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Historical Research Presentation

  1. 1. A Historical ResearchMichelle Li Jacqueline Mui Francisco Porras
  2. 2. h hre i -s g i mo en t d i a dr r i nl at oi gaimmi t n ro d ni oeco dn e sy vrrw ig tcl ii o n lm o as H n Kn og og ub n ra d n mi ya c rc i d o s elme cat a fnt n u co i i oma nr l f cmmec l o ra i d esy i rt v i Mo g o n Kk p rg tw y ot ae a e tr i n net n t a me pa n g l i nn sai p t r p t lat n a e mi due x -s e cmmu i o ny t nd oe tc a r u g bl la o cy i s utrl t i ema e t mp r n n w ri -as ok gc s n l i uta n si d rl la o l c rd vl me t e ee p n o d at u ly i p p li ou tn ao i eat n n rco t i rso s e ep niv ub n e e a ra rn w l aa te d pi v p r r ne ef ma c o too g f e ccl i r iu t n r ao Sie n C o aYu g h i h ru ha f ta eil sv sea i wl d k cn et n o n co i moe n vme t s et te r t np r t n r sot i a ao pdsi e eta rnb u dr o n ay tp l y yo g o met g l e ei pa n c maktl e r pa e c t ffic a n r -l g a c mi so tn o s p na e u v u lo i acmmu i t n s n ai c o gi rs d
  3. 3. Research Outline1. Street and Transportation History2. History of Hong Kong3. Urban development of Hong Kong4. Mong Kok5. Globalization6. Pedestrian Scheme7. Sai Yeung Choi Street
  4. 4. Street & Transportation HistoryCoaches drawn by horses First motorcycle invented American factories made 181,000 passanger cars & 6,000 trucks. Freeways were built in the 1960s to improve the flow of traffic in and around cities. people began looking for alternatives to petroleum driven engines.Ancient Empires 1700´s 1867 1890 1910 1916 Post War 1960 1990s 2008 Period Scooters become popularRoman, Greeks & Egyptians & Bullet train transportationrode in Chariots was invented US Congress passed the Federal Aid Road Act Bicylces & Cars put pressure into Road Development. Oil, financial & food Crisis crashes the car industries English Parlament passed the "Red Flag Law".
  5. 5. Hong Kong A Brief History Mong Kok founded as Hong Kong colonized by British an agricultural village City development began at Sheung Wan and Central Kowloon peninsula added to colony Praya Reclamation Scheme completed Massive population influx from mainland http://www.mxlarge.com/storage/Image/British%20flag.png China17th century 18th century 1841 1843 1860 1861 1873 1926 1950s Nathan Road fully completedboat population in HongKong formed water “streets” First section of Nathan Road, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nathan_Road_1910.jpg Kowloon’s first road, completed Queen’s Road completed, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:QRCDuddell_1900.jpg the first road in Hong Kong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:HKStreets1865.jpg first urban strets laid out
  6. 6. Hong Kong Urban Development 17% built land on 1061 km2 area spatial pattern and road development constrained by rugged topography factors flat land scarcity rugged hills long coastlines expansion land reclamation by vertical buildingImage source: Lo, 1992
  7. 7. Hong Kong Street DevelopmentKowloon 1861Planned developmentof geometric street layoutsand areas to be reclaimedunlike on Hong Kong Island where roadswere narrow and winding and suitableonly for carriagesNathan Road developmentbecame the central thoroughfare ofKowloon since early 20th centurycontributed to growth of Mong Kok andTsim Sha Tsui Image source: Lo, 1992
  8. 8. Mongkok Theme Streets Flower Market Road Bird Garden Goldfish Street Ladies Market Sport Shoes Streethttp://hong-kong-travel.org/MongKokMap.asp Electronics Street
  9. 9. Yuen Po Street Bird GardenAround seventy bird shopsRelocated to this street after 1997A new Chinese garden design
  10. 10. Flower Market Road FlowerFamous for both flower retail and wholesaleHundreds of florist selling fresh flowers from all around the world
  11. 11. Tung Choi Street Goldfish http://www.flickr.com/photos/oklulu/531568616/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/g1696838/2100316494/Heaps of aquariums selling aquatic life and all kinds of equipment
  12. 12. Tung Choi Ladies MarketStreet http://www.flickr.com/photos/knkcat/2553072135/Not limited to women’s items anymoreHawkers sell all kinds of bargain items
  13. 13. Fa Yuen Street Sport Shoes http://www.sightinhk.com/tc/index.php/13Famous for selling sport gears and sport shoes
  14. 14. Fa Yuen Street Stall MarketStall market open between10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. dailyFresh produce market sells varietyof exotic fruits and vegetables http://www.flickr.com/photos/rc238/2698173678/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlepillow/113799504/Cheapest clothing boutiques onground floors of buildings
  15. 15. Sai Yeung Choi ElectronicStreetOpen-aired shopping streetselling electronic goodsUnofficial on-street hawkerzone for unlicensed hawkers(salesman) who offer servicecontractsStreet length: less than 300 metres long
  16. 16. China &  Reforms since  Socialist Market  Empowered Local Governments Globalization 1978 System Lack Have Short term plans  Short term plans Has a Incentive enhance Huge  Mayor Potential  Foreign  Provide Finance Land Population Market InvestmentIncrease in urban  Environmental and  Population High Priority Social Problems Development focused Less Priority Pressure over  Unproductive  Urban  Economic Growth Cities Spaces Development Social Inequalities between Pushes to Uses Used to be focused on Hong Kong  Housing &  New District  Financial HUB Renewal Offices Planning Powers Planning Powers Local Residents New Migrants Creates Changes to District Competition  Information EconomyConstruction of New  Problems Infrastructure I f Plus mayor risks in To survive Global Competition Closer cooperation Cl i Closer rivals Cl i l Taiwan Guangdong Shanghai Singapore
  17. 17. Industrial  Since the Purpose is Road Development Revolution Enabled Goods Public  Transportation Transformed Cars for Transportation Walking City  Empowered Concept p People Mobility Into Pushes to Influence the City Size City Growth City Growth Highway systems Highway systems If reinforces Population growth Immigration Small Area Large AreaHK Reclaimed Land Regulate HK  Government  Policies Develops Suburbs Garden City Concept Environmental  concern Commercial Results Turns into Benefits Mix Use  Mix Use Into  Into Public  Public Pedestrian  Pedestrian High density Vertical Development Buildings sidewalks Scheme Residential
  18. 18. PedestrianSchemeIn 2000 the Transport Departmentstarted implementing pedestrianschemes in several districts aroundHong KongPurposeimprove pedestrian safety and mobilitypromote walking as transportationdiscourage access for vehiclesreduce air pollutionimprove pedestrian environment
  19. 19. Pedestrian SchemeTypes of Pedestrian SchemesFull-time Pedestrian Street Pedestrians have full priority Non-essential vehicular traffic restrictedPart-time Pedestrian Street Vehicles allowed only in specific periods No on-street parking spaceTraffic Calming Street Sidewalks are widened On-street parking space reduced Vehicles slowed down with road narrowings, speed tables, etc. Images: http://www.td.gov.hk/transport_in_hong_kong/pedestrianisation/pedestrianisation/index.htm
  20. 20. The following part-time pedestrianstreet scheme on opening at 4p.m.to 12 midnight has becomepermanent since December 2000.
  21. 21. The part-time pedestrian streetarea has extended the Sai YeungChoi Street South (betweenArgyle Street and Nelson Street)since late December 2003.
  22. 22. The part-time pedestrian streetarea has further extended TungChoi Street (between ArgyleStreet and Dundas Street)since mid September 2004.
  23. 23. Sie n C oSre S uh aYu g h it t o t ePd s i Sh me e eta ce rn e eB fr oAtr fe
  24. 24. Mongkok Elevated walkwayhttp://www.td.gov.hk/transport_in_hong_kong/pedestrianisation/pedestrianisation/mong_kok/index.htmElevated pedestrian walkway system, Janurary 2003 -Direct connection between MTR Mong Kok at Sai Yeung Choi Street South and KCR Mong Kokat Bute Street (walking time reduced from 12 mins on ground to 6 mins on elevated walkway)
  25. 25. Sai Yeung Choi FM Theatre PowerStreetForum on Sai Yeung Choi Street between FM Theatre Power and netizens lasting 5.5 hours
  26. 26. Mongkok MTR StationNew exit plan for Mong Kok MTR station, November 2002 -The insert a new exit B3 for Sai Yeung Choi Street South
  27. 27. Conclusion