provides is always changing and growing,therefore continuing my membership seemed like the best idea. For $37 a month, which includeshosting, Ive never been happier with a purchase. Im going to be completely honest with you now,I hear Chriss voice in my sleep... I know, its creepy, but for four months all Ive done is watchthese videos, one right after another. Id tell my husband that I was going to work, Id lock myselfin my office, and the next thing hed hear is "Hi, Chris Farrell here". I know you wont appreciatethis until you yourself have signed on to become a member, but Chris has a way of getting youexcited about learning. So excited that youll stay up until 2 AM just to finish a course.If youre new to internet marketing, Chris will:· Explain exactly how the web works.· Explain step by step how to make money online
  2. 2. · Explain what it takes to be successful online· Show you how to purchase a domain name· Show you how to set up a hosting account - which he provides for FREE!· Show you how to Create Your First Website - from downloading a web editor, to building yourown page.· Show you how to upload your website to your hosting account.· Show you how to set up an auto-responder· Show you how to create traffic - the holy grail of affiliate marketing· Provide you with all the tools you could possibly need not only to get started, but to besuccessful!· Inspire you to educate, understand, and implement.The key is, the right MIND SET. Hell tell you this over and over. Its about believing that you, yesyou, can be successful online, with the right MIND SET, you can do anything! Hes honest too. Heexplains that being a successful affiliate marketer does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hardwork. You have to be serious about it, and most importantly, you have to believe in yourself andtake ACTION. I do, finally! Previous to signing on with Chris I was delivering newspapers from 2 to6 AM, everyday. It definitely wasnt the most glamorous job, but it enabled me to stay home withmy daughter during the day. Ive got to tell you, people dont give those Carriers enough credit.Anyways, the point is, if I can do it, so can anybody else.Tasha Franklin is a Stay-At-Home Mom/Affiliate Marketer from Kalispell, Montana. If youreinterested in working from home, and building your own Successful Web Business, youll need aplace to start. Visit for helpful tools and tips on how toget started. If she can do it, so can you.Also, get started with this FREE e-book "How to Create Your First Website By 3:45 ThisAfternoon" Visit Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====Check out the No. 1 voted Internet Marketing Service (by IM Report Card) here: ====