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Filmaster Mobile presentation from European Venture Summit


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This is my Filmaster Mobile presentation that I gave at European Venture Summit in Dusseldorf where 150 European most innovative companies presented their products. Filmaster is a mobile app that recommends films in your area, enabling you to watch good films and meet film buffs in your area.

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Filmaster Mobile presentation from European Venture Summit

  1. 1. Stop watching bad movies!
  2. 2. The Team Borys is the founder and tech lead. Before Filmaster he worked in IT since 2002, most recently as a consultant for Deutsche Bank UK. Founder of . Adam and Mariusz are Python & Django guru. They worked on multiple startups like and helped design Jakub is a mathematician and the man behind the recommendation engine. Dominik & Marcin are iPhone experts who developed the successful app for .
  3. 3. What is Filmaster ?
  4. 4. It is a social network for movie lovers offering personalized & local film recommendations for cinema and tv. What is Filmaster?
  5. 5. Problems What film should I watch tonight? How can I tell my friends about it? How can I meet film lovers with similar tastes in my area?
  6. 6. Solution Filmaster recommends movies available in your area that you are going to enjoy and allows users to check-in (think Foursquare) to screenings, notify friends and chat with film lovers like you!
  7. 9. Competition
  8. 10. Competition Movies (from Flixter) no localized recommendations, poor social features, but popular GetGlue, Miso, BeeTV focusing on TV and culture, not just film IMDB Mobile and clones basic information features only
  9. 11. Partners VOD & cable providers need community, content and recommendations Cinemas need more clients Film festivals need hype from film buff communities
  10. 12. Business model
  11. 13. Sales Main revenue stream: Targeted promo campaigns of new film releases Extra streams: Ticket sales, context ads, paid premium features
  12. 14. Marketing Who are the customers? ~100 million of smartphone users in big cities and towns of US and Europe How to acquire them? Free mobile app with word-of-mouth potential accelerated by social media Start with ~10k world-wide beta testers
  13. 15. Milestones Goals Users January 2011 Website usability update iPhone app in AppStore March 2011 Android app ready 20k mobile users September 2011 HTML5 app ready First deals with distributors 100k mobile users 5k premium users
  14. 16. Financing Already raised: 150.000 € in EU programme for e-commerce. To be spent on API, building mobile apps. Currently raising: 100.000 € To be spent for: marketing, advisors, set-up in US.
  15. 17. Why us? We're attractive, friendly, a little bit wild...
  16. 18. Why invest in Filmaster? There is a new market of location-based services. Filmaster has a chance to become the world leader of localized film recommendations by arriving early with a great product.
  17. 19. Interested? Website: filmaster.c o m Mobile beta: email: [email_address] Phone: +48 604 220 308 filmaster@