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Introducing Startup Poland


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Introducing Startup Poland ( at ICT Summit in Warsaw, December 2014.

Introducing Startup Poland

  1. 1. Borys Musielak @michuk
  2. 2. We are the voice of Polish startups @startuppoland
  3. 3. PROBLEM Poland lacks an independent organization that represents and lobbies for startup rights in the country. @startuppoland
  4. 4. SOLUTION  Single point of contact – someone for the policy makers to talk to about startups and innovation  Robust and well-funded organization with the legitimacy to represent all Polish startups @startuppoland
  5. 5. Inspirations: Startup Australia @startuppoland
  6. 6. z z Inspirations: COADEC
  7. 7. Startup Poland is a grassroots effort by Polish startup founders and is represented by all members of the community. @startuppoland
  8. 8. AREAS OF INTEREST 1. Legislation barriers 2. Access to finance 3. Access to talent 4. Education 5. Infrastructure @startuppoland
  9. 9. @startuppoland