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Breaking writer's block


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For great article writing tips and free video series check this

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Breaking writer's block

  1. 1. ==== ====For great article writing tips and free video series check ====What sets experienced people apart from others with article writing is that they are prepared withmethods and procedures in place for writing their articles. Throughout our website there are manypointers and products that will help satisfy different needs in the article writing process. Generally,article writing is an art, but a serious business as well. The idea of article writing is forinformational communication; a great tool for expressing your ideas to readers and easy once youknow how.Remember that article writing is part science, part technical and part literature and is not done withthe sole intent to sell a product or service, but to "inform". The benefit article writing then providesis link building, back links or one way links, site traffic, visitors and buyers and a simple but greatway to make money online.Promote With ArticlesBecause you are here, you may already know that article writing is vital to your business. Articlewriting is a very common practice on the Internet for so many reasons, not the least of which is tomake money either directly or indirectly. Article writing is one of the best marketing strategies toobtain free, natural or organic search engine listings within Google, Yahoo, MSN and other searchengines. Article writing is one of the most popular ways to promote your website and it isconsidered by many to be a sound form of Internet advertising, if not the best. Currently, articlewriting is the most economical source of web promotion and advertising exposure. We have foundthrough experience and much research that article writing is the most effective way to gain votes(in the form of unsolicited links) from other sites. If a Webmaster places, or cites your article ontheir website, this is considered a vote. Overall, article writing is one of the best ways to increaseyour traffic and get more sales.Article writing is now perhaps the most important thing you can do to promote your web site.Writing Articles is a profitable method of marketing and getting free publicity. It has been acceptedas one of the best tools used for online businesses. Online article writing is meant to get readersto leave the "ezines" or websites where they are reading your article, by way of the links to yourwebsite. If they have done that, then you have completed half your job, as the article written hasthen branded you as knowledgeable person. This, as a form of viral marketing, is a proven methodto gain visibility for your business and increase traffic and sales. Article writing is for you if youwant great benefits that dont cost much more than time. Moreover, article writing is, if donecorrectly, the one significant form of marketing and promotion that guarantees your credibility andimproved search engine rankings.Article Construct
  2. 2. For most people quality article writing is not learned overnight. One of the toughest obstacles inarticle writing is actually starting the article writing process. Then, article writing is a doable task,but this is not to say that it is easy for everyone. Yes, there are a few that are naturals, but this isthe exception not the rule. The process is fun and straightforward, once you know how to do it. Ingeneral, the writing of an article is not like writing an essay, it is more a composite of "informationand marketing". Writing articles gives you not only a sense of creative satisfaction but is also verymuch like teaching. These points are important, as they will guide you in the construct, approach,style and intent of your article. Moreover, article writing is not something that you have to pay foron an ongoing basis and it brings results, week in, week out.In short an article is composed of 5 important components: the title, introduction, body, conclusionand resource box. The Title needs to be catchy and have keyword weight and placement. TheIntroduction gives the reader a highlight on what your article will address and contain a hint to yourconclusion. The Body is the main part of your article and a helpful guide to Article Body Writing isthat about three to five supporting topical items are addressed. Now, several article sites or ezineswill allow you to place anchor text links within the article body, but only include them whenappropriate.Generally, a link to an appropriate site that supports or cites a particular point you are making isalways acceptable. We however recommend avoiding the practice of placing any links in the bodyof your articles. You can lose your reader to the Internet ether. Next, it is poor form to label yourconclusion as such in an article. Think of the conclusion as the warm up to your resource box andonly summarize the points that were discussed. It is vital to not let the article fizzle out in a weakconclusion, so tell your reader why the article is important and how they should take action on theissue. The conclusion need only be one or two paragraphs to sum up and round off theinformation you presented. Your resource box or author bio is your next call to action. Peopleappreciate modesty, so dont toot your horn to loud, but do make sure its clear as to why andwhere they are going if they click your link.Keyword For Article ContentKeyword article writing is when you make sure to have popular or content specific keywords inyour articles. This is an important part of article writing and requires good keyword research skills.Niche Article writing is a way to enter into a greater untapped marketplace and is accomplishedthrough the use of keyphrases or long-tail keywords. Semantic keyword research will allow you toproduce articles that contain keywords that work well together. What this means is that thekeywords are related, for example house, roof and window are related, whereas light bulb, coffeeand printer are generally unrelated keywords. This is an important point since Google hasintroduced Latent Semantic Indexing. The search engine needs to see that the content on a pageis interrelated and revolves around a theme.Perhaps the most important thing about article writing is what you do with your articles onceyouve completed them. Write articles related to your products and/or services and submit thesearticles to various article directories and ezines. Article submission is a valuable way to getexposure and credibility for your website. Basically, article writing is the small step and after that ifyou do not market the articles, well then there is no benefit from it. Today, articles are also thebest and most cost-effective way to put viable content on your site. Thus, marketing your onlinebusiness in cost effective ways is why articles and article writing is so important.
  3. 3. All in all, article writing is free, provides exposure, assists in search engine optimization, getstargeted traffic to your site and is fun. Remember article writing is simple; they dont have to be toolong, just as long as they are well written and informative. Your article writing or content writing is asimple way to brand yourself as an expert and increase your reputation as well as your webpresence. It is also an extremely effective and creative way of expressing yourself. Because ofthis, the value of article writing is immeasurable. However, although article writing is a recognizedmeans of promoting a product and/or service, your article must remain on target or you are justwasting yours as well as your readers time.Article Writing -- Why would you want to do it? Get answers to this and additional Article WritingInformation at Article Writing How To by visiting, a popular articlewriting site that provides tips, advice, and resources to include information on article writing, articlewriting keyword analysis, article writing keyword application and Article Writing Primers andReviews for the experienced and novice.Article Source: ====For great article writing tips and free video series check ====